Timelines Shift And Collapsing 3D Timelines

Choosing Your Reality, Collapsing "Future" Timelines & Clearing Guru Energy 03-29-17

Choosing Your Reality, Collapsing "Future" Timelines & Clearing Guru Energy 03-29-17

Let your memories, your emotion, your anger, your pain come up. You are Clearing. You are Ascending. You are merging multiple versions of you into this now. You are integrating many aspects of you. Let the Emotion come up, Feel it.

You are seeing the EMOTION and turning it into pure energy. You simply feel it. Don't Judge It, Just Feel It. Let it Diffuse. Don't Resist. Just Feel.

We are integrating other parts, realities. However it is old programming, it is another “you” that has not grown / learned how you have. Don’t analyze it, just integrate it, love it and allow it. You don’t need to understand it.
More Understanding on Collapsing Timelines

As we work with shadow self, triggers and old timelines to collapse them, we are literally revisiting old emotions, realities, timelines, stories, memories or versions of our other realities or shadow self (that part of us that is unresolved).

In the old reality we had an “issue” or a circumstance, a drama, something that happened that we felt intense emotion about. We are now merging that reality with our NOW, in our current frequency.

We have melded, merged ALL of our timelines, our parallel realities into this one in this NOW. They were all timelines, our parallel lives / old realities in the third dimension.

We are “resolving” these old reality situations now, in this new frequency, this higher dimension.
We are now in 4D, the place where we merge all versions of us in this lifetime, this form, and prepare to move to 5D and thereby merge with our True Self / Core Self / Galactic Self.

It may feel like there is no way to change what happened or how things happened in what you perceive as past. (linear time)

However, first of all, we are letting go of the idea and prison per say of TIME itself. Therefore all “time” is NOW.

We CAN and are changing what happened by changing our emotion in the NOW of what happened in our perceived past. We do this by seeing the energy, the “play out” , the “story” of the old reality in our mind and letting the emotion come up again and play out, we really are clearing old energy and programs and opening paths for new energy, realities, and potentials.

As the story, memory, images come up. How do you feel about it now? Be kind to you and just let the emotion play out no matter how strong it is. Don’t judge it or you, don’t stop it or try avoid it or think you are moving on by hitting the pause again. Let it play out in full in this new energy. Don’t let the teacher, counselor, “healed self” part of you get you to move on from it saying we have dealt with that, don’t try and “deal with it” or force yourself to feel different about it, SIMPLY let the energy come up, remain as neutral as possible and let it play out.

You are not your Emotion. You are not that situation, person or place in “time”. You are not “their” version of you. Don’t let any part of your multi-dimensional self, the core you, real YOU get stuck THERE.

You ARE the parts of you held there, and by letting it play out you are releasing the old timeline, energy, old reality and merging it with your NOW. Your higher dimensional, higher frequency NOW.  You are preparing for your NEW REALITY in a higher dimension.
You really can change the energy of past issues and therefore have a different memory, a higher vibration story /reality regarding that part of your life (realities).

You really can do this by bringing it up again in the NOW and letting it play out. Part of us somehow paused the story, the emotion and did not let it fully play out. We moved on from it, or removed from the person or situation. We may have left the situation or person right away or let it linger for years, either way we still paused the pain, the emotion of it. We paused it in 3D and are now looking at it, revisiting it in a higher dimensional reality. 

We are currently clearing that energy as we level up per say and move into a more positive, freer, high vibration life. A life outside of TIME, debt slave, low vibrational drama, fear, poverty, fighting, survival and other low frequency realities we experienced / created in 3D.

We paused energy in old realities, that now in a higher frequency “new reality” we can transmute, neutralize, and clear as we go through the Ascension process.
We do this by SIMPLY letting it play out? YES
How do we let it play out? We let it come up, don’t block it, stop it or avoid it. Simply feel it, no matter what emotion comes up, allow the emotion to run through. Remain as neutral as you can. Thereby letting in the newer light high frequency energy.

We are Loving old energy and ourselves in the now and in old realities and thereby merging old realities with our higher frequency now.
You can allow it to come up, allow you to be you unfaltering during the replay of this energy. By this I mean to stay true to yourself throughout the replay of energy / of the story in the old reality / memory.

