Let the Bible Speak for Itself they say. The thing the Bible has changed, and then changed again.
(Research Mandela Effect / Quantum Effect bible changes if you are interested) Your Original Bible is not the same as you memorized.  We don't all have memories, consciousness of the same history. There is NO ONE TRUTH. There is only consciousness and you from that subjective perception. You CHOOSE with your thoughts, words and actions in every moment, what version of Reality you will live, perceive experience. YOU are in CHOICE.

The Bible is a Man Made Book. It is NOT God. You are GOD. You are Creating your Life in every single moment. You are in charge of you, your thoughts, your beliefs. When you are quiet and ask the Great Spirit, ask your own Higher Self, and even other versions of you in other realities, for information. You channel information, you bring in information from other sources. The Bible was channeled, then written by man. The Bible had information left out and manipulated to control sectors of Society, such as Women.  What the TRUTH is, is ONLY what the TRUTH is to YOU Personally.  The Bible is NOT your GUIDE. Your Higher Conscious is your Guide. TRUST YOU.

                                                                                                        ~ Reverend Crystal Cox