Mysterious People Who Spontaneously Travelled to Parallel Realities

"One concept that has become the focus of much speculation and wonder is that of other realities, dimensions, universes, whatever you want to call them, existing parallel to our own beyond some unseen veil that separates us. If this is so, and these other realms do brush up against our own, then is it possible to jump between them? Can we push through that mysterious veil into new alternate realms besides our own?

There have been strange accounts over the years that seem to suggest that this may indeed be so, and that not only is it possible, but that it has already been done, mostly by people who seem to have made this shift between realities quite unintentionally. I have written of this phenomenon at Mysterious Universe before, in fact on more than one occasion, and here we will further delve into the strange realms of alternate realities and spontaneous inter-dimensional travel."

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