I’m an Intuitive, Energy Reader, multi-generational Seer, Channeler, Remote Viewer, and Energy Healer.

I scan your energy field and let you know what you need to focus on to improve your quality of life and well being.  I sometimes use the Tarot, however I mostly channel information specifically for you without the need for tools.

Helping people identify choices by remote viewing is another gift of mine.  I can travel down the different paths you may take and see what you may need to know to successfully navigate to the next phase of your life and prepare for what is to come.  I’m very intuitive and can communicate with most people’s spirit Guides as to what is of their highest and best good. I genuinely care about you and the quality of your life. I want to guide you to be the happiest, most peaceful, abundant you.

I have 30 years of experience giving spiritual counseling, intuitive readings, medical intuit,
Long Distance Healing as a Lightworker.  I have always been connected to my spiritual guides and a higher power.

I have led a Spiritually Driven Life and am constantly studying and upgrading my own personal frequency and vibration.

I am a real time Conscious Channel. Meaning I can see, channel, information from your guides as you speak. Your guides show me information to assist you to live the life you want for you.

Your vibration, even on the phone or in chat, carries with it, information on what is going on in your life, your thoughts and beliefs that is creating your reality. I can see this and assist you.

I Currently Charge ONLY $11 a day. 

I have found this works well for people as they are not stuck to a certain time frame or charge per minute and everyone can afford to invest $11 in their self. An investment to raise your vibration, your frequency and to improve the quality of your life. 

Here is How it Works.

Using PayPal, You, the client, pay ONLY $11, using my PayPal eMail of BBGoddessChurch@Gmail.com, once you have paid you can message me on Facebook if that is where you can reach me from, or you can eMail ReverendCrystalCox@gmail.com.  I will get information as soon as we connect, from your guides, my guides and other benevolent spirits. I will begin energy healing on you right away, you will feel it, most do. We can chat throughout the day, and I will give you psychic readings, spiritual advice and work with you on your specific needs throughout the day via chat, email, text, or phone. I will be in communication with your guides and send you information as it comes to me. I will answer your questions throughout the day and assist you to move through whatever it is that is on your mind.

You can do this one time only, or on going daily, whatever works for you. If you have any questions on this service, please eMail me anytime at ReverendCrystalCox@Gmail.com

MORE about Reverend Crystal Cox

My name is Crystal, that is my birth name.  I have always loved my name and Crystals of course. When I was very young I collected rocks every day I could, and from every place I went. I have ALWAYS been deeply in love with rocks.  I have always been connected to all forms of water, to the majestic mountains, to wild animals and the magical beauty of Mother Earth, Goddess Gaia. In the forest I could see portals, and many times simply felt I had transported to another realm. I would feel a bit dizzy, like a misstep and then things around me were different, I would quickly shift back, gain my equilibrium, balance, and go on, never knowing exactly what it was.

I had visions as a very young child, and would often talk about things before they happened and in great detail. I would see spirits in my bedroom and moving about the houses we lived in. I spent a lot of time in nature alone and talked to God, and heard answers back every time. I had clear communication with my “spirit guides” my whole life. I did not learn the lingo for around a decade after first connecting to spirit, and seeing spirits in my childhood homes.

I would receive stories, text, images in my mind all the time, later I learned this was from spirit. As they were not thoughts, but instead a steady flow of words, images, stories playing out as movies, words and dialogue inside my own mind.

I did not know anyone at that time, in my family or community that could do such things, and did not know what to study to learn more. I was led to bible study and christian doctrine, scriptures of which I studied in depth and in communication with spirit on what the scriptures really meant and what parts were “missing” or taken out by the “church” at the time to suppress the people in general and especially suppress the powerful magic of the women, the Goddess. As I read the bible scriptures, spirit would talk to me and explain in depth on the particular topic of study.

In Junior High I continued my studies into various Christian religions and biblical studies. I also read Napoleon Hill books, Robert Collier and the Secret of the Ages, and back then the books on codependency such as the road less traveled were a resource to open to the information I was seeking. I studied as much as I could find on thoughts and how they actual create reality. I read Wayne Dyer’s book Your Erroneous Zones at age 17. I had just went through my first breakup and this book got me through. 

