Your Inner Being Never Looks Back.

Stop Chattering about the past, listen to your body talk, your thoughts, your frequency right NOW. Today, this moment, this very NOW.

You don’t need justification. Every moment you play back the past you are trying to justify how you got here to this moment, and yet in this NOW moment you do not need to justify how you got here.

Before I go over there, I am going to Stand here and Justify how I got here, then I can go over there and manifest that. DON’T do that. Simply start from where you are RIGHT HERE AND NOW, why not start here, oh I need to explain how I got here, NO YOU DON’T.

No Defensiveness. No Justification. No Explanation.

The past calls you to another place other then the NOW in which
You are creating from. Focus here in this time and space reality.

Forward is Cleaner Energetically.

Listen Up