September 2017’s Unsettled Energy & Experiencing More Death of The Ego Self
I’ve not been so chatty over the last week or two on Divine Light Phases (DLP) – and it’s been for a many number of reasons. Firstly: What a September it has been so far, and what an amazing splash of energies we’ve been feeling and embodying within ourselves for much of this month. To top it all off we haven’t even reached the September Equinox and all it’s ongoing, ever expanding energies, just waiting to push us higher (Personally & Collectively) up on our own personal and collective evolutionary ladder(s). It got really intense for me right after the Aug 21st Eclipse – and then as soon as September began the energies really amplified for me, myself and my physical being greatly. Ever since, I’ve needed time for myself because of the ongoing changes that are and continue to happen within my specific being. Physically – emotionally – mentally and spiritually … I’ve felt a shift within myself. I feel a greater connection with my higher self, I feel a greater connection with my personal path and personal destiny. It’s hard work letting go of the ego self, and I’ve had to let go of more and more so that nothing get’s in the way of me doing what I have to do. Which is what I’ve been doing – while I’ve been away.
This latest release of (Source Love) because that’s what we’re embodying (Source Love) has been pushing me on my own specific path within my own personal AP (Ascension Process)journey. So, I’ve been taking a bit of time out, a grand cat nap, a personal Light-Worker break that has been greatly needed. As much as I’d love to continue on with this divine break, there is so much that needs to be written by me at this time and once again for many reasons. There is so much that needs to be said – and it’s once again time for me to get vocal and help others on the path understand what’s happening with these energies. To help them understand why it’s happening now. But, most importantly to help those in the collective to understand that these are not actual “End of the world events” but serious dismantling, break-ups, shattering’s, shaking up of – the old 3D world and it’s systems and the seriously dark, hideous, atrocious monsters who are still hell bent on remaining here to possess, to use, to derail, and thief off of people and humanity.
Secondly: Can you believe how unsettled, how incredibly scattered, and how almost untameable all of the September higher energies has been and what it has felt like within the realm of this earth. Not to mention how it’s felt and what I’ve sensed it being while it’s been coursing through my veins. It’s NEWER consciousness entering the conscious stream, and while August was a big production with the eclipses September is the real work for every (Forerunner, Earth sensitive, Light being, Light-Worker, Empath, Psychic) and holy crystalline balls of bright shiny disco lights has it been a bitch to deal with. This is Source energy, this is the new timeline, and this is all just more of the old being released and the new coming through.
X-Flares, Hurricanes, Earthquakes & Being A Highly Sensitive Being In September 2017
Thirdly: September 2017 has been a huge month for higher light energies, photonic light energy, crystalline light energy and because of that we have been experiencing, enduring, and trying to figure out a way to comfortably ride out the many different ways that these energies are choosing to ground themselves within us and within this planet. The physical pains alone – have been so difficult to deal with. One moment I’ll be fine, and within the split of a second I’ll be so tired that I need to go and rest, or a sudden headache comes on that stops me from being able to continue doing what I need to do and I’ll have to lay down until it’s done updating my pineal gland. September 2017 has been to put it nicely, quite a shitty time for anyone who is sensitive and who is feeling everything right now. As one of them, my heart does go out to those who are enduring quite a lot right now within in their own “End times” reality.
A huge theme that’s happening in September 2017 and as we get closer to the Equinoxx9p3energetic stair step shift – is that there are more and more real physical manifestations of real cleanings, energy clearings, in specific areas that are happening on earth. Its gotten pretty real, and pretty unbelievable. I can’t remember a certain time period where it all came at us in such a way like this before, which means more of the new energies are integrating here and into us and we need come to terms with all of these new energies. Since August there have been (Harvey, Irma, Jose, Katia, and Maria) five major hurricanes within less than a month all hitting the same area that the eclipse passed through. Some place(s) have been hit really hard, and I know myself and many if not all Light-Workers were working hard to change, shift, and alter these timelines and events. Things could have been worse – but of course these things are happening now because its all part of the dismantling, erosion, and break down of the remaining lower 3D world(s) and those realities. Its the end of the entities, of the demonic beings, of the latch ons, and anything that is old and remaining within the area that the eclipses didn’t help clean out already. It’s not happening to any other part of the world but North and central America and there is a big reason for that.
While all of these energies have been swirling, going where they need to go. The solar activity has been non-stop in September. I also can’t remember how long its been since solar activity was this prevalent on a daily basis, I started my physical AP (Ascension Process) in March of 2014 and even then I can’t remember the solar activity being this extreme. If anything the sun was going through an inactivate phase. I even made sure to write the solar activities down and on which days, just to give everyone an idea.
Sep 4th – Two M1 class eruptions happened on a sunspot on the sun.
Sep 6th – An extremely powerful X flare 9.3 erupted from a sunspot on the sun.
Sep 7th – Three M class and 1 X class flare(s) erupted from the same sunspot.
Sep 10th – Another x-flare 8.3 erupted from the same sunspot departing on the sun.
This NEW energy, New Timeline we’ve entered is unprecedented – this is nothing like what we have ever felt or experienced before energetically. Not to mention the 8.0 earthquake that struck Mexico, whew this has been a lot to deal with. The whys? behind it all are simply just that many areas of the world are being energetically cleaned up, cleared out, and anything old and dark that thinks its going to remain is in for a rude awakening. We’re all (and this is how it feels to me) being forced to evolve, to shift, to say adios to anything lower within ourselves and within earth because it can’t function, live, exist, and be here any longer.
As we move forward into the next few days we have the (New Moon) energies which are already upon us on the 19/20th – along with that final push from source on the (September Equinox) on September 22nd. Grow, love, expand, let go, release, heal, clear out, cleanse, nap, rest, sleep, because December 2017 is going to be another huge shift and movement into the unknown.
16Love & Light16