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Sunday, October 29, 2017

I am a Global Citizen, a Universal Citizen, no COUNTRY owns me.

I am a Global Citizen, a Universal Citizen, no COUNTRY owns me.
The United States of America Corporation abducted my Citizenship Rights. My ancestors are from Northern Ireland and the Uk on one side and Russia on the other. Yet I am deemed a U.S citizen because I was born here? Why? The U.S corporation does not own me, they abducted me. And you unless you are Native American. And with those in America before it was allegedly discovered, well they had no rights at all and are still persecuted, after a massive slaughter of their ancestors.  This U.S is NOT the land of the Free. There is so many levels to our NOT Free in America, and yet over and over the U.S claims to be so righteous and promoting Freedom. The U.S corporation and it’s military was NEVER about promoting Freedom. Why is the U.S in every country of the world oppressing people? They are not here oppressing us as American “Citizens”. Our government is there oppressing them. Remember. Wake Up. Remember who you are in the Galactic sense of it all, your true oversoul higher consciousness version of YOU.

I protest Citizenship anywhere. It makes no sense, we are from all over. And here in the U.S that most call America, well we are not from here yet we are restricted to travel to other countries freely, even the ones our ancestors came here from. Open Borders is a Civil Right. Accountability on an Individual Level is Key. Transparency is the road to getting there.

I Object to the Corporation of the United States owning me, trading my rights on the market, forcing citizenship at my birth and oppressing the WORLD in my name as an abductee forced to be a citizen of ONE COUNTRY when my ancestors are from many, and my oversoul, my true essence is multi-dimensional and has no word or expression for the term COUNTRY.

~ Reverend Crystal Cox

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