We are also clearing this shadow energy (energy of old realities) by literally going to places / locations of those old realities, being with family or friends in that old reality and changing our energy to a higher frequency energy in a new reality by loving ourselves unconditionally while visiting these old energies / old realities. And by simply being in those energies as our higher frequency self.

Friends / Family may bring up old judgments, issues, situations, scenarios of old energy. Simply let it pass on by.
This is not to say to let yourself be abused. Simply state your truth and move out of the energy.

See it, look at it feel it and be as neutral as you can.

You don’t have to have that person in your life. The key is to let the feeling, the energy rise and look at it, observe it in this energy. Maybe you have to make a stand of some kind to show yourself unconditional love. It is important to remain as neutral in emotion as you can. You may not be able to be neutral. However, you will certainly show more love to YOU than you did when the energy came up in the old timeline / old reality.

Remember to be as kind as you can, as cruelty holds energy. Cruelty to yourself or to others.

Neutrality is the key. As old energy stories / memories come up and you simply let them play out as neutral as possible, you clear old energy.

As in the movie “what the bleep”, I have always loved those experiments of where an Electron changes once it is “observed”. The act of Observer, the particular Observer actually changes the electron.

Just as in this Electron experiments, the simple act of observation from the perspective of your “new energy” “higher vibration” you changes the energy.

In Observing the past story / memory / old reality, you change IT and bring it into a higher energy, regardless of your reaction to it, just looking at it changes the energy and moves it to a higher frequency.

It may not totally clear the first time it comes up, however, if need be it will keep coming up.

An old timeline / reality changed by the very act of observing it is pretty amazing.

Simply the act of observing the action, person, place or thing as the observer of old energy with eyes of new energy / higher frequency, you clear the old energy, you level it up to your new energy. This is profound and magical to me.

You may choose to not have those people, places or things in your life, this is your choice, however they don’t have to trigger you to be in your life and if they do then simply neutralize them by observing them.

Let the memory / old energy story come up and simply play out to the end of the scene / the energy.

Energy will then be released and your True self, core self, galactic self will be revealed.

In our collapsing timelines and ascension process we are merging our physical with our non-physical self.

In this we are also clearing energy / memories / old realities for our ancestors / our DNA cellular memory.

We are doing shadow work as we look at old energies, we clear density and expand our true version of self. This clears the energy and we have access to it for our new reality and new creations.

As we shift vibration and level up, we do these for the raising of the mass consciousness as well.

If you have a Reactive resistant attack to these triggers, you are not releasing it. It is important to remain as neutral as possible. Still you are moving the energy to a higher density.

When our awareness changes, our relationship with that Reality or Old Timelines / Realities or Versions of Realities - Holographic projections of realities also changes.

If we attach to it or don’t love it then we will get a new opportunity to love it, to level up the frequency.

Things will come up on their own in your mind, as brought by higher self. Others things will come up from triggers by those around you. And yet others you can actively bring up and let play out.

I have days of amazing vision, clarity and knowing. Then the next day fuzzy, confused, anger comes up, emotions rise. The key is to let them pass, allow them to play out without judgement of self or others.
You may find an Ego or old timeline trying to tell you to be scared, full of rage, blaming or depressed because of the feeling, memory, story being told to you, energy of the old reality. However, it is key to simply let it pass, love YOU unconditionally as you move through and it plays out.

* Reverend Crystal Cox
 "Poverty is not a lack of character. Poverty is a lack of cash."

Energy Update: Ascension 2015 - Matt Kahn/TrueDivineNature.com

"Emotional Manipulation

As the chaos generated from the planetary ascension accelerates, many people are being influenced by negative forces that they do not comprehend.

Some of these negative forces are sourcing from peoples own Unconscious Mind and Negative Ego which has reinforced a lifetime of negative habits and behaviors.

When people feel unsafe and insecure in themselves they will easily resort to controlling and manipulating behaviors. It is helpful to educate oneself about this behavior in order to protect oneself and create the necessary healthy boundaries.

Controlling people will always assume that their needs, desires, wants and purposes are always more important than whatever yours may be.

Whatever you may be doing or responsibilities you may have, they assert that you need to focus on them and their issues, regardless of the cost it may incur.
Even though the more sly controlling people may not say that directly, the use of emotional manipulation will tell you that is exactly what they are trying to accomplish.

