So Odd to be in that "Group" that so many talk about having memories of things that actually did not happen. Thousands, probably more like millions of us have memories of a different reality, different set of events and they describe this as memories of things that did not happen. The thing is it did happen, for us, the individual. Our consciousness shifted to a different reality, timeline or say different Earth.  What you clearly know as you, and your Reality, is your Reality.

Many seem to attack you as they deem you as crazy, or ill or a bad memory. Something triggers in them, their fear shows as anger and they want, need you to be made out as crazy, this is their own insecurities and rigidity. One would think if "they" truly thought you ill, crazy, or having serious memory loss, you would think love and support would kick in to try and help you. Thing is so many are angry at you having a different memory, or having claimed to experience a different reality or be from somewhere else.

It seriously frightens them, not them seeing it, but you, someone they actually know that they thought they have grown up with, or known for years experienced a "different reality", a different past. It brings into question all parts of themselves, all beliefs, all programs, what they feel they know about God, Self, Body, and the afterlife. ALL they knew is poof changed in an instant and to pretend that awakening did not just happen as such, they anger, and set out to discredit you, attack you for your Truth, what you know to be what you really experienced. They simply cannot let it be True.

Don't let this cause doubt in you, however. You know your Truth, they know their Truth. Another lesson in this is to surrender to other people having different versions of all things then you do, and don't need anyone to remember anything as you do. We all perceive, feel, experience events differently anyway, based on our subjective perspective, our beliefs, our programs, our Ego, other lifetimes, other timelines; all this leading to our Unique Perspective in everything. No one needs to agree with me for me to 100 percent know my Truth.

I may not share my Truth with all I see, or even anyone, but I know my Truth, I know what I experienced and can travel there at anytime. I also know that I am become a higher vibrating ME daily and this will change me frequency, my tuner per se and a I will perceive a new reality, changing more all the time as we accept and trust what we are experiencing and simply let go of all who doubt you, berate you, don't seem to "get you", don't believe you, think you are crazy and more low vibrations. In order to move to the timeline you want, you really must remove those people from your life, if you cannot find a clear, joyous, non-judgement, assumption free way forward, in FULL Truth.

This, now, in the physical, our body, the sky, brand names and so much more physically. So many of us experienced all our life in some way, be it seeing spirits, knowing things before they happen, knowing alternative truths regarding religion, the media narrative, politics, corporations, the environment and such. We lived in a world of clairvoyance in our minds eye and inner dialogue.

Yet our friends, family, teachers, colleagues, and more called us conspiracy theorists, or crazy, or some other odd term to paint us as crazy, knowing things wrong, lying, buying into lies as we are so gullible. That traditionally happened/happens to people who are seers, who remember other lives, who are healers, who dress colorful, who believe in magic and so much more.

They are the different ones. Now, with the Mandela Effect, we are seeing this in a physical manifestation, in our brands, movies, sky, maps, information regarding so many things, and in our very own body. And this is physical. And well still, here we are the outsider, the misfit, the conspiracy theorist. When actually, we are more the front runners, the scouts and guides, the way showers, and those who see "first" let's say, in order to set the energy and remove blocks so others can move through freely as well.

It is liberating as once you see the Mandela Effect, a physical Quantum Shift to another Timeline, you actually shift to a reality where things are literally and physically different. It is shocking at first, it is mesmerizing and awesome. Then the questions flood in by the droves, as you ponder what you feel, know and remember. Those around you change from your perspective. You consciousness shifts timelines and at the same time is merging versions of you "out there" into your one collective self.

In that one moment that you really experience what many call the Mandela Effect, it is so liberating, as you begin to ponder the magic that is you, how did I do that. What a ride, how do I do it again and this time to a reality where I have more fun and more money. You feel like you could manifest a building in a field, you can change books, movies, scripture, the sky, your own anatomy and more. That you have that power. You fill with the freedom of wow, that is possible and in a physical literally way. There is a joyous light feeling in thinking wow I did that.

So many are still in fear or victim hood of what this could be. However, the task becomes to continually remind yourself it is all about you. Where you FOCUS your attention, it Grows, Literally that Reality GROWS. Seriously STOP Focusing on that stuff unless you really do want more of it. You are so Magical. Practice Magic by Focus.

I remind myself of this daily. And it is only now and then I stumble across some Mandela Effect article that seems us and them. It may be a positive tone to the article, however, it still groups those like me, who see the M.E. , I call it a Timeline Shift, we are Outlanders per se. We are the "different" ones, simply because their "fact" machine in this timeline, says the "past" of that event, book, author, brand name, solar system, geography and more, states as fact, a different version of our life, a story, a novel, but not what we experienced.

Yet here we are in their bodies with their VERY different anatomy. We are clearly experiencing supernatural, experiencing our true powers in a teeny tiny dose, we are experiencing time travel and consciousness shift. And NOW we KNOW that it is possible, so keep focused on what you know to be True for YOU, Regardless what anyone, anywhere says to you about anything at all AND regardless of what they think of you in any way.

~ Reverend Crystal Cox