"Those Who are Affected" by the Mandela Effect as they say. For me it is not "being affected".
This is a personal experience. The thoughts we choose every single moment create our reality. Timelines, versions of us are merging. It is not an affliction, we are not victims. We are simply Conscious of the dimensions, the different timelines. It is not a disease, it's simply how it works. Yes it can be unnerving. It is certainly AWESOME, however, it is NOT an Affliction to me. It is a beautiful thing to see this happening, regardless if anyone around me does or not. They will when it is there time to see it. It is not my job to woe is me I am afflicted by the Mandela Effect, It is my Job to consciously choose my own thoughts and create my own realities for me. That's the Point of M.E. It is about ME, me being the best version of ME and letting others do the same without trying to convince them that what I know to be is or should be True for them.