Through emotional manipulation a controlling person will prey upon other people’s empathy and compassion. This is a type of emotional vampire.

Controlling behavior runs the gamut in wounded personalities of people that have low self-esteem, fear based thoughts and when these fears are left unchecked, this need to control others may progress into narcissistic and Psychopathic behaviors. One important point to understand about controlling behavior is that it will always lead to some form of psychological or emotional manipulation which promotes deception and lying.

The need to assert Control over others leads to levels of perpetuating forms of Manipulation. The Manipulation of others leads to varying degrees of Deception and Lying."

PRETENDING TO WANT TO HELP:  This is a big issue in any group, community or organizational setting. Certainly this is a painful issue we have dealt with here in the ES community.

Manipulators and control freaks actually like to pretend to be helpful even though that is not really their real motivation. What they really want is a sense of control over something or access to someone. It may be that there is some power trip, status or personal goal that is believed can be achieved by pretending to be helpful to someone else.

Many times these people create a lot of destruction and extra work in the guise of” being helpful”. Then when the person/organization who is supposed to be receiving the help is getting a bunch of extra problems, the person uses guilt trips to say how unappreciated and undervalued they really are.

Open communication and assessment of qualifications and emotional maturity are a must in any organization which concerns a group."

Source and More
False Friend (i.e. Surface : I am so Proud of you! I want to be your friend on my terms of self entitlement. Hidden: Let me drain your light now!)
"Controller Programs is a term used to describe multiple layers of Victimizer Mind Control software that is used to psychologically and emotionally program humanity to think thoughts of violence and hatred in order to believe the Archontic Deception Behaviors fear based control belief systems as a normal way of life on earth.

The enforcement of these Controller Programs is accomplished by forcing identities and thought patterns into the minds of the people called Victimizer Archetypes. When we understand these Victimizer Archetypes are being targeted in the human race, we can learn how they work to drain our energy and feed Consumptive Modeling, and Parasitism, thus, we can stop playing into these archetypes and not let other people project their archetypes onto us.

Through the intentional Psycho-Spiritual Warfare made against the minds of the human population, the population is made subservient to follow the NAA masking as the False King of Tyranny and Power Elite. Victimizer Archetypes is listed in the HGS Manual under the Victim-Victimizer 2 clearing under Addictions/Phobias."

"When we understand a Timeline: A Timeline is a linear sequence. Here on this planet, when we’re dealing with time, we’re dealing with horizontal fields that control what we experience linearly.

And I know it’s very hard to comprehend from the brain-level here in the human level -- but understanding that we have Trigger Events that exist in a timeline.

We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.

Like a tri-athlete running and jumping over the hurdles, we connect with our lost aspects to merge with these time fields, whereby reclaiming and collecting our spiritual bodies, to make it to the "planetary ascension" finish line.

What is being accomplished during the spiritual ascension process, especially now with Guardian GSF Ascension Timeline, is that humanity has to move through all the Artificial Machinery, the inorganic time fields (negative alien timelines with their inorganic and artificial Hologram Inserts that program their false selfish enslavement agendas NAA).

As we clear false and inorganic architecture from suppressing and impairing our consciousness, we are extracting the alien enslavement programming, Alien Implants and Mind Control in order to embody our true inner Christos spirit and return to the Zero Point Field, the heart of the God Gateway leading into the seven higher universes."


What Belongs to us is coming back to us.

We are revisiting / re-experiencing things we said, thought or actions we took or did not take in our past. We are re-experiencing our judgement of others and their words, actions taken or not taken, our perception of realities or events, what others view as who we are vs. who we know or wanted ourself to be.

In this Ascension process, as we collapse Timelines, we are cleansing our self, our personal timelines. We are creating timelines that we want to experience as our reality by shedding all we don’t want to experience. We do this by re-visiting old energy and making new choices, even if only in thought, body response and energy.

We cannot simply wish them away or move on from them. As part of our ascension to a higher frequency we must revisit / re-experience these issues / energies through what triggers us when those things comes up, or even a vein or essence of those things, situations, energies, people, places, expectations or actions.

When these come up, our programmed response is triggered. We then get to re-decide in essence, as we feel our emotions and have our thoughts / emotions regarding “it”.  We then create a higher vibration of “it” or we go down the same path and repeat the pattern, the belief, the program. We get a “chance” to change old energy and patterns and clear their “charge”.

