Newscasters Becoming the News and the Rise of the Feminine Divine.

It is interesting, the News Casters being removed for Sexual Assault that then become the News. It’s seems cannibalistic in a way. And you know that many of the newscasters themselves reporting on these guys have done the same or worse. It must be an odd sensation knowing what you have done while reporting on someone doing it.

The top tier DARK are falling and the next levels are in queue. The LIGHT is everywhere and there will soon be no DARK left. The Feminine Divine is Rising FRONT AND CENTER.

The old Paradigm of Sexual Authority used to Control Women and absorb their precious Sacred Divine is a Timeline that is rapidly coming to an end, as many timelines merge and collapse.

This has been horrifically happening for hundreds of years in time as we have known time to be. At one point and still in a big part today adult rape, the sexual energy theft was by pure aggressive and the sole, purely physical fact that men were stronger than women physically.

More modern days found women fighting back and many stronger physically and/or had modern day weapons of defense. Then instead of brute force in mass against women sexually it became power, authority be it a boss, cop, father, stepfather, mother, or anyone who has some kind of authority over you.

They use the leverage or let’s say ENTITLEMENT of “owning you” as our parents did, no other way to say it really as back then per say, they could do whatever they want to their children and even if the children told who would they tell and who would believe them?

A purely sexual biological act, and it comes with the TITLE to your body, your soul, your guilt and shame, your programs for their making, your human vehicle and your very life. What you eat, learned behavior, your view of the world, your opinion of yourself, your belief of a woman’s role, all becomes their version of you which was someone else’s version of them.

Yes many break out of that titlement, that born with ownership and habit of being controlled, but most have not. They live as adults still owned by the views, needs, lifestyle, beliefs, expectations, guilt trips, memories,ethics, morals and subjective perspectives of their parents.  Who in a sense, were slave masters as you were, simply born unto them and then you were their pet in a way, in the cage of their subjective perspective and holding their lineage of belief, programming, habits and patterns firmly in place.

You are fed and your physical needs brought to you. You watch how love and life is to be through your “family”. You are not really encouraged to act, feel, believe a different way but instead expected to “play along” with the heteropatriarchal norm. The sexual entitlement and masterhood of home, intelligence and body of men over women is learned, taught, suggested, seen, and expected. It is also worshipped and ordained.

Most do not escape this parental ownership of arrogance and entitlement of their life by those who simply had sex and their “human vehicle” only, was created from this one biological act.

I believe we create our lessons and experiences here in some sort of plan before we are born. That said and holding true that I am the creator of my experience on some level, well we are born unto them out of a sexual excursion of some sort, could be love, could be rape, could be molestation.

They could have been in love, they were most likely to have been in lust. And well it was probably more like our Mothers being infatuated with some young guy, needing attention and love for that one moment in time, and choosing to have sex with some guy who really did not know her, respect her, like talking to her or was even actually her true friend but instead someone who simple wanted to have sex, to have that one brief moment in time be it an hour or a year or more.

Still odds are your birth father did not really know your Mother, know her interests, her truths, her hopes and dreams, or even her real beliefs. Odds are he did not ever really listen or respect her views on the world or ideas or even that she knew best in any area at all.  

Odds are, especially if you are over 40, your Mother looked to your father for answers on things and was not respected as someone with intelligence and worth in totality. Or to even be taken serious.  All of these programs, patterns of abuse and control and the heteropatriarchy in general was given to you in your DNA at birth, and learning of choice of thoughts creating reality, choosing what reality we want to believe or live in, choosing our morals, choosing who touches us and how, consciously choosing how we live our life, and walking our own version of ourself and not our parents or society, well that is lessons most are not aware exist.

Now all this sexual assault to sooth the lost boy male ego craving love and power insatiably is a program, most men could not help it and may have not have even noticed a choice point, they were simply born into the HeteroPatriarchy and they went along with the role of their father and the archetype of the man’s role in “those times” and timelines.