When I was very young I did not know the “lingo”, I simply knew I could talk to spirit and get answers and have in depth dialogue accompanied by imagery and visions. I knew things before they happened and it scared the adults around me. I was very interested in the occult, however, I did not know what that was back then, and my interest, visions, and the things I knew came across to the “adults” as something wrong, evil, or bad in someway. This did not stifle my vision or my dialogue constantly with spirit, however, it did stop me from talking about it until I was around 16. 

At age 19 I read the Harmonic Convergence channeled information, it was 1986. I absolutely loved this information.  

My father was very into Art Bell and studies of the supernatural. He was a truck driver and Coast to Coast AM radio was something he listened to all the time. We had many discussions on the supernatural.  This, however, was in my 20’s and I had already moved out of my parents home. 

In my early 20’s I met a man, a spiritual mentor named John, through a close friend of mine. He introduced me to massive amounts of channeled information, gave me Bringers of the Dawn, Kryon, Keys of Enoch and provided ongoing spiritual mentorship, and tools for out of body travel, and occult, channeled information. The information world he introduced me to was simply mesmerizing to me, and set off a lifetime of deep study and mystical, supernatural experiences. 

At 22 I started studying Pleiadian channeled information. I felt connected to it right away and quite a lot of the information, was part of the dialogue I had had for years with Spirit. I was introduced to Barbara Marciniak’s Bringers of the Dawn. This information resonated with me so deeply, and began my studies deeper into channelled information, occult information, and ancient healing modalities. 

From there I studied in depth Ratha Yoga, outer body experiences and astral travel, the power of thoughts and the connection to quantum physics and reality creation, Kryon, and massive amounts of channeled information, esoteric and occult information, and new age metaphysical studies. 

I learned the “lingo” of what I had already been experiencing. I was lucid dreaming and astral traveling, I simply had no words for it yet.  I was a Psychic and could read and shift energy, I simply had no words to describe it to others. I knew what I was seeing and feeling but not how to talk about it at that time. 

At age 23, I was introduced to Kryon, I read Book One, as soon as it came out. This book was so profound to me, I began removing my implants, my programs and beliefs put upon me and set out on a life of spiritual study, and hands on. I have continued to listen to Kryon for decades and attended a channeling in the Mountains of Canada and on the Big Island of Hawaii. 

In 1995 I read Barbara Hand Clow’s Pleiadian Agenda in and in 1996 I met her. I have since read most of her books, which are a very in depth study. 

I continued studying channeled information from than on. I also studied Studied Zecharia Sitchin, Jesus and the Lost Goddess, theology and theaology, Goddess studies, witchcraft, herbalism, edible and medicinal plants, metaphysical information of all kinds, ancient healing information, and studies from ancient text. I have read everything I could get my hands on. And when the internet became available, I was opened up to more studies, I study daily and have for decades. 

I had received information in my youth regarding the Goddess and as I grew and studied more and more at how the Goddess, the Matriarch was suppressed, I felt connected to the energy work, self work, and planetary work to assist the rise of the feminine divine and the return of the Goddess.

In 1995 and 96 I studied at the Berkeley Psychic Institute, Clairvoyant and Psychic studies. 

Spirit guide met around 1989 named Nakaii, Indian elder, 
Taught me to move through portals, remote view, healing and herbal, taught what witches do, which i now call herbalism, energy healing, quantum healing

At age 24 I started a publishing company, Nakaii Publishing. I wrote channeled poetry, and books on edible and medicinal plants. Later blogs on all these topics and blogs to assist to bring in the light and end corruption.

Around 2004 I started victim advocate online investigative blogging. This was guided by spirit in order to give a voice to the voiceless. 

I began scrying in my 30’s, this is using water and or a Crystal Ball to conjure up visions and assist people to know more of what is effecting their life.  I studied shamanic egg healing and readings in my 40’s and find this is an amazing reading and healing tool as well.  I also using dowsing and work with the clients energy along with the biomagnetics of Mother Earth and assist the client to remove disease, pain, and the emotional cause of such. 

