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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Time is Subjective

Another words time is SUBJECT to YOU. Time answers to you. As your thoughts based on your own personal experience of that creative you, that subjective you, become a Reality, a Parallel Life that a version of you creates, manifests, and explores. Time is subjective to your location on Earth, in the Universe, in your Lifetime or Reality.  Time, timelines, changes continually based on Your thoughts, words, opinions, beliefs, actions of which create the Subject You, the you that views people, places, events, things, animals, issues a certain way based on your own personal history, experiences, family traditions, DNA history and lifetimes. That is what makes you Subjective.

Time answers to YOU.  Your thoughts on how life should be or is, how death is, how things work or don’t work, or “just are”. Your thoughts on government, nature, animals, politics, disease, children, weather or most anything WILL create a reality where, for you, those things exist as YOUR TIME and continue to Exist. You are in that TIME or Timeline / Dimension.

Focus on what you WANT in your life, not the things in your life that you don’t want to be in your life, in the version and dimensional reality life you really want to be Consciously Aware in.

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