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Quantum Consciousness Counseling. Mandela Effect Counseling. Quantum Energy Healing. Remove Self Doubt. Create the Life you Really Want. Reality Shifting. Timeline Shifting.

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Reverend Crystal Cox
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sessions to help you tune into the reality you want to be living.

All is Frequency. Your thoughts, your Focus is your Receiver. Your Receiver decides what channel you tune into and what your consciousness experiences as Reality. Quantum Consciousness Counseling. eMail me for readings, quantum healings, sessions to help you tune into the reality you want to be living.

It works well for you to ask questions or state statements in the direction of what you would like information regarding.

I do readings via eMail and Chat so as to not let your voice inflection or image in video distort the energy, the reading I am getting from Higher Self. 

At this time what works for me is to do a reading via chat. You could message me on Facebook or eMail me say 5 questions regarding what direction you would like me to head with my reading or what you would like more information on. I then go into meditation and I will email you what I get. We can do a chat reading as well if you need or want clarification. My eMail is . For this first reading $50 would work for me.

If you want to go ahead with this you can pay $50 My PayPal eMail is . You can FB message me or eMail me questions.

I do many types of healing and spiritual counseling, we can discuss more if you want to do ongoing work. At this time It is really about co-creating the reality that one wants. And to follow your excitement. Trust your intuition, Trust your own guidance. All the Time.

More Coming to this page soon.

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