Earth moved Locations in the Galaxy / Universe

The planetary body, Mother Earth is shifting into the higher frequency vent that is located in the next harmonic Universe. We have moved closer to the center of the Universe and are no longer in the Sagittarius Arm, but instead we are in the Orion Arm.

Earth literal moved in the Universe, Travelled to another location, Ascended. Earth changed coordinates as per her location in the Universe, changed Timelines and Dimensions.

Mother Earth will NEVER again be i 3D. Those who want to live out 3D ideas and ways of life will incarnate on a 3D planet and not on Mother Earth.

We have rolled up 3D on Earth eternally. Our beliefs, thought patterns, memories hold 3D images, memories, beliefs and programmings. We are now in the process of cleansing those aspects of ourselves as we prepare for higher dimensions.

We Are purging deeply and letting go of harming patterns of past aKa ‘’lower vibrations and frequencies’’.

Your thoughts, patterns, beliefs (programming) ALL create the Timeline (Reality) that you will be living in (perceiving as your life), in your New Higher Dimensional Timeline. 

CHOOSE in Every Moment. 

Your every thought, breath, action is creating the TIMELINE you will live in and Creating / Manifesting your Reality. 

*Reverend Crystal Cox