I KNOW the Bible Changes are NOT demonic because I am NOT a victim to Demons.

I Create my Reality and the current Bible Changes absolutely must be of a higher vibrational frequency, a higher dimension, as I would not create anything of lower vibration.

This Page is not Fear based. This Page is of the light and of high vibration. We are not victims to some dark force. We have ascended, we are in a higher vibration, a place of more Truth, more Love, Transparency and the revealing of all that has been hidden from us.

We are still in a reality in which we can focus on things of lower vibration or things of higher vibration. Fear is low vibration. What we FOCUS on, LITERALLY Creates our Reality.

If you choose to believe that Bible Changes are of the Dark, Demonic or something that you are personally a victim of than that is going to be your Reality.

This Facebook Page is for researching Bible Changes. As they are fascinating, magical, wonderful, amazing.  Many of those who post videos and information online about Bible Changes believe it was Satan or the Devil that made the changes, or Demons or CERN, all seemingly to be based in a belief that we don’t create our world, our reality, our timeline but are instead victims to its’ creation by forces outside of us.

I do not believe that, nor would my consciousness move to a reality that would have such in it. I do not intent to promote fear or disempower with this page on Mandela Effect Bible Changes.

We have moved to a higher vibrating reality, the changes are of a higher vibration. It is FEAR that puts blame on a made up dark entity.

What you Believe is what is Your Reality. 

Scroll down through this page, way down, there is a whole lot of changes to ponder. As to why it happened or is happening that is for each individual to perceive, believe for themselves. This page is not to promote fear or disempowerment. Nor is this page to give power to some dark forces for creating Bible changes. I create the reality I live in.

You are in charge of your reality, you create what is in your life, first of all by what you believe is in your life or possible.

Feel free to gently leave this site if it is not promoting Demons and Dark and that is what you wish to, choose to believe. For me I do not believe in those fear based things. We live on, we are immortal, there is nothing to fear. Our thoughts create our conscious which is creating our reality.

Many think that the Bible Changes are dark in nature, they blame something they call the Devil or a Demon. I DO NOT believe there is a Devil or a Demon that has control of my Reality. 

If one choose to believe in the Devil or Demons creating changes around them and that they are victim to these changes, that is free will choice. That is not the intention of my Facebook page on mandela effect bible changes, nor my spiritual work to empower individuals.

The Bible was changed by the “church” eons ago in order to control people. The Female, the Goddess was taken out, and hate, war, blood, fear and dark demons were put in. These were not the words or the way of Jesus. Jesus came to Earth as an example to all. Jesus was not for the “church” or “religion”. He healed people with his hands, ran miracle healing energy on them and showed us that we all have this ability. Jesus went against taxes and the church, yet people took up varying religions as if that was a relationship with Jesus, a way to Worship Jesus. That was the controllers that held the veil tight over the Matrix.

God is Within. Jesus is Within. You do not need a Bible, a Building, a God to worship. The Truth is being revealed, and it is not to be Feared. 

Many of the changes are empowering to women, and even bring back the Goddess and the female prophets and saints that the bible had removed in order to control us, and part of the creation of the dark times of the past of which exist no more.

The changes are bringing back magic, healing and Truth. The changes are not created these things, they are revealing them. They are not changes of the dark. That is fear based and victimhood and suggest you don’t create your reality when you certainly do.

Just because family bibles said somthing for eons does not make that version right, those words always seemed based in fear and control to me, and in controlling and even owning women, and in abuse toward children, of which the church condoned and enabled for eons.

To me this is not of the light or a higher consciousness. The bible changes are revealing the Feminine Divine, and laying way for truth and transparency.

I have studied Jesus and the lost Gospels, Jesus and the lost Goddess and so much more for decades, even before I personally experienced the Mandela Effect. So if you believe that the Bible was fact and that there was no Goddess, and so much control over woman and all that the bible stated and stood for, well that is your continued choice. That is not how I believe or what I know to be Truth for me.

I believe that the bible was distorted and used to control us. I believe the “church” removed woman in power, removed the Goddess and female Saints. Made healers and those who taught people of their own personal power and that the kingdom of God is within and taught them how to heal each other, well they were demonized, labeled and all this was to create fear and take your power away from you. And to keep YOU from knowing who you really are and what you personally can do. The bible was used as a weapon to hold earthlings enslaved to an institution, a building, a book and to remove people from knowing the God within and actively willfully creating their own Reality.

The changes actually bring in more of the divine, bring in the Feminine, and reveal what was in these “words” before distortion. I am not claiming to understand all the reasons for the changes, I do know me though and I have known the energy, essence and voice of God since I was a small child. I know I am of the light, and I am not a victim to a dark voice. I know that there is no Devil or Satanic force that can harm me. For I am not only of God but I am God you are God, and Jesus came here to show us an example of how we can all be, not to be worshipped and NOTHING to do with the “CHURCH”, as the controlling, taxing, dominating power it became.

It does not matter what has always been, what is said, what is written.  All that matters is your belief of what is written, what is said, what is seen. What you bring into Focus and Truth is your Reality for YOU.

You have a right to do what feels right to you, good to you, joyous to you. You are not a victim.

Your thoughts on any particular thing, person, event, religion and well anything or anyone actually creates the version of Reality you personally experience.

And it creates a frequency and vibration in you that draws like frequency and vibration to you.

If it feels good to you to “believe” in a Devil, Demon or Satan in control of the BIble Changes rather than a benevolent force, the God within you, the Galactic Council of Light, Angels, Saints and all those of the light high vibrating energies, thoughts, beings, entities; well then YOU  choose this as your reality.

You have Choice Every Moment.

What you Believe, what you Focus on, that is what is your Personal Reality. 

The kingdom of God is within you, you are a Creator God and you create your Reality. One way you do this is by your Focus, your belief. If you believe in a “Satan” or a “Devil” or Demon changing your reality for the worse and creating fear and chaos, well then that is true for you.

In 2012 Old Earth was liberated per say. Enough of us raised our consciousness, our vibration, our frequency and we moved into a higher frequency. The bible changes reflect this shift.

Past events in the world or in your life, are simply what you believe them to be. History changes based on the present. Add that to the information that before 2012 we were held to the Dark Cabal’s version of Reality, their Bible, their church control, their lies of history, and their deeply dark and distorted version of God and of Woman, and their evils over children. All that is revealed now. The Light is Fully here and the clean up of Dark Ones, of old energy and the revelation of the Truth has been rolling out.  The Bible changes reflect this as well.

There is No One Truth, there are multiple Truths based on your Subjective Perception. Our beliefs, our thoughts, and what we focus on, creates what comes into our Reality, creates what is Real for us and draws to us a timeline in which resonates with that Reality. Where you Focus, is where your Reality is created for you. And draws more to you of that same frequency, vibration and Reality.

The Devil as an Entity in which your free will is a victim too does not exist.

You are immortal right now, you moved to another Reality, you are a Co-Creating God. You are not a Victim to a “Satan” or a “Devil” or a “Demon”. You choose to believe your programs or to let them go. Your focus, your belief, your attention CREATES worlds you personally Experience.

God is not FEAR. Jesus is not FEAR. So many believe the Bible Changes are based in something to FEAR or to FIGHT. That is not so. That is not true for me.

You get to choose what is True for you.

~ Reverend Crystal Cox

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