Doctrine of Self Doubt

(BBG Church Stated Belief)

When I doubt my intuition, my own body response to incoming information, this is self doubt. Self doubt is allowing other people’s version of you to have more worth to you than your own opinion of your life, your version of you.  When I question myself, or even stop myself from doing something that excites me, that is self doubt, that is self sabotage and a program placed on me that is not mine nor of my highest and best good in any way. And this will create more of what I don’t want in my life.

Do what feels joyous to you and everything else will fall into place. It sounds so easy. Yet we are programmed to believe that we have to work hard, to certify, to run and jump and toil, and then at some mystery point, we will “deserve” to have joy, money, peace and all those things we have come to love and enjoy. 

We are programmed to think that we only deserve what we want, or deserve food, shelter, money based on the worth set by those outside of us and based on working hard enough to be worth of that payday, whatever it may be. This is simply a program, it is not our core truth.

You are trying to work hard to “feel” like you “deserve” good things. That is a programmed belief. That is Self Doubt. Don’t doubt what you know to be true for you. You are programmed that it takes hard work so you want to fail many times before you let yourself succeed, you want to have a degree and learn a bunch of useless information to feel worthy of learning what you actually need to know to do what you actually want to do. This is a Program.

Our “worth” has been established by the programs handed down to us, and now is time to set our own worth. And we start this by removing the concept of worth and value and replacing it with joy, fun, excitement. Does it excite me when i think of doing this or that. If not then don’t do it. If you think of doing something and it’s not an excited hell ya, then it is a no.

This is how we are led to the life we really want to be living.

Go off and think of something, do something that is Joyful. Anything. I like to look at mystical photos of enchanted places. I like to laugh at a comedy. Anything you can do, as to not be sitting and thinking about what you don’t have or don’t want to do.

Self Doubt is that voice of an authority figure in our head that tells us we can’t do something a certain way, or go some place, think a specific way or do as we please, based on our own intuition. Self Doubt is a pattern, a groove, a program. The challenge then is to simply not OBEY Self Doubt, the mystery ruler of our lives, the tyrant in our habitual thought handed down generations, which is actually just a program, an emotional addiction, a habit. And it is one that can be broke.

You break the pattern of Self Doubt by ignoring it. By thinking of something you like, anything at all. When the thought of self doubt comes up. When you start judging yourself, doubting your vision, doubting what you want to do be or create simply STOP right there in your tracks, in your now and think of something else, do something else. Don’t even ponder the thought or humor the voice that questions what you want to do or feel excited about.

Break Free From Self Doubt. It is the Key to Everything. 

Listen to Abraham Hicks all the Time, Understand what you are doing to create your world. Listen to Bentinho on being Triggerless, and understand how your triggers, your Self Doubt Programs create a reality you may not actually want.

Take Charge of your Thoughts, your Programs, your Self Doubt and actively, moment to moment Create the life you really do want. If you find you are struggling doing this on your own, I provide Quantum Healing Service which include Quantum Healing on a cellular and energetic level, spiritual counseling regarding what is happening in your life at the NOW moment, and consulting on what to actually do right now to change and heal what you currently think of as your reality. eMail me if interested in these services at 

Reverend Crystal Cox
Bringing Back Goddess Church