Being “Self Conscious” Was the Purpose of it All. Being “Self Conscious” is the Meaning of Life.

When did being “Self Conscious” become a negative thing?
Sometimes when someone has a low opinion of themselves or talks negative about their own self image, or maybe even boasts highly as they say, maybe nervous or visibly acting uncomfortable, they are called “Self Conscious”, as if it is a negative thing. When truly if you are acting uncomfortable, then you are Self Aware and must give yourself permission to leave that in which makes you "uncomfortable". Your body is your message from the Divine. LISTEN.

We at times have claimed to be self conscious, say of how we might look, a particular hairstyle or some other bodily image concern. We seem to use it as a negative or something to work on Not Being.  We call ourselves, “Self Conscious” however, the thing is to be “Self Conscious” is the Ultimate Goal I would Say.   To Know Thyself, to be Self Aware, to be Conscious of Self, of who we TRULY are is a VERY positive thing. Some may even say it is the most important passage, knowledge, lesson or mission we came to Earth to achieve.
If I am “Self Conscious” then I know myself, I am listening to my intuition through the talking of my body. If I am “Self Conscious” I know my Truth and honor myself.  Many believe that being “Self Conscious” is why God created Humans. Simply to become aware of SELF, to be Conscious of SELF, to be “Self Conscious” . It is the WHOLE Purpose of Humanity.        ~  Reverend Crystal Cox