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The Progress of the Light in the Last Six Years

"Leaving behind now the situation of individual enlightenment, mediated by angels, we turn now to look at the situation of planetary Ascension, in which a large number of higher-dimensional beings are playing a coordinated role.
The Light being beamed to Earth, as with all Light, comes from Source. But we’ll see that ascended masters, on and off planet, are also now playing a role.
Out of the darkness, SaLuSa tells us, “a grand Light beams out and reaches all around the Earth.” (1) This Light comes from Creator Source, Archangel Michael tells us.
“We have told you that the Supreme Creator has begun to emanate the rarified Love/Light Essence from the heart core of Its Being (Adamantine Particles of Pure Divine Light substance). This Essence contains all the facets of Creation, which include the Seed thoughts, energy components, and grand designs for never-before-experienced new creations. …
“The Creator is sending these Rays as a gift throughout this Universe, for they contain the stillness of the Great Void, which will be accessible to all who are brave enough to tap into the magnificent power of the Void of space, in order to be a participant in the creation of future worlds and galaxies.” (2)
This Light is enveloping the whole planet and promoting the creation of our future world of Ascension.
In 2009 SaLuSa told us that the Light has been steadily building for more than a hundred years.
“For over a century the amount of Light being brought to bear on you has increased tenfold, and has been instrumental in lifting many of you up. This is in accordance with the Divine Plan to release you from the lower vibrations, and end the cycle whilst giving every soul the opportunity to rise up.” (3)
We heard many years back that one of the milestones for Ascension was the Earth reaching the galactic plane and how that would allow Light to stream from the central galactic Sun. We are now at that place, Jesus tells us. Not only are we on the plane but no other solar system lies between us and the central Sun.
“Your scientists have been tracking and watching to see the various patterns of the solar systems, and you have come to a place now where there is from holy Mother Earth a clear pathway to the center of your galaxy. There is no other solar system between you and the center of what you call the Milky Way galaxy, the galaxy that you are in.
“And with that now is an opening for much energy to be streaming to holy Mother Earth, truly to your own sun and to your solar system. And as you are part, with holy Mother Earth, of the solar system, you are in a direct pathway to access and to feel energy from the very center of your own galaxy. That is what the shift that you have been hearing about for some years now is all about. It is a shift in energy that can be measured and accessed; your scientists are doing that now.” (4)
This light of love, SaLuSa says, “has truly broken through and will continue to grow more powerful.” (5) This increase “is a very good sign of the progress [towards Ascension] being made.” (6)
St. Germaine explained what awaits us as a result of the increasing Light: “The lower vibrations are heavy and have kept you in a state of unknowing of your true reality, but now that is rapidly changing. The glory of being in the Light and realising your true potential far exceeds any dreams you have had of raising your selves up.” (7)
Saul tells us that “your times of sorrow, pain, and confrontational disharmony are almost at an end, as God’s divine light and grace washes over the planet, healing, repairing, and renewing, so that the pristine beauty in which all was created may be gloriously re-established.” (8)
He described this energy’s effects and appearance.
“Planet Earth is enveloped and wrapped in the most glorious cloud of divine Energy, which is revitalizing and invigorating her and all the life forms she supports. It is most beautiful and awe-inspiring to behold. It shimmers and shines with a brilliant intensity of constantly shifting colors.” (9)
All of us are bathed in it, said the light beings speaking through Phoebe Lauren.
“This new energy that is coming to earth now is stronger and purer than any which has come before. … This is an energy of pure light and pure love. (10)
We must understand, as SaLuSa tells us, that “all is energy in its various light forms, and that everything has levels of consciousness. That knowledge is perhaps what has been lacking on Earth.” (11) As the Arcturian Group reminds us: “You are beings of light in your true essence.” (12) Not only that, but a “vast web of Light … binds all life together throughout this Universe.” (13) In the past, we’ve heard this called “the grid.”
The Pleiades High Council explains “the inner workings of your DNA and how the new energies are affecting your vehicles.”
“All of this is occurring on your subatomical level, and thus your consciousness is not aware of the various communications between your cells and the cosmic rays from the Central Sun that passes through the seven heavens of the Pleiades and arrives in your own sun and then delivered to you through the rays of the sun and offshoots of the moon.” (14)
The higher beings are not only transmitting Light to us, Archangel Michael says. They’re also transmitting codes that are timed to go off in a planned manner.
“Yes, we are conduits as well, allowing the energy of all the various codes, variables, unfoldment of her plan, to fully enter and be anchor, translated, transmuted, through us, through the realms, to each of you, not just to the select few who are lightworkers, light-holders, love-holders, but to each and every being.” (15)
These energies and codes are changing our bodily structure, SaLuSa says, which in turn allows us to hold even more Light.
“Each day you get nearer to the end of this cycle the energies are rapidly lifting you up. A whole series of inputs that are carefully planned to do it, are changing the structure of your body cells as they become crystalline. It will have been completed by the time you ascend. You will then have become a Being of a higher consciousness, ready to move into the 5th. Dimension of beauty and harmony unlike anything you have experienced upon Earth.” (16)
Archangel Michael describes the impact of the Light on us at the deepest, soul level.
“My light dispensation at this time brings forth the energy and consciousness of power and strength to be anchored into your soul and every soul upon the Earth. My light dispensation empowers the soul offering the soul the courage and magnification that it requires to emerge and project its purity and creations from the physical body.
“As I channel light into your being I am focusing solely upon your soul, surrounding it with supreme love and power to create an activation within your soul to encourage its deeper emergence within your physical being and reality, as well as encouraging your greater recognition of your soul.
“My light is also opening and awakening many channels within your being and physical body to allow and support the increasing surge and flow of your soul. …
“A powerful surge of light flows into your being and surrounds your soul gradually merging with your soul. Let the integration occur and feel vibrations of strength, power, empowerment and courage activating from within your soul. Sit with your soul and observe its growth and empowerment as I, Archangel Michael, support you.” (17)
In 2011, SaLuSa described our anticipated progress: “The Earth [is] becoming a Planet of Light. The dazzling points of Light coalesce. … So it shall continue until the lower vibrations hardly exist, and then you will be near to the end time and Ascension.” (18)
Tomorrow we’ll look at the impact of the Tsunami of Love and the gradual approach of planetary Ascension."
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"1977 Broadcast from the Ashtar Galactic Command"

