Be a Higher Vibrating Triggerless You.

You are creating your reality. Other people do not cause your “feelings”, your thoughts cause your feelings. Your old programs, ego, patterns, emotional addictions, status quo, need for approval, need to please, self doubt; they all create your reality.

At this time, say 4D heading to 5d, is your “Grace Period” per say.  It is a time to consciously let go of patterns, release old programs, find different higher vibrating thoughts, remove people from our life that don’t feel good and need no justification to anyone for any of it.

Do not ever be tempted to Justify how you feel, how you got to the place in life you did, why you want to go here or there, why you don’t want to go here or there; why you are eating or not eating this or that, why you believe in something or don’t.

Simply move out of the vibration of the naysayers. Remove people from your life that you don’t feel good around for any reason. No justification is needed period. This, in turn, and subject to, will actually create a new timeline for you with the energies, people, things and stuff, life, reality that you really do want to live and actually like living in.

We are ascending, we are in a higher dimension, and for now we are here in this grace period, this waiting room awaiting all to let go of programs, and to be given a clear chance to make different choices. This is not about your physical life, it is about your thoughts, your body responses to those thoughts and the emotions and frequencies that come after, that create your reality, create the timeline you are living in.

You absolutely have to stop creating from a place in you where you blame other people for how you feel. You really can simply stop feeling those triggers. Yes they come up then you look at them and love them and let them go. You don’t have to put a story to them, and let your thoughts go down a path of creation that is literally creating a reality, a version of life that you don’t want.

What words you use, your thoughts, your feelings and emotions that stem from your thoughts, all of these literally move you to a different timeline, a different reality constantly.

You cannot ascend to the highest version of you, if you keep blaming others in your present or past for how you personally feel. Your own thoughts, beliefs and subjective perceptions create how “you” “feel”. You can change history, you can create new. We are in a New Earth energy now, and when you sit and continue to fall into the addiction of it being other people’s fault for how you feel, you will simply keep replaying that pattern until you are able to change it, once you change it, You will Create a Brand New Reality, a Totally Different Timeline. 

~ Reverend Crystal Cox