I for one am loving the Roy Moore political race in Alabama.

For decades I have seen and known of pedophiia and molestation in my own family and well most families to some degree. Yet the “adults” don’t want to believe, don’t want to look it, and even if they do believe it or look at it they can’t seem to digest it so they turn a blind eye and even invite the abuser to holiday dinners and put them in social events with their victims and new victims. They don’t make a stand against the abuser and choose “Status Quo” no matter the pain to the victim or the enabling of the Cycle to Continue.

Their Blind Eye Enabling literally creates more victims in mass.

This Roy Moore race is showing in clear light that yes these people exist who know that someone is preying sexually on children and using the bible as some excuse as to it being ok.
As it is hard for those who don’t have this experience in their realm of reality to understand that there are “Adults” in MASS who know about sexual abuse and molestation in their family and community and they do nothing in order to protect their own way of life and peace of mind. Something I have NEVER done nor could ever do and thus became a target, as I have always stood for the victims of sexual assault, sexual and physical abuse, pedophilia and molestation.

Yes life is easier and there are more worldly “opportunities” available to us if we just shut up, walk away, keep silent. However, for me, that is the DARK using people as a way to stomp out the light and life force of the innocent, and for me personally I could not live with myself if I did nothing. Those who spoke out, their lives were changed, ruined some may say. And most often they were thought crazy and the abuser was protected and the victim left in the home of those abusing them. Most often the fight did not end in a better life for the victim.

Those Days are Gone.

The Light is Here. CALL THEM OUT.

STOP inviting them to DINNER to prey on victims.

STOP not believing.

The Roy Moore race is showing those who could not understand that people exist who YES know about sexual abuse but would rather control your right to choose, as in abortion and loving who you want,  than to stand up against those who prey on children.

I am so delighted that the Roy Moore race is shedding a huge light on the abusers, and more important on those who enable them. As there are “bad guys” yes and “bad gals” who do very bad things to children. Children have no voice and are often not believed.

It is the “Good Guys and Gals” that have to speak up for them, stand up for them and NOT enable those who abuse children, prey on children, and make it some sort of “God” given right they have. The molesters only have a way to molest if the parents, aunts, uncles, friends, family, neighbors who KNOW do NOTHING, say NOTHING and give the abuser a clear path with no consequence.

Now people have to choose, do they really support pedophila and molestation?

The Roy Moore race puts the enablers in the SPOTLIGHT and I am so glad. The victims who have spent a lifetime in the DARK are now getting light. And the faces of the enablers and there reasons or justification is on full display in big media in mass.

Now we can see it all, examine it and decide what world we want to live in. The whole purpose of the TRUMP presidency is LIGHT. It is about shining a light on all that we don’t want, and bringing the molesters, the corrupt, the pedophiles and rapists, the controllers, the warmongers ALL to the Light. Transparency and Accountability.

The enablers are being forced to look within and face their own abuse and stand up to abusers for the last time, as we rid our world of the evils of sexual assault across the board and the darkest evil of all preying sexually on children and being enabled and protected by men and women around them, as well as clergy, and even blood family.

It is way past Enough is ENOUGH.

These folks that are supporting Roy Moore, they are showing their deepest secret of their own abuse or tolerance of abuse in their family and their community. If they judge Roy Moore then they will have to look within and heal their own soul, their bloodline and to STOP inviting the perverted abuser to family dinners.

Decades of rape and sexual assault on college campuses, and the sports jocks or men in general protected as if that’s just what men do. The rights of women have taken not only a back stage but a dark dungeon. Enabling Sexual Predators has been a way of life, those days are over. The Feminine Divine is rising.

The Darkness in our political system, our money system, our energy and oil system, our medicine and food; ALL of it is being brought to the LIGHT in clear view to understand, to witness, to see how “it’s always been” and why. And from there make CHANGES. And make Choices as to how we want it to be moving forward.

The Roy Moore Campaign is of the Light and indeed from God, but not against Gays and Abortion and in support of Pedophiles, sexual assaulters and child molesters, but instead to expose the darkest, most protected and enabled parts of our society so that we may truly CHOOSE the world we want, by first seeing clearly the world we are in. We must first ADMIT this is really happened and happening and then yes mourn, heal and face it.

No longer is hiding under the proverbial rug of Status Quo acceptable.

Stop Enabling Predators and if you Can’t or don’t believe they even exist in your inner circle then YOU will simply go down with the ship of darkness as it is immersed in loving light and sinking into non-existence in our high vibration, loving, safe, equal, empowering, free choice, world where we actually do get to say what happens to our body, from the second we are born we have rights. Rights to NOT be your play toy, to not be verbally or sexually harassed or abused by the adults around us. Leave Us Be. Don’t stand to take our rights to our own bodies from us. Speak up for Victims. I KNOW that you ALL know at Least ONE.

Sexual Predators, Sexual Assaulters, Entitled Men to a woman’ body and time, pedophiles and molesters are a lost cause, addicted to controlling abuse. They will either change or not, they really have to want to change to actually change.

However, the ENABLERS are not a lost cause and must STAND up with the VICTIMS to STOP giving Abusers places to freely ABUSE while at the same time torturing, tormenting and oppressing their victims.

~ Reverend Crystal Cox

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