"The most famous of television broadcasts occurred in England on 26th November, 1977, on Southern ITV (which covered London, the South, and South East). 

The time was 5.12pm and the message (audio only) interrupted the evening news. Lasting 5½ minutes, it was superimposed over the voice of the newsreader, Ivor Mills.

No less than five transmitters were hijacked simultaneously, spread over great distances, and the Independent Broadcasting Authority were not even aware that the message was overriding their signal; as the transmitters would have been switched off immediately. Possibly, this was because the source of the overriding signal was not terrestrial in nature.

The newsreader appeared completely oblivious to the situation and continued as usual, while the voice spoke slowly and calmly, as if echoing through water. The transcript is below.

The message received a mixed reaction: some listeners were terrified, some intrigued, while others remained sceptical. Of course, the media denounced the broadcast as a hoax, even though the Independent Broadcasting Authority failed to explain how its stringent security system was bypassed; and the supposed terrestrial perpetrators have never been found.

According to other stories, it would seem that broadcasts of a similar nature occurred worldwide, even in different areas of the UK .

In channellings subsequent to the broadcast, the entities have claimed responsibility. In 1994 at least three independent channellers published information that the Ashtar Command were planning another similar series of broadcasts. However, it appears that proposed dates have so far not been met.

The transcript of the broadcast follows:

“This is the voice of [inaudible], a representative of the Ashtar Galactic Command, speaking to you. For many years you have seen us as lights in the skies. 

We speak to you now in peace and wisdom as we have done to your brothers and sisters all over this, your planet Earth.”

“We come to warn you of the destiny of your race and your world so that you may communicate to your fellow beings the course you must take to avoid the disaster which threatens your world, and the beings on other worlds around you. 

This is in order that you may share in the great awakening, as the planet passes into the New Age of Aquarius. The New Age can be a time of great peace and evolution for your race, but only if your rulers are made aware of the evil forces that can overshadow their judgments.”

“Be still now and listen, for your chance may not come again. All your weapons of evil must be removed.”

“The time for conflict is now past and the race of which you are a part may proceed to the highest stages of its evolution if you show yourselves worthy to do this. You have but a short time to learn to live together in peace and goodwill.”

“Small groups all over the planet are learning this, and exist to pass on the light of the dawning New Age to you all. 

You are free to accept or reject their teachings, but only those who learn to live in peace will pass in to the higher realms of spiritual evolution.”

“Hear now the voice of [inaudible], a representative of the Ashtar Galactic Command, speaking to you. Be aware also that there are many false prophets and guides operating in your world. 

They will suck your energy from you – the energy you call money and will put it to evil ends giving you worthless dross in return.”

“Your inner divine self will protect you from this. You must learn to be sensitive to the voice within that can tell you what is truth, and what is confusion, chaos and untruth. 

