It only exists if you bring it into Focus. What if you simply let that thought, that feeling flow on by and don't put a story to it, don't engage or feed it?

If I validate that the thought or story exists and put a story to it then I am assisting in the creation of that Reality and perhaps attracting more of the same to me.  Exposing the dark brings the light into Focus.  Yes however, once it is let up. You Really Can Let Go. Once change has happened, Let it and don't hold the old version as your reality, their reality and even a Reality that exists at all.

My Daily Reality is a Choice and it is an extreme challenge to sit in choice when you are constantly fed words, actions, energy that is not how you believe you choose your life to be but the one in contrast to the life you do want does choose that and keeps talking to you about it or should I say “At you”, really not wanting your verbal participation or for you to defend yourself, speak your mind or any contrast. You choose how you perceive their words. Your own perception, beliefs based on your life, your experiences, your bloodline; gives meaning to their words, thing is you can choose a different meaning, a different thought, a different Reality.

You say in your mind over and over this is not about me, this is not my stuff. But it still triggers you. You imagine the Triggerless you and what that version of you would feel, do, think and say right now.  Yet the person is there, right in front of you with their version of Reality, their Ego Programs, their story of how Reality is, their righteousness, their fear, their choices.

You are Triggered, the Triggerless you is Triggered and all lay in a pieces as a crashing wall in front of you.  This is fine, a Good thing, these are just breakdowns of patterns and programs and they look like a never ending, repeatedly building STONE WALL of Triggers, of a Reality you know you don’t want to be moving into. Simply do not put a story to them, keep moving through and changing those programs, triggers and perception patterns.

When you are in another room, another town, another house, and focusing on not being triggered and working on that high vibration you. You find that place of this is not my stuff, and I choose to think about, focus and bring in a different Reality for me.

Yet when you are in a Trigger boot camp let’s call it, sitting in the energy at you like a batting cage whereby there is no way to shut the balls off. You have a helmet but still you cannot stop the balls from coming. Your thoughts about what the person is saying or doing can only go so far. Your Triggerless you, your Faith, your Focus can only go so far if you choose to stay around that person.

They are not going to change their Reality. But you can change your perception of their Reality. You
can be that highest version of you. You can let them change by perceiving them as changed and not holding them in old thoughts and patterns by your own inner dialogue to or about them or their words or actions.

Your home, safety, sanctuary, food, life as you know it depends on them, however, you cannot move into the Reality you want when they are STRONGLY in the Contrasting reality. Partner, Parent, Child, no matter who it is, you have to remove them from your Reality in order to have the Reality you want. Unless you truly can change the timeline, and move to a timeline where they are different, treat you different, acting in a higher frequency pattern and energy. And if you can let that new perception of them, their reality in relation to you come in to Focus and be REALITY.

Your beliefs about that person, your perception of their words and actions, your assumptions about them in relation to you, no matter who they are ANCHOR you that timeline, that Reality where they are that Version that don't want them to be. Can you believe them different, push through and clean up your own programs to change the dynamics, the perceptions, and move to a higher frequency in your exchange with them? Can you allow a higher vibration of that person in your life or must you hold them in the way you have always known them to be? Or perceived them to be in the past, as recent as yesterday?

Can you let go of the Anchor, Let go of the Rope, and let that higher dimension, higher frequency version of that person shine through to your NOW reality?

If so Timelines will collapse and merge and you will level up as they say, you will merge to a higher dimension, a higher frequency, all of you. This will eternally COLLAPSE that lower vibrating timeline for YOU.

YOU get to choose to stop using their version of Reality as an excuse to not move into the reality you actually want to be experiencing. YOU get to Choose to STOP fearing and blocking what Spirit lays before you and instead keep creating the Reality, the Timeline you REALLY WANT by Conscious Choice.

Something outside of YOU is NOT responsible for YOU.

Your Feelings, Triggers, Programs are YOURS.

No one Offends you. No one hurts you. No one abandons you. No words of others can hurt you unless you hurt you by your perception of those words, what you let them mean to you personally.

Your belief of what others say or do, your assumption of what their words or actions mean or what thoughts they are having about you. THOSE ARE YOURS.  You CHOOSE.

~ Reverend Crystal Cox