We are shown images from our higher selves as we cleanse 3D and old programming so that we can refine our thought, and prepare for a higher vibrational life in a higher dimension. If we did not do this than we would simply be triggered and manifest that energy in our physical life instantly, for us and others.  We must cleanse 3D, cleanse those old programs, that is the period we are in now.

Many times your higher self uses other people to Trigger you, so that you can re-visit old energy, stories, programs and re-assess them in the NOW, in your current frequency.

These images, memories, triggers or whatever you perceive them to be, are given to you to see how you react, to re-test you per say and to give you a new choice point to make a different decision, kind of like your Final Answer or intention on what you do want.

Some of “it” that we revisit, may simply pass on by as an image or thought and we are untriggered and feel no emotion over it at all.

Some of “it” that we revisit, triggers our grief, sadness, arousal, fear, pain, extreme joy, sorrow, past dreams or versions of us we thought we wanted to be, or other strong emotions and responses.

We may simply look at it, think on it, play around in it’s energy in our mind and thoughts and CHOOSE to not believe it as real for us now, in our current chosen reality.

Or we may linger in it for days repeating the what if’s and feeling those strong emotions until we firmly come to a choice of what we really believe about that IMAGE, Memory, Event, Emotions, Trigger.

Anything that is triggered, whether you perceive it as good or bad, positive or negative is a “new” chance at clearing programing and old energy and patterns and replacing them with new energy, choices and high frequency thought.

What we may perceive as positive, may also not be of our new higher frequency energy. We may look at the memory, trigger, event again in our mind’s eye and heart and feel now that it was not positive, funny, arousing, joyful and in this we also clear programming and old patterns.

Some triggers are extreme and may not even seem like we are in control of ourselves or have choice. We may become angry, suicidal, violent, mean, self loathing, negative or other extreme emotions.

It triggers a panic in our chest, tightness in our solar plexus, fight or flight energy and pondering of whether to run or stay, or sit through it and wait it out.

It triggers extreme fear, pain, energy we know is old but feel we can’t choose in that moment. We are playing out old programming and it feels very real in the now. Say out loud this is not real, this is not what I choose. And state what you do choose outloud for your ears to hear from you.

I choose a high vibration, Spirit show me the highest vibration of this, I want to be in the highest vibration.

You may feel that you can’t unwind from it and tempted to repeat patterns and cry, yell, fight, run. You may feel rejected, abandoned, scared.

But if you can simply sit in it and state your intention even if your thoughts / Egos are chaotically trying to convince you otherwise. You are letting a new choice unfold and you are neutralizing old patterns and programming even if you may not feel you are.

Even if Egos are lining up to pitch different version or possible responses, state what your belief is, what YOU WANT even if your thoughts are pitching you different information. This clears old programming and opens the energy for new, higher frequency and for what you do want to manifest.

You, in essence, clear the path, make the energy less dense so the things you do want in your life can manifest without density, struggle or having to convince dozens of Egos and old programming to go along with manifesting what you do want.

After such an event, don’t be hard on yourself. Simply rest, be gentle on you, make no quick decisions, and re-affirm to yourself what you do want in your life, what you believe, and what you want to experience for you.

These IMAGES, memories, triggers, actions are experienced in order to clear the energy to re-assess and assimilate in our current belief and frequency.

Our Thoughtforms and Actions are coming home to be dealt with in our new frequency.

What we thought, said, or took action on that contributed to the whole, we are now re-visiting and clarifying what we feel, believe, intend, want and are now consciously co-creating our next timeline / dimension / experience.

You may have started a thought form, or contributed to a mass consciousness. Now it is coming back around for you to assess, to review, and to clarify.

What triggers you is a gift, a reset, and how we are choosing our next dimension as we clear our last dimension. We are doing this for ourselves individually and as a mass consciousness for the whole.

CHOOSE. Now you get to Choose, whereas in the past you may have simply went along with your patterns and programming.

* Reverend Crystal Cox
We are NOW on the Orion Arm. In this REALITY we have always been in the Orion Arm.  In ‘’this’’ reality we were NEVER taught that we were in the Sagittarius ARM.

The Mandela (Quantum) Effect: Our Sky. Nanobots, Lithium, 13th Zodiac Sign, Orion Belt.

