Abraham-Hicks ۞ Action vs. Power of Thought

Abraham-Hicks ۞ Action vs. Power of Thought
Tend to the Work in the Grid First. Meaning your thoughts, your belief, your feelings, emotions and thereby create a vibration of what you want then consider the action to take.  

You don’t have to work so hard spinning your wheels in a direction you don’t really want. Sometimes that is all someone can do if so, then when you come out of the fog, do the work that matters, the action that matters, and it will get better and better for you.

Tend to GRID First and then Take the Action.

The Grid being your Vibration, your point of Attraction.

Tend to your Grid FIRST and do so Deliberately and then take inspired action.

Pay Attention to your Thoughts, your Feelings, your Emotions. If your thought is creating low vibration, pay attention, and deliberately change your thought. As this creates your GRID (your point of Vibration or Attraction).

Your vibration is set by your beliefs, your thoughts, your momentum and continued thoughts and feelings regarding what you want to create in your life. If you are in vibration, in tune with that then the action you feel inspired to do will be what you really want, and will be wonderfully satisfying.

Action taken to try and fill in the grid is not of your highest and best interest.

Chasing after things, action that is uninspired, guilt or fear filled is action taken to try and fill that empty spot in yourself, your grid or point of attraction and they will not attract what you really want.

Action that comes from a vibrational match,  is action that is fun, life giving and joyful.

It only takes a few minutes to bring up your Vibration. Pay Attention.

Evidence will respond to your thought, your point of vibration, your Grid.

Your grid is your point of attraction, here and now.

You Control This.

It is the Vibrational Work you have to do period.

Not saying no action, saying action is NOT the most Important Part. Come into Alignment then take the Inspired Action from there.

Inspired Action is Exciting. You feel high energy and Excited.

Co-Creation at it’s Best.

Listen to this Very Informative and Inspirational Abraham Hicks Video the Notes above are from.
You Can tell the Offness about something Right away, so Change it when it is OFF.

Abraham-Hicks ۞ Action vs. Power of Thought