Universal law is changing all this now as men are seeing men fall from Grace and examining their own actions, of which most were not even aware it was abusive, controlling and of the dark. They were simply living the program given unto them as their own birthright per say.

We are born into this, and then we are owned. We are not adults when we are programmed and have no rights to our own choices in the society we were born into. Some magical made up age of 18 (Numerological Number 9), and we then get to have the rights to our body back, choose who were are around, have societal rights?

Possibly, possibly not as the programs run deep and we find jobs, bosses, friends, lovers who perpetuate the program as we believe that to be the way it is suppose to be. All of this having contributed to massive sexual assault as the patriarch is constantly trying to undo their own pain from being forced into that programming and it displays as assault, entitlement, and control over women in whatever way they can get it.

The agenda of regulating and controlling women’s bodies is the overarch per say of all of this. It is a way for the Heteropatriarchy to stay alive as it gasps for air with the rise of the feminine divine. If they can maintain “ownership” of woman by creating “laws” over women’s bodies then they keep this childhood programming in place until death, and then they can recreated it with birth again and the cycle continues.

This is ALL coming to a screeching halt as the sexual predators are outed and removed.

We were taken to dark rooms (rooms without a plethora of knowledge and a variant perspective) and we were programmed be it religion, a man’s role and entitlement, a woman’s place, a commandment, a way to raise our children, have our home or live our life and even programmed on who is the authority, who can license us, who can give us permission to be who we actually want to be and is true for ourselves.

They make laws about our body, our choices, our “world” and this is all crashing down as the LIGHT explodes the dark to the finest of grains and then it simply blows away to all parts of all universes to heal, to re-program, to feel and be love and to never again rule our consciousness, torment our soul, own our flesh and bone our human vehicle, keep us as debt slaves, rape and molest us, and use our emotions as their ravenous fuel to feed their own asphyxiation.

This “dark room” could be the family home, a bedroom, a shed, or it could be church, school, the park, the family dinner table, guilt or shame voiced “at us”, unwanted OPINIONS on who we are or who we should become based on the subjective perspective of the yapper.

It is more than sexual assault, it is constant opinions at you about you. It is a constant, “their version” of who you should be or their assumptions of who you are. These “dark rooms” per say are in point and place in society where you pretend to be some other version of you then you know yourself to be, in order to get or keep the approval of the heteropatriarchal society of which you were born into. You shine the light whereby you tell your Truth and you Out the Predators, the Dark Ones, the Entitled Controllers.

The “assault” makes itself known by way of watching you, of saying you are prettier if you smile, commenting on your looks as if their version of you is somehow more important than your own. Sexual Assault is the energy of all that controls you and keeps you in a program that prevent your authentic you actually creating and living in the reality you actually do consciously choose.

The brute force rape and entitlement to a woman’s body morphed into the power of money and being at the helm of some capitalistic economic model which is an illusion created out of their made up money loaned to you, debt, bank fees, taxes, licensing and so many more economic oppression programs to keep you controllable and keep you having to take the PURE sexual DISGUST and Venomous Leers, Oppressive Opinions, Exhaustive Banter, Antagonistic Arrogance played out as your need for the energy, the power, the survival force of money. Money that if you don’t lay down and take it per say, you will be the one  asphyxiated.

Everywhere women go they are met with some man’s eyes that have a sense of “ENTITLEMENT” to their body, their smile, how they dress, what they are reading or listening to and well many men out there in public land seem to think they are the master and woman are the slave or the crop even perhaps. And often this actually comes natural to them as the habits of their ancestors. We are now at a Choice Point and the Male Divine is rising up to meet the Feminine Divine in a Grand Galactic Expression of Pure Love and Light.

The Archaic Days of Darkened Ol’ are crumbling to HeteroPatriarchy Ash.

The Feminine Divine is Truly Rising. Goddess Bless You.

~ Reverend Crystal Cox

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