Learn and Study ALL you can on this Topic and Change your Life to a Higher Frequency

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Moving into another Reality / Dimension

The feeling in your physical body is your Divine Compass of Truth.  

Notice your body's reaction, pay attention to how you feel physically and emotionally. This is how you tell the Truth from a Lie (for you), what is of the highest and best for YOU personally in any given choice or situation.

You know the TRUTH for you. No master, no healer, no teacher knows your Truth for you. Only YOU know that. However, learning to listen and TRUST YOU is something I have had to actually pay attention to and practice daily.

How you choose to respond to a circumstance, creates your reality, your timeline.

There will be many voices in your head. Also known as Egos. They will pitch different versions, choices, benefits and scenarios to you for every given choice or situation. Listen, don’t listen. However, DO PAY attention to how your body feels about the choice or the ‘’PITCH’’ your EGO or Ego personalities are giving you.

If you Truly listen to your body and do NOTHING out of guilt, obligation, what you think other people want, will like or approve of, then you will be attracting on the Timeline you really want to be your ‘’Reality’’, your Life.

*Reverend Crystal Cox
The planet, Mother Earth, has moved into a higher frequency future.  3D timelines have collapsed. You will never be in 3D again. This has Shifted the entire planet Consciousness into a future version on a positive Ascension Timeline.  This skips entire planetary Consciousness field repair and quantum leaps human consciousness into a future timeline with much higher frequency.  *Reverend Crystal Cox
Earth moved Locations in the Galaxy / Universe

The planetary body, Mother Earth is shifting into the higher frequency vent that is located in the next harmonic Universe. We have moved closer to the center of the Universe and are no longer in the Sagittarius Arm, but instead we are in the Orion Arm.

Earth literal moved in the Universe, Travelled to another location, Ascended. Earth changed coordinates as per her location in the Universe, changed Timelines and Dimensions.

Mother Earth will NEVER again be i 3D. Those who want to live out 3D ideas and ways of life will incarnate on a 3D planet and not on Mother Earth.

We have rolled up 3D on Earth eternally. Our beliefs, thought patterns, memories hold 3D images, memories, beliefs and programmings. We are now in the process of cleansing those aspects of ourselves as we prepare for higher dimensions.

We Are purging deeply and letting go of harming patterns of past aKa ‘’lower vibrations and frequencies’’.

Your thoughts, patterns, beliefs (programming) ALL create the Timeline (Reality) that you will be living in (perceiving as your life), in your New Higher Dimensional Timeline. 

CHOOSE in Every Moment. 

Your every thought, breath, action is creating the TIMELINE you will live in and Creating / Manifesting your Reality. 

*Reverend Crystal Cox
Thoughts, Intentions, Effort, Emotions CREATE Realities; YOURS.
Lower Vibrational Realities are Shedding Away. 
Higher Vibrational Realities are Merging. 

You are Shedding OLD Realities with Every Thought, Breath, Action and Belief you accept as yours.

You are Releasing Timelines. 

NOW is VERY important to FOCUS on what you DO WANT in your Life and do not say or take any type of action toward the life you DO NOT want.  Don't take an invitation somewhere you don't want to go. Listen to your Body.

Don't participate in anything out of lower vibrational guilt, have to's, shame, obligation or any reason other than you actually want to and feel happy and good about it.

Your LIFE is being created with every thought, every breath and every belief. 

STOP feeling sorry for yourself. You are affirming lower vibrational realities to YOU.

STOP repeating negative thoughts. STOP with the should haves. STOP wallering in thoughts and words that paint a life you do not want or things that you are not happy with or do not make you feel GOOD. If the thought does not feel good, discard it. You do not have to believe your every thought. You get to choose what you hold as truth for you. That version, perception of Truth becomes your Reality, and creates a Timeline with those ''things'' in it.

STOP speaking negative about a relationship loss. STOP talking negative about a Death. As with each word you are creating more of what you don't want. Wake UP. The relationship did not happen because you are Vibrating Higher and attracting something of a higher vibration. And ya for the NOW it may be a time to be with you and PAY ATTENTION to your thoughts.

Your Thoughts and WORDS are you Magic SPELL, every moment of every day. What you repeat in your mind and affirm with your words out loud, YOU Create. Plain and Simple.

