More Understanding on Collapsing Timelines

As we work with shadow self, triggers and old timelines to collapse them, we are literally revisiting old emotions, realities, timelines, stories, memories or versions of our other realities or shadow self (that part of us that is unresolved).

In the old reality we had an “issue” or a circumstance, a drama, something that happened that we felt intense emotion about. We are now merging that reality with our NOW, in our current frequency.

We have melded, merged ALL of our timelines, our parallel realities into this one in this NOW. They were all timelines, our parallel lives / old realities in the third dimension.

We are “resolving” these old reality situations now, in this new frequency, this higher dimension.
We are now in 4D, the place where we merge all versions of us in this lifetime, this form, and prepare to move to 5D and thereby merge with our True Self / Core Self / Galactic Self.

It may feel like there is no way to change what happened or how things happened in what you perceive as past. (linear time)

However, first of all, we are letting go of the idea and prison per say of TIME itself. Therefore all “time” is NOW.

We CAN and are changing what happened by changing our emotion in the NOW of what happened in our perceived past. We do this by seeing the energy, the “play out” , the “story” of the old reality in our mind and letting the emotion come up again and play out, we really are clearing old energy and programs and opening paths for new energy, realities, and potentials.

As the story, memory, images come up. How do you feel about it now? Be kind to you and just let the emotion play out no matter how strong it is. Don’t judge it or you, don’t stop it or try avoid it or think you are moving on by hitting the pause again. Let it play out in full in this new energy. Don’t let the teacher, counselor, “healed self” part of you get you to move on from it saying we have dealt with that, don’t try and “deal with it” or force yourself to feel different about it, SIMPLY let the energy come up, remain as neutral as possible and let it play out.

You are not your Emotion. You are not that situation, person or place in “time”. You are not “their” version of you. Don’t let any part of your multi-dimensional self, the core you, real YOU get stuck THERE.

You ARE the parts of you held there, and by letting it play out you are releasing the old timeline, energy, old reality and merging it with your NOW. Your higher dimensional, higher frequency NOW.  You are preparing for your NEW REALITY in a higher dimension.
You really can change the energy of past issues and therefore have a different memory, a higher vibration story /reality regarding that part of your life (realities).

You really can do this by bringing it up again in the NOW and letting it play out. Part of us somehow paused the story, the emotion and did not let it fully play out. We moved on from it, or removed from the person or situation. We may have left the situation or person right away or let it linger for years, either way we still paused the pain, the emotion of it. We paused it in 3D and are now looking at it, revisiting it in a higher dimensional reality. 

We are currently clearing that energy as we level up per say and move into a more positive, freer, high vibration life. A life outside of TIME, debt slave, low vibrational drama, fear, poverty, fighting, survival and other low frequency realities we experienced / created in 3D.

We paused energy in old realities, that now in a higher frequency “new reality” we can transmute, neutralize, and clear as we go through the Ascension process.
We do this by SIMPLY letting it play out? YES
How do we let it play out? We let it come up, don’t block it, stop it or avoid it. Simply feel it, no matter what emotion comes up, allow the emotion to run through. Remain as neutral as you can. Thereby letting in the newer light high frequency energy.

We are Loving old energy and ourselves in the now and in old realities and thereby merging old realities with our higher frequency now.
You can allow it to come up, allow you to be you unfaltering during the replay of this energy. By this I mean to stay true to yourself throughout the replay of energy / of the story in the old reality / memory.

We are also clearing this shadow energy (energy of old realities) by literally going to places / locations of those old realities, being with family or friends in that old reality and changing our energy to a higher frequency energy in a new reality by loving ourselves unconditionally while visiting these old energies / old realities. And by simply being in those energies as our higher frequency self.

Friends / Family may bring up old judgments, issues, situations, scenarios of old energy. Simply let it pass on by.
This is not to say to let yourself be abused. Simply state your truth and move out of the energy.

See it, look at it feel it and be as neutral as you can.

You don’t have to have that person in your life. The key is to let the feeling, the energy rise and look at it, observe it in this energy. Maybe you have to make a stand of some kind to show yourself unconditional love. It is important to remain as neutral in emotion as you can. You may not be able to be neutral. However, you will certainly show more love to YOU than you did when the energy came up in the old timeline / old reality.

Remember to be as kind as you can, as cruelty holds energy. Cruelty to yourself or to others.

Neutrality is the key. As old energy stories / memories come up and you simply let them play out as neutral as possible, you clear old energy.

As in the movie “what the bleep”, I have always loved those experiments of where an Electron changes once it is “observed”. The act of Observer, the particular Observer actually changes the electron.

Just as in this Electron experiments, the simple act of observation from the perspective of your “new energy” “higher vibration” you changes the energy.

In Observing the past story / memory / old reality, you change IT and bring it into a higher energy, regardless of your reaction to it, just looking at it changes the energy and moves it to a higher frequency.

It may not totally clear the first time it comes up, however, if need be it will keep coming up.

An old timeline / reality changed by the very act of observing it is pretty amazing.

Simply the act of observing the action, person, place or thing as the observer of old energy with eyes of new energy / higher frequency, you clear the old energy, you level it up to your new energy. This is profound and magical to me.

You may choose to not have those people, places or things in your life, this is your choice, however they don’t have to trigger you to be in your life and if they do then simply neutralize them by observing them.

Let the memory / old energy story come up and simply play out to the end of the scene / the energy.

Energy will then be released and your True self, core self, galactic self will be revealed.

In our collapsing timelines and ascension process we are merging our physical with our non-physical self.

In this we are also clearing energy / memories / old realities for our ancestors / our DNA cellular memory.

We are doing shadow work as we look at old energies, we clear density and expand our true version of self. This clears the energy and we have access to it for our new reality and new creations.

As we shift vibration and level up, we do these for the raising of the mass consciousness as well.

If you have a Reactive resistant attack to these triggers, you are not releasing it. It is important to remain as neutral as possible. Still you are moving the energy to a higher density.

When our awareness changes, our relationship with that Reality or Old Timelines / Realities or Versions of Realities - Holographic projections of realities also changes.

If we attach to it or don’t love it then we will get a new opportunity to love it, to level up the frequency.

Things will come up on their own in your mind, as brought by higher self. Others things will come up from triggers by those around you. And yet others you can actively bring up and let play out.

I have days of amazing vision, clarity and knowing. Then the next day fuzzy, confused, anger comes up, emotions rise. The key is to let them pass, allow them to play out without judgement of self or others.
You may find an Ego or old timeline trying to tell you to be scared, full of rage, blaming or depressed because of the feeling, memory, story being told to you, energy of the old reality. However, it is key to simply let it pass, love YOU unconditionally as you move through and it plays out.

* Reverend Crystal Cox