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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Open your mind and heart to GOD, indeed. And guess what, YOU are GOD. You are the divine creator of YOUR LIFE in every single moment. Politics, Judges, Lawyers, GAMES of Courts; it is all all to distract YOU Creator GODS from actually CREATING. There is no divine logic in Men ruling you. No divinity in Politics. NO Logic in MEN making LAWS to FORCE you to NOT use God Given plants to cure you, feed you, house you. THEY took control of YOU, You Creator GODS. There is NO need for ANY politician in your life folks. Its all to scramble your power. It is NOT about electing the RIGHT ONE. It is about YOU taking charge of creating YOUR REALITY and Electing NO ONE. The system of Laws, Corruption, Judges, zig zag justice, favortism, and the whole system of MEN ruling over you, umm HELLO You are GOD, Created by GOD, of GOD and YOU ya you ARE GOD. You don't need Men to RULE YOU.

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