Easing Fears of the Mandela Effect; a Deeper, Calm Understanding and Accept

"As everything we see, hear or feel is through our minds or consciousness it is up to us to decide how this makes us feel or react.

We are awakening to the fact that nothing was ever how it seemed or how we had been programmed to believe, we were in many ways a product of a controlling system as well as being the system, we took information as being real from parents, school, media etc. and did not question or could not find answers that were validated by a false science.

We are in control, we just have to remember this and learn to focus our thoughts and intentions towards what we prefer and not feed into a system that only exists if we BELIEVE it does, this is regardless of what is appearing outside of us, this is not true evidence just the residue of the collective consciousness and our own individual consciousness.

All the things you mention above are not separate from us we or our source consciousness came first, they all rely on our fear of them, this is the energy they feed off to be able remain in our view.

There is nothing to fear in the organic reality only in the false matrix of our minds....."

~ Linda Lovett, Consciousness Coach