You get to choose who is in your life. Look at your family and friends, if they are not of your highest Truth and you don’t enjoy being around them, don’t.

If you “feel” “not right”, out of sorts, off in some way around ANYONE, then trust that and don’t be around them period. Don’t make excuses. Don’t feed old patterns of guilt and shame or people pleasing. Simply Walk Away.

Think about the friends, family and loved ones that you know right now. Would they still be in your life if you did not feel, act on old patterns of obligation, guilt, submission, self doubt, self loathing, shame and other reasons, maybe even religion, that “makes” you stay?

Your every moment is creating the life you want. If you force yourself to do things that you actually don’t want to then you tell your self, your creator self that this is the life you want and more of that is created.

Choose you. Give you permission to do what YOU want. No Obligation. No Guilt. No Shame. Ignore the naysayers, move on and do EXACTLY what you want to do.