What Belongs to us is coming back to us.

We are revisiting / re-experiencing things we said, thought or actions we took or did not take in our past. We are re-experiencing our judgement of others and their words, actions taken or not taken, our perception of realities or events, what others view as who we are vs. who we know or wanted ourself to be.

In this Ascension process, as we collapse Timelines, we are cleansing our self, our personal timelines. We are creating timelines that we want to experience as our reality by shedding all we don’t want to experience. We do this by re-visiting old energy and making new choices, even if only in thought, body response and energy.

We cannot simply wish them away or move on from them. As part of our ascension to a higher frequency we must revisit / re-experience these issues / energies through what triggers us when those things comes up, or even a vein or essence of those things, situations, energies, people, places, expectations or actions.

When these come up, our programmed response is triggered. We then get to re-decide in essence, as we feel our emotions and have our thoughts / emotions regarding “it”.  We then create a higher vibration of “it” or we go down the same path and repeat the pattern, the belief, the program. We get a “chance” to change old energy and patterns and clear their “charge”.

We are shown images from our higher selves as we cleanse 3D and old programming so that we can refine our thought, and prepare for a higher vibrational life in a higher dimension. If we did not do this than we would simply be triggered and manifest that energy in our physical life instantly, for us and others.  We must cleanse 3D, cleanse those old programs, that is the period we are in now.

Many times your higher self uses other people to Trigger you, so that you can re-visit old energy, stories, programs and re-assess them in the NOW, in your current frequency.

These images, memories, triggers or whatever you perceive them to be, are given to you to see how you react, to re-test you per say and to give you a new choice point to make a different decision, kind of like your Final Answer or intention on what you do want.

Some of “it” that we revisit, may simply pass on by as an image or thought and we are untriggered and feel no emotion over it at all.

Some of “it” that we revisit, triggers our grief, sadness, arousal, fear, pain, extreme joy, sorrow, past dreams or versions of us we thought we wanted to be, or other strong emotions and responses.

We may simply look at it, think on it, play around in it’s energy in our mind and thoughts and CHOOSE to not believe it as real for us now, in our current chosen reality.

Or we may linger in it for days repeating the what if’s and feeling those strong emotions until we firmly come to a choice of what we really believe about that IMAGE, Memory, Event, Emotions, Trigger.

Anything that is triggered, whether you perceive it as good or bad, positive or negative is a “new” chance at clearing programing and old energy and patterns and replacing them with new energy, choices and high frequency thought.

What we may perceive as positive, may also not be of our new higher frequency energy. We may look at the memory, trigger, event again in our mind’s eye and heart and feel now that it was not positive, funny, arousing, joyful and in this we also clear programming and old patterns.

Some triggers are extreme and may not even seem like we are in control of ourselves or have choice. We may become angry, suicidal, violent, mean, self loathing, negative or other extreme emotions.

It triggers a panic in our chest, tightness in our solar plexus, fight or flight energy and pondering of whether to run or stay, or sit through it and wait it out.

It triggers extreme fear, pain, energy we know is old but feel we can’t choose in that moment. We are playing out old programming and it feels very real in the now. Say out loud this is not real, this is not what I choose. And state what you do choose outloud for your ears to hear from you.

I choose a high vibration, Spirit show me the highest vibration of this, I want to be in the highest vibration.

You may feel that you can’t unwind from it and tempted to repeat patterns and cry, yell, fight, run. You may feel rejected, abandoned, scared.

But if you can simply sit in it and state your intention even if your thoughts / Egos are chaotically trying to convince you otherwise. You are letting a new choice unfold and you are neutralizing old patterns and programming even if you may not feel you are.

Even if Egos are lining up to pitch different version or possible responses, state what your belief is, what YOU WANT even if your thoughts are pitching you different information. This clears old programming and opens the energy for new, higher frequency and for what you do want to manifest.

You, in essence, clear the path, make the energy less dense so the things you do want in your life can manifest without density, struggle or having to convince dozens of Egos and old programming to go along with manifesting what you do want.

After such an event, don’t be hard on yourself. Simply rest, be gentle on you, make no quick decisions, and re-affirm to yourself what you do want in your life, what you believe, and what you want to experience for you.

These IMAGES, memories, triggers, actions are experienced in order to clear the energy to re-assess and assimilate in our current belief and frequency.

Our Thoughtforms and Actions are coming home to be dealt with in our new frequency.

What we thought, said, or took action on that contributed to the whole, we are now re-visiting and clarifying what we feel, believe, intend, want and are now consciously co-creating our next timeline / dimension / experience.

You may have started a thought form, or contributed to a mass consciousness. Now it is coming back around for you to assess, to review, and to clarify.

What triggers you is a gift, a reset, and how we are choosing our next dimension as we clear our last dimension. We are doing this for ourselves individually and as a mass consciousness for the whole.

CHOOSE. Now you get to Choose, whereas in the past you may have simply went along with your patterns and programming.

* Reverend Crystal Cox