Wallering in a relationship loss? Or any loss in your life? STOP. You created the LOSS. You followed the higher vibration.  You created a higher vibrational you with your thoughts, words and vibration. You are attracting a higher vibration.

Yet now you are devastated? Why are you not celebrating?

Your thoughts of loss, sadness, devastation over the loss are NOT the core YOU. They are one of your Ego's.  That is the EGO that wanted abused by that person. That is the ego that wanted so bad to play victim. YOU are not vibrating there so you did not create that relationship. The longer you linger in what if and should have, instead of trusting yourself, the longer you create the life you don't want and attract more of what you don't want.

Hysterical, Frantic, Wallering, What if-ing over a loss? STOP. Don't you TRUST YOU?

You manifested what is happening, sit back and take a wider scope. You STOPPED you from that path for reasons of a Higher Vibrating YOU. Trust that and return your thoughts to the GOOD REASONS why it is happening.

Multiple Realities are Merging. LET them. Choose your Thoughts. If random thoughts come up, choose to believe them or not, choose to entertain them or let them pass. CHOOSE. 

Wherever you are vibrating, that is what you are going to EXPERIENCE.

Your thoughts, your words, your actions ARE your VIBRATION. 

Every choice creates a ''vibration'', a timeline, one in which is fed or denied and fades away. You are constantly, actively, RIGHT NOW Manifesting, Reality Creating, Timeline Creating, and CHOOSING.

You are Creating YOU in every thought, breath, action, and choice. 

Lower Vibrational Realities are Shedding Away. Let THEM. 

¬ Reverend Crystal Cox

The First Wave of Ascension - Matt Kahn. April 28th 2014

Matt Kahn - Date Given for 5D Ascension, First Wave

Discard DOUBT. You know who you are and what you want. DISCARD DOUBT. Remove the doubters from your Reality. Focus on what you really want and REMOVE DOUBT.
Evolution can happen in a instant and is NOT based on Linear Time.

QUESTIONS Mandela Effect, Universal Cycles, Earth Changes, Dimensional Shift,

It is not about the amount of changes you see. It is about how you interpret the information. If you are seeking understanding then you have already begun your path of Ascension.


Spiritualist Church

''A spiritualist church is a church affiliated with the informal spiritualist movement which began in the United States in the 1840s. Spiritualist churches are now found around the world, but are most common in English-speaking countries, while in Latin America, where a form of spiritualism called spiritism is more popular, meetings are held in spiritist centres, most of which are non-profit organizations rather than ecclesiastical bodies.''

Source and Lot's More

Spiritualist Church

''A spiritualist church is a church affiliated with the informal spiritualist movement which began in the United States in the 1840s. Spiritualist churches are now found around the world, but are most common in English-speaking countries, while in Latin America, where a form of spiritualism called spiritism is more popular, meetings are held in spiritist centres, most of which are non-profit organizations rather than ecclesiastical bodies.''

Source and Lot's More
BASHAR - Making it Easy to Change your Beliefs

When we experience an undesirable reality, we have to back-track and ask ourself: "What would I have to be believing in order to create such a Reality"?

Once we then get in touch with this belief that is creating the undesired outcome, we can decide and choose our preferred belief - what belief we would like to REPLACE this earlier belief with.

So, then we adopt this new preferred-belief. Ah.............but here's where it gets "tricky". Often, people find themselves "slipping back" to the old unpreferred-belief. Why? Usually, because they have this deep-seated sense (this underlying gut feeling) that, somehow, the old belief is "more real", "more solid", more "how things really are", than the new preferred-belief.

So, how we can make the new preferred belief "stick"? The critical factor is this:

Getting used to the idea that
There is no reality, except for the reality you define (according to your beliefs).

Getting used to the idea that
There is no reality, except for whatever you define your reality to be.

Getting used to the idea that
There is no "basic" reality that is any "more real" than any other reality.

Getting used to the idea that
There is no "basic reality" against which you can gauge and judge how "real" your new belief is.
The reality actually is that there is no "inherent reality".
There are only the realities generated by any belief (all of which are equally-valid, equally-real)

Getting used to the idea that
There is no one definition of reality that is any more real or valid than any other definition.

Like starting a painting:
It's an empty canvas with infinite possibilities.
"Empty" because there is NO "inherent real reality" at all!
"Infinite Possibilities" because reality can be ANYTHING you define it to be, according to your definitions, your beliefs.

