Two Words stand out to me as the calmest place I have ever known, in every way and on every level you could ever imagine.~ 

I am dressed in thick jeans, layers of clothes, heavy socks, and big ol’ boots.

I have a thick wooly cap on. I am alone and walking in the woods, there are no homes around, no roads, no people playing talking or driving any motor vehicle. There is thick snow everywhere, boughs leaning heavily toward the ground, no tracks, no trail, no one.

The sky is clear soft luxuriously dreamy blue. It is 20 below zero. There are no squirrels about, no songbirds, no deer moving in the forest. I walk down into a bowl, a dip in the ground in the forest. And it profoundly occurs to me that I am so calm, so peaceful, so deeply relaxed.

A silent walk on a crisp winter day was peaceful already, however, once I walked into this bowl in the ground I was overwhelmed with not being overwhelmed.

The deep freezing cold, the heavy snow, the frozen dirt and rock, and silence became another level of peace. No electrical currents, no cell towers, no wind, no energy buzz at all.

A magnificent calm, a magical peace that neutralized all body pain, all fear programs, all mind chatter, future plans, past regrets, people’s version or opinions of me, and an array of thought, body feelings, energetic chatter, self doubt, self consciousness all neutralized.

I did not know that so much was happening in my human body, my emotion and energy until that moment when it was all magnificently peacefully neutralized.

As I dropped down into the bowl, it felt as if a sudden burst of a different reality. A quick or quantum if you will change. When my stomach relaxed I realized I was tensing it, realized that emotions food and subconscious thoughts were holding my stomach in knots, in contraction and I did not even know. My shoulders relaxed, yet I did not know I was tensing them. There was no buzz around me that I was use to feeling all the time and thought was part of me, and all things. I had no mind chatter, or emotional dance going on in my body or thought in any way. All parts of my existence was truly peaceful inside that forest bowl.

The profound difference in deep quite, cold, and no people or electricity is so truly amazing, it is what so many seek everyday and have no idea how to find that peace that can truly relax all parts of what they know to be their reality. Until you know that kind of calm, it is hard to understand that it could even exist in this “reality”.

I remembered the moment the rest of my life, I call it Majestic Silence.

~ Reverend Crystal Cox