In 2011 I became an Ordained minister, and in 2014 I started a non-profit benevolent church called Bringing Back Goddess Church. 

At age 45 I met another spiritual mentor, an incarnated ascended master. A woman who could see the akash clearly, and could see what was left in my energy field that I needed to clear, a shamanic energy healer. Here I was thinking I had learned so much, studied so much, helped and healed so many, I had worked my whole life to be the highest and best version of me, than wham I meet a spiritual healer guide and dove into several years of removing more programs, triggers, and energy in my biofield that was not mine but had been put on me in this lifetime and others. After years of work with her I began to clear layer after layer and went into the depths of darkness to clear patterns, programs, triggers and more. And now I am even stronger at my own energy healing, spiritual advising and psychic work.


At age 19 I received Reiki healings, therapeutic touch and other varieties of energy healing after I had had a car accident. I quickly realized that my body responded well to “energy healing” and I learned how to do this type of healing. I also began to get more downloads from spirit in training me intuitive healing, and showing me energy fields and what parts of peoples bodies needed energy given or taken away. Energy Healing was in my life from than on.

Over the following decades I studied many forms of energy healing, quantum touch healing, psychic surgery, shamanic healing, bio-energy healing, kinetic healing and various forms of faith healing, energy healing, astral healing and more. 

At around 25 I read Mutant Message by Marlo Morgan. The healing methods of the Aboriginal Australians was fascinating to me and connected to other energy healing, faith healing, shamanic healing I had studied. I began studies of the Aboriginal Australian healing methods and using this on my friends, family and clients.  My energy healing techniques now have influence of all these different studies, modalities, initiations, training I have studied, received and given for over 30 years.

I am a Reiki Master, a BioEnergy Healer, Kinetic Energy Healer. I provide healing long distance and in person. 


I have studied esoteric, new age, channeled information for decades. I have studied about how thoughts create reality, and the quantum energy of it all. However, after a lifetime of study, and myself channeling information, well I did not know that “we” could shift realities literally, that we could actually move to a different version of us, in a different reality, with a different sky, different anatomy, and well so much different. 

In May of 2016 my spiritual advisor and healer asked me if I had heard of the Mandela Effect. I had not, when I researched it, I was WOWED. The Sun was now white, my kidneys had moved, my heart moved, I moved to a different location in the Galaxy, Bible scriptures supernaturally changed and so much more had changed. Wow, in that instant everything changed for me. I was in a different Reality.  I realized that all I had studied was literal and that my thoughts, my focus, all that is the me I know me to be, actually changes physical reality. 

Now I prefer to call it a Timeline Shift, a shift in reality, a Quantum Shift, a shift to another version of Earth, a move to another dimension, Timelines Collapsing, as we ascend and prepare New Earth. 

I have read massive amounts of information on all involved, and studied timeline shifts. I have listened to channeled information and I have got information from my mentor who can easily see into the akashic records. I have channelled information myself and for me I know what they call the Mandela Effect is. 

I am VERY passionate about using my psychic abilities, channeling abilities, my ability to read energy and change energy, my connection to my guides and spirit to assist those experiencing the Mandela Effect. So many people are scared as they have literally shifted to another reality. People are different, our anatomy is different.  We are literally in a different location in the universe and so much more. This is a very big deal, the biggest of deals. And now the point, even more so than ever is to be the highest frequency, highest vibration of ourselves we can. It is very important to control our minds, focus and thought as this is what creates our emotions, creates our reality LITERALLY and Physically. I work daily to make sure and remove ALL triggers and programs and be my best self and I help others to do so as well. 

People have lost connection to loved ones, and experienced profound supernatural changes and many are scared, angry, frustrated. I help them to understand what is happening to them personally and remove fear as they create the life they want to be living.