When this really "sinks in". When you truly "get", "grok", and understand that there is no "real" reality, you will no longer have that lingering feeling that the old belief is more "real" than your new preferred belief. You will thereby not feel any deep-seated "need" to slip back to the old belief, because it is somehow more representative of "the real world".

You can then easily accept and adopt whatever definitions of reality are most aligned with the "you" that you prefer,
and most aligned with the "reality" you would prefer to experience.

And if you find yourself, once again "slipping back" to previous undesirable reality-definitions, then simply sit back and spend more time contemplating these ideas about:
There is no "basic" reality that is any "more real" than any other reality.
There are only the realities generated by any belief.
All beliefs are equally-valid, equally-real.

Then in realizing that your new-preferred belief is just as valid, and just as "real", as your older undesired belief, simply choose to effortlessly adopt your new preferred belief.



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"Frequencies can penetrate the cell membrane (assuming there is a “carrier frequency or the frequency is high enough”) and get to the microbes inside the cancer cells. This was the precise way that Dr. Royal R. Rife eliminated or devitalized cancer in the 1930s."
High pH Cesium Cancer Protocol
We have already moved into 5D and now are learning our new tools and cleaning up the last bit of old energy.  3D is gone forever, you will never experience that Reality again. Yes it exists but has gone to another Paradigm to act out it’s lessons, illusions, experiences. You reading this have already moved to higher dimensions.

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Shifting Timelines / Parallel Universes - The Modern Shaman

Ascension to New Earth

Earths & Our Ascension from 3D to 5D causing 4D Mandela Effect

Merging Dimensions and Timelines

Timelines Shift

The Timeline Shift | 8th Dimensional Arcturian Collective | Micheila Sheldan

Timeline Jump into another Reality. Changing Consciousness to another YOU. Mandela Effect, Quantum Effect Online Spiritual Counseling by Reverend Crystal Cox

I am an EXPERT in the Mandela Effect, which I call Timeline Shift. It is also called many other names as you see in the keywords below.  I am also a Psychic and a Spiritual Counselor / Advisor. If you would like advice on the "Mandela Effect" as it pertains to YOU personal or if you want to understand more of what is happening as you notice CLEAR timeline changes and people around you do not believe you or understand what is happening to you; I provide Readings, Spiritual Counseling regarding what most call the Mandela Effect. I do this full time, for a living, and I do charge for this service, though I give free advice daily, I no longer have time for Free Psychic readings and Mandela Advising as I have made this my full time focus, along with my New Earth Ministry (Universal Church of Light).

I am not saying I know everything about the Mandela Effect, nor can I explain every detail you may seek. However, I am an Expert on the topic and have personally experienced it. What is called the Mandela Effect, turned my life in an instant. First it was interesting, WOW. Then it was OMG, then I was angry, then I dug deeper into what it all meant to me personally, mass consciousness and the Universe as a Whole.

I am not from the Timeline I am in. I am not afraid, however, NOTHING an be the same for me. Once you know that this can happen and has happened, how can life ever be the same. And if you have no one in your life who believes you, well it's as if you jumped into a body that was in a life you don't know or get and well the body looks like you and they think you should know. It is VERY challenging for many. I find it helps to understand the process.

My readings and ongoing spiritual counseling and advice is focused on you personally, your life, your experiences and helping you to have the tools and understanding to move forward and not, as they say, "Freak Out". To assist you to stay grounded as we move through this process and to comfort and counsel you as those around you have no idea what you are going through and in fact may push you to getting "help" as they call it, or to go on "meds" or worse.

To me, NOW that I Know, there is NOTHING more Important than understanding the Mandela Effect.

If you would like Mandela Effect, Quantum Effect Online Spiritual Counseling please pay via Our
PayPal account by sending money to the email BBgoddessChurch@gmail.com, once we get your payment we will email you for an appointment, oftentimes the appointment can be in that same day if you need or want.

We charge $25 Introductory, for our first reading online, after this our rates vary. We will discuss this with you after your first session, if you want to go further.

KEYWORDS, Other Names for What Many / Most call the Mandela Effect

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Mandela Effect, Quantum Effect Online Spiritual Counseling by Reverend Crystal Cox