You are Shedding OLD Realities with Every Thought, Breath, Action and Belief you accept as yours.

You are Releasing Timelines. 

NOW is VERY important to FOCUS on what you DO WANT in your Life and do not say or take any type of action toward the life you DO NOT want.  Don't take an invitation somewhere you don't want to go. Listen to your Body.

Don't participate in anything out of lower vibrational guilt, have to's, shame, obligation or any reason other than you actually want to and feel happy and good about it.

Your LIFE is being created with every thought, every breath and every belief. 

STOP feeling sorry for yourself. You are affirming lower vibrational realities to YOU.

STOP repeating negative thoughts. STOP with the should haves. STOP wallering in thoughts and words that paint a life you do not want or things that you are not happy with or do not make you feel GOOD. If the thought does not feel good, discard it. You do not have to believe your every thought. You get to choose what you hold as truth for you. That version, perception of Truth becomes your Reality, and creates a Timeline with those ''things'' in it.

STOP speaking negative about a relationship loss. STOP talking negative about a Death. As with each word you are creating more of what you don't want. Wake UP. The relationship did not happen because you are Vibrating Higher and attracting something of a higher vibration. And ya for the NOW it may be a time to be with you and PAY ATTENTION to your thoughts.

Your Thoughts and WORDS are you Magic SPELL, every moment of every day. What you repeat in your mind and affirm with your words out loud, YOU Create. Plain and Simple.

Wallering in a relationship loss? Or any loss in your life? STOP. You created the LOSS. You followed the higher vibration.  You created a higher vibrational you with your thoughts, words and vibration. You are attracting a higher vibration.

Yet now you are devastated? Why are you not celebrating?

Your thoughts of loss, sadness, devastation over the loss are NOT the core YOU. They are one of your Ego's.  That is the EGO that wanted abused by that person. That is the ego that wanted so bad to play victim. YOU are not vibrating there so you did not create that relationship. The longer you linger in what if and should have, instead of trusting yourself, the longer you create the life you don't want and attract more of what you don't want.

Hysterical, Frantic, Wallering, What if-ing over a loss? STOP. Don't you TRUST YOU?

You manifested what is happening, sit back and take a wider scope. You STOPPED you from that path for reasons of a Higher Vibrating YOU. Trust that and return your thoughts to the GOOD REASONS why it is happening.

Multiple Realities are Merging. LET them. Choose your Thoughts. If random thoughts come up, choose to believe them or not, choose to entertain them or let them pass. CHOOSE. 

Wherever you are vibrating, that is what you are going to EXPERIENCE.

Your thoughts, your words, your actions ARE your VIBRATION. 

Every choice creates a ''vibration'', a timeline, one in which is fed or denied and fades away. You are constantly, actively, RIGHT NOW Manifesting, Reality Creating, Timeline Creating, and CHOOSING.

You are Creating YOU in every thought, breath, action, and choice. 

Lower Vibrational Realities are Shedding Away. Let THEM. 

¬ Reverend Crystal Cox