Your Response to TRIGGERS Create Timelines, Create the version of Reality you Live in NOW and are moving into. A Triggerless YOU that Does not NOTICE what others THINK in any way. What would the version of YOU that is NOT Triggered by what other people think of you, your actions, YOU in any way look like? Imagine a version of you that is not Triggered by what your community, your friends, your family, your peers think of you or ANYTHING about you, who you are or what you do. Feel the Triggerless YOU. Let yourself IMAGINE what it is like to be TRIGGERLESS. Imagine NOT having any triggers whatsoever in regard to what anyone thinks of you. Imagine a you completely oblivious to what others think. And by others I mean ANYONE, anyone at all, period. Can you imagine a version of you that does not even NOTICE what others think of you in ANY way? Can you imagine a Version of YOU that NEEDS no Validation in ANY way? Check Out this Video