I Do NOT Worship a Flag nor Sing Joy to songs of Bombs Bursting in Air and Rockets Red Glare. Bombs have been used to kill, torture, terrorize and are NOT tools of Freedom. The “Anthem” is a War Cry, the U.S Flag is a Symbol of Slaughtering the Native Americans, Oppressing pretty much EVERY country around the World on behalf of and of benefit to the Corporation of the United States. The Flag is NOT a representation of Freedom nor is the words of the Anthem. I do not worship False Gods such as a Flag and a Song. America is NOT the Land of the Free and is nowhere near being a so called “Christian Nation”.

There is no “My Country”. We are all Global Citizens coming from varying countries around the world and that is just our status while we are alive in human bodies. When we die we go elsewhere and Country, Borders, Oppression as such does not Exist.

The whole in God we Trust thing is a farce, it is a motto yes but not a reality they pursue or even really fully honestly allow. Why is GOD only for the American Flag winning that war any war, the American flag flying while bombs are shedding the blood of other God’s People.

The arrogance and war mongering of the American Flag is not something I have ever loved, saluted, respected or worship nor is the National Anthem. I have, in the past, in school or other places been actually FORCED to salute this false God of War and Oppression, but in my heart I sand a different song and prayed for the Light to come to Earth and stop the Bombs Bursting in air and shedding blood from shore to shore.

America is not the land of the Free, we are not even free to use God given plants as medicine, we are not free to use free energy, we are NOT Free regarding thousands upon thousands of reasons. Those who believe America is the Land of the FREE, are Asleep. Wake Up. Wake Up. Remember who you really Are.

~ Reverend Crystal Cox