Professional Psychic
Multi-Generational Seer (Second Sight)
Spiritual Advisor, Energy Healer, Shamanic Healing, Quantum Witchcraft.

Consciousness Coach

Timeline Consultant

Bio-Energy Healing

I can assist you with Chronic Pain issues, as all pain stems from an Emotional blockage, I can help you to move energy, to break up pain and the root cause of your pain.

I can assist you to make life altering decisions that you may be struggling with.

I can help you to be the highest and best, the happiest, most peaceful version of You.

Timeline Shift Consultant
Ascension Guide
Energy Healer

Reverend Crystal Cox

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Reading, Timeline Coaching, Ascension Guidance, Energy Healing.

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*Quantum Energy Healing

 Quantum Healing Energy Work I Do

The Quantum Healing work I do is powerful energy healing within the multi-verse. I work with energies from higher frequency timelines as well as my own strong healing bloodline.

I connect with a high council of light beings, and assist you to upgrade your DNA, your frequency and thus be a receiver to a higher dimensional way of living.

I have been connected to source energy, quantum multi-dimensional energy my entire life, and in constant contact with higher beings of light.

Quantum Energy Healing is a combination of Pranic Energy Healing, Bio-Energy Healing, Shamanic Healing, Channeled Healing, and ancient energy healing techniques of my ancestors.

I have studied in Ireland, Cancun, Chichen Itza, Isla Mujeres, Cozumel, Miami, Hilo Volcano, Kona, London, the San Francisco Bay Area,  Berkeley, Anahola Kauai the place where all new souls arrive on earth, the Mountains of Montana, and I have studied with master healers from Washington, Oregon and more, as well as studied in the mountains of northern California with master healers who use ancient wisdom and innate healing techniques.  I am a Healer, a Lightworker, a Druid, a Psychic, a Sorcerer, a Witch, a Channel, a Starseed, an interdimensional traveler, a New Earth Energy Healer.

Let me Be your GUIDE, and Help you to raise your frequency so that you can move into the reality you want to be living in faster.

I have studied all this and more for over 30 years and have been healing Mother Earth, her people and animals to the best of my ability for my entire life.

I have studied with Shamans, Healers, Tibetan Buddhist Monks, Witches, Druids, Faith Healers, Peruvian Shamans, Energy Healing Masters of many different healing modalities and more.

I am a 6th generations healer, seer, shamanic healer on both sides of my family. If you would like to know more about that please eMail me at

If you would like to start working with me to improve your life, your "Reality", please eMail me NOW and let's get started.

I am a Quantum Energy Healer, which is a New Earth Energy Healing that integrates all Truths.

*Timeline Consultant

Have you Noticed a Shift in Reality?
Are things in your "Now" different than you remember for your entire life? Do your eyes have a black ring now? Are you noticing that Earth is in a different place in the Galaxy then your Remember? Are Maps different, the Sun a different color, brand names and celebrities names have flat out changed?

 Have you noticed your King James Bible Change?
Do you want to understand Timelines collapsing, reality shifts, parallel realities and what is really happening to you and why?
I provide consulting and energy healing to assist you as you move dimensions.

This service is about you individually. Yes the collective consciousness is affected, and it is "happening" to millions. However, you are in charge of your perspective, your reality and your personal dimension shift more then you may know.

If you want to learn more or have readings, consulting on this contact me.
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*Mandela Effect Support and Healing

*Intuitive Healing Services

*Alternative Medicine Consulting

*EFT Coaching

*Consciousness Consulting
Upgrade Your Energy Field w/ Ancient Wisdom
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*Shamanic Energy Healing

Take Charge of your Thoughts, your Programs, your Self Doubt and actively, moment to moment Create the life you really do want. If you find you are struggling doing this on your own, I provide Quantum Healing Service which include Quantum Healing on a cellular and energetic level, spiritual counseling regarding what is happening in your life at the NOW moment, and consulting on what to actually do right now to change and heal what you currently think of as your reality.

Reach Out and CHANGE your Life TODAY.

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Reverend Crystal Cox
Bringing Back Goddess Church

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Quantum Healing Services

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Reverend Crystal Cox provides 5th Dimensional Quantum Healing

This type of healing is to assist you to move toward a higher vibration timeline, a higher frequency reality, a higher dimension in which you are healed, joyous, happy, and have no self doubt, no fear, and actually enjoy your life every single day.

BBG Church Service provided by
Quantum Energy Healer Reverend Crystal Cox

More About Energy Healing

ALL Things Happen in your Energy Field First
It is IMPERATIVE to Balance, Heal,
Your Energy Field.