Releasing the old “Collective Consciousness”. “Ride my waves of consciousness and keep your life pure and simple.”

"What a restless night of tossing and turning! I was caught up in a never ending dreamtime that was abnormally “sticky”. Whereas I’m usually quite adept at rewriting my dreams while in the midst of them, it took me 3 cycles through this dream to eventually break free of it.

In the first cycle of the dream, I was experiencing my shoulders curling forward, my neck was sore, and I was unable to stand up straight anymore from the burden I was carrying. I had taken on way more responsibilities than I was able to handle.

I realized none of this was mine and I was able to return all the responsibilities to those who have been placing it upon my shoulders throughout my life. Once I did this I was able to stand up strong and straight again.

In the second cycle, I realized I not only allowed this overburdening of responsibilities, it gave me an egoic spiritual boost by thinking that I’m on a mission to awaken others and save the planet. Ha! Tricky tricky ego!

Time for me to realize each person is exactly where they need to be on their own soul path, each playing their unique role for a much bigger picture than my ego is able to ascertain.

In the third cycle, while I was overwhelmed with all this unstuck energy churning through my body I heard Gaia say to me, “Here, allow me to handle this for you, my dear one.” In that instant my root chakra opened up and gravity emptied me of what was never mine to begin with, clearing my womb to birth anew.

Later that morning as I was remembering the dream I realized, Gaia does not need saving!!! She’s not the old earth. She has already vibrationally ascended and no longer locked into a 3d reality which she held in place in service to us as a learning environment. Gaia only asks for our respect and trust in her as we’re given the opportunity to ascend along with her and awaken to ALL of Who We Are.

What many are referring to as old earth is actually the “old collective consciousness” playing itself out. There is no old earth, only stale old consciousness that will continue recycling through its 3d duality until the very last human decides to release it. In the meantime, everyone who is choosing to break free and clear of the old collective consciousness is ascending along with Gaia and expanding into our multidimensionality.

As a child I was fully aware of my multidimensionality. Like many of us, when we entered school, it was no longer acceptable to play with our “unseen” friends. So we stepped fully into the collective consciousness and blocked everything else out. At some point our soul says. . . beloved human, it’s time to wake up and remember all of who you are, because this is what we’ve come here to do in this lifetime.

At first our “unseen” world and all of our old friends begin to fade back into our awareness just beyond a self-placed veil. We know it’s there, present in dreamtime or obscure visions, where we’re able to interact with it beyond the constructs and limitations of the mind.

Eventually we connect with our Inner Being and the collective consciousness no longer takes precedence in our lives. For awhile, we’re living a dualistic life attempting to find a balance between the two. At some point we learn to fully trust our Inner Being and it’s as if the two flip. What used to be dreamtime is attracted into our present energy field by our Inner Being and becomes our reality, no longer veiled from us.

And the collective consciousness, that was our reality is seen as if through a veil. We know it’s there, but it no longer has an impact upon us and we’re no longer engaging with it unless we choose to do so.

All of this is an organic process that’s been woven into our DNA before we incarnated. As the vibration of the planet increases, new codons of DNA are activated and our consciousness expands. We naturally awaken to our multidimensionality and more of who we are.

Each of us is experiencing this expansion in our own unique way with divine timing based on our soul’s passion and desire to know more of itself. It’s not something we can force, nor is it something we can block anymore.

Either one of these attempts will only create unnecessary pain and tribulation in our lives. By simply releasing the old collective consciousness and allowing this innate process, it has the potential of unfolding with ease and grace along with Gaia.

Gaia’s advise to me has always been . . .
“Ride my waves of consciousness and keep your life pure and simple.”

Surf’s up BeLoveds, Consciousness is expanding, and the Sun is brightly shining!!!

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”  "