The New Earth is about No God's worshiped and recognizing that YOU are God.

You are all Sovereign Co-Creators who NEED not worship anyone or anything.

Appreciation, Joy, Fun, Co-Creation - YES.
Worship NO. 

As you are the God that you think is something or someone else creating your life. Your SOURCE you, your Higher Self, versions of you in other Realities. It is all You.  Don't give your life force to Worship in any way be it your time, energy, money, prayer or anything else to a version of "God" that is outside of YOU. You are GOD.

Trust your Intuition, your Judgement, your Clarity, your Vision and Co-Create the world you want. Use your time, energy, money, resources, gifts, tools to co-create for YOU. Don't give your power over to those who claim to be creating for you and controlling your afterlife.