I had received channeled information and visions on how to heal people in their energy field and in connection to the energy of plants and of healing masters in spirit for many years prior to my alternative medicine studies. I knew that “doctors” had it “wrong” and that healing was not what “they” were telling people.  I have studied herbal cures, worked with people who who terminal and told they would not live, and well, they did. I have researched deeply regarding what minerals, vitamins, herbs really do CURE people of ailments, I have since seen, guided hundreds to healing.  If one person can “CURE” themselves than why not you? 

I have studied, guided others, and personally witnessed miraculous recoveries.  Topics such as Dendritic Cell Therapy, Cancer Salves, High Alkaline Therapy, Gerson Therapy, Hydrogen Peroxide therapy, High Vit C therapy, Oxygen Therapy, Essiac Tea by Renee Case, Harry Hoxsey Cancer Remedies,  Faith Healing, Energy Healing, and hundreds more of actual “Cures” of which western medicine denies. 

I have studied, applied, and consulted on alternative medicine for over 30 years. 

Let me put my Life Experience, Spiritual Gifts, and Healing Abilities to work for you. 
eMail me Now for more information;  ReverendCrystalCox@Gmail.com
Or sent me $11 on PayPal at my PayPal eMail which is  BBgoddessChurch@Gmail.com
And we can chat back and forth for the day. I will send you healing energy, work with your energy field and guides and get you information and healing that will raise your vibration, raise your frequency and assist you in healing, as well as give you access to a lifetime of information and research to assist your recovery process for any “dis-ease”. 

Death Doula

A Death Doula is a Death midwife, assisting the terminally ill as they make their journey home to the “other side”. I know Death and have seen the other side. I do not fear death and can assist you or those you love to understand death and release fear. 

I have seen the “other side”. I have been with many as they crossed over. I have provided spiritual comfort, energy healing to assist for pain and emotional relief, and help clients to not fear Death but to understand the transition and to celebrate the transition. 

I assist people to have a better Death experience and to release Fears connected with Death. 

For more about this service, eMail me anytime at ReverendCrystalCox@Gmail.com 


I am a 6th generation Healer, Second Sighter, Seer. I have ancestry to witches in England, Ireland and Russia.  I was born with “spiritual gifts” sight and in contact with my ancestors, with spirit my entire life. I did not learn of this connection in my actual “family tree” until I was in my 40’s. However, I have been in “contact” with them my entire life, so I knew spiritually and intuitively.  I am a Descendant of Healers and Witches on both sides of my Family Tree. 

Why Work with Me

I really do care about you. As I believe that in assisting you to be your best, happiest, healthiest, most abundant you, this raises the vibration, the consciousness for ALL on Mother Earth.

I have dedicated my entire life to being the best me I can be, to healing my own energy fields, removing programs and triggers. I have studied for decades, and been in constant contact with spirit, learning constantly and upgrading my own energy field.

I myself have worked with healers that raise my vibration, and assist me to remove low vibrations, and anything in my daily life or energy field that is of low frequency.  I have a high frequency, high vibration energy field due to a lifetime of work, healings and study and I continue to raise my vibration and work toward a higher vibrating me, every single day.

When I guide people, give spiritual advice and healings, give psychic readings, I work with my guides and my clients guides, I feel such a pure powerful energy run through, it is very happy, high frequency energy. Both myself and the client feel this energy and it brings healing codes, information and tools to assist my clients to draw to them the life they really want to live.

I have changed so many lives for the better and I love the work I do.

If you have any questions please eMail me at ReverendCrystalCox@gmail.com

I Currently Charge ONLY $11 a day. 

I have found this works well for people as they are not stuck to a certain time frame or charge per minute and everyone can afford to invest $11 in themselves. An investment to raise your vibration, your frequency and to improve the quality of your life.

Here is How it Works.

Using PayPal, You, the client, pays ONLY $11, using my PayPal eMail of BBGoddessChurch@Gmail.com , once you have paid you can message me on PayPal if that is where you can reach me from, or you can eMail ReverendCrystalCox@gmail.com.

I will get information as soon as we connect, from your guides, my guides and other benevolent spirits. I will begin energy healing on you right away. We can chat throughout the day, and I will give you psychic readings, spiritual advice and work with you on your specific needs throughout the day via chat, email, text, or phone.