Every Choice tunes your frequency to the Timeline you experiencing and moving toward. 

Yes friends are dropping out of your life, family is distancing. The more true you are to your Real Self, true to you, the more people will leave your life. There are so many people, had they Basic Income, a monthly check, housing, plenty of money, they would not be around their family. SO many take constant verbal abuse, opinions and expectations that interfere with what one really wants. They sit in a life of other people’s verbal attacks and constantly telling them what they should do and they only do this for MONEY. Only for the money or financial support, housing that the family member gives them. Had they plenty of money, they would not let that family member control, or constantly badger them about anything at all.  Let things, people, flow out of your life, no matter how manner years you have known them, if connecting to them does not feel fun or joyous, LET THEM GO.

And you will tune your Frequency to the Timeline You want.