Learn to listen to the voice of truth which is within you and you will lead yourselves on to the path of evolution.”

“This is our message to our dear friends. We have watched you growing for many years as you too have watched our lights in your skies. 

You know now that we are here, and that there are more beings in and around your Earth than your scientists admit.”

“We are deeply concerned about you and your path towards the light and will do all we can to help you. 

Have no fears, seek only to know yourselves, and live in harmony with the ways of your planet Earth. 

We of the Ashtar Galactic Command thank you for your attention. We are now leaving the planes of your existence. May you be blessed by the supreme love and truth of the cosmos.”


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Bringing Back Goddess Church Mission; Mother Goddess Church, Reverend Crystal Cox.

Click Here To Read More about the Mission of the Bringing Back Goddess Church; Church of Mother Goddess.

Song of a New Earth Movie

Sound Vibration; Raising Frequency: Healing and Sharing Information

A Validation of it being time to rise up the Feminine Divine, Mother Goddess

The Song of a New Earth movie also talked abut nuns chanting, toning. It is about communicating and healing Mother Earth, Goddess Gaiai and her people through sound vibration, intention and prayer.

Bringing in a New Earth; Delores Cannon

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Mother Goddess, the Mother Spirit, God as Mother

"Yes, The Bible teaches Adam was given life by God without a mother? Just as Adam was made from the ground, Eve was made from Adam, from a portion of his side. They did not need a mother or father. To depict God as Mother implies that he gave birth, rather than created.

Throughout the worlds history of idolatry cultures believed in a sky father and earth 5mother. To believe in a mother and father God is what pagans believed in the ancient world. For example in Mesopotamian tradition, the human race was created by Enki and the Mother Goddess.

In modern times this church is not the only one to promote a mother God. Mary Baker Eddy interpreted the meaning of, "Our Father which art in heaven," in the Lord's Prayer as "Our Father-Mother God, all harmonious." Mormonism teaches that Jesus (and all spirits) is the offspring of Father God and a heavenly mother in his pre-existence. The Moonies teach that the Holy Spirit is a "female spirit"— the "True Mother" and spiritual wife of Jesus (Divine Principle, p. 215). In the occult message found in the Urantia book, Jesus is said to have a co-creator consort, the “Mother Spirit” of Nebadon.

When interpreting Scripture. If you neglect the foundational doctrines, your understanding of the Word of God will be distorted with unusual ideas, bringing confusion. There is nothing in the Bible that would describe the true God like this, this is a devilish distortion of the scripture. There is a current trend by feminists to redefine the character of God as Mother but this church takes it even further insisting they are separate gods.

The Scripture reveals God exclusively as Father. Jesus taught us to call God Father (Abba) (John 13:20) God has no sexual identity. His character includes feminine traits (Isaiah: 42:14; 45:10; 49:15; 66:13) but he is not once called mother or considered a she.

Malachi 2:10 “Have we not all one Father? Has not one God created us? Jesus speaks of a “ Father in heaven”

(Matt 5:16), never a Mother (Mt.6:1,6,8-9,14,18,26,32 etc.). NOT once is a term or phrase “mother” used for God except by pagans. To attribute this teaching to the Bible is to have an utter disregard for the word of truth. This makes them polytheists not monotheists.

They use the creation of Adam to prove elohim is both Father and Mother. “Both males and females were created in the image of God, and thus it is clear that God has two images: a male image and a female image. When God said, “Let us make man in our image,” God used the word “us”-a plural term-instead of using “me.” We come to understand that not one God, but two Gods-a Father and a Mother-worked together during the Creation. Such plural terms are used to describe God” (they then cite the passages of “us” to describe God).

Gen. 1:26-27 “Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness...” So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them”

They say, “The above verse states that God has two images-a male image and a female image. Until now, we have only known and called upon the male image of God: “Father.” Then how should we call upon the female image of God? Logically, we should refer to God's female image as “Mother.” This is why God had said, “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness.”

"God is Spirit (Jn.4:24) He is invisible, all knowing and all powerful. Then the argument they use for mother and father should also apply to everything. In the Hebrew language, image (tselem) is related to nature, the immaterial part of man. It means we have a spiritual nature like God but in a finite way. Man was created to reflect his creator. Man has an eternal spirit which can live on after the physical body dies. otherwise if mans image was physical in the image of God, Jesus would not have had to take the form of a man he would have already possessed it.

They are incorrectly using a human definition to describe God, it should be the opposite. God’s qualities were put in man, not mans qualities put in God. What they have done is have God both male and female, because humanity is both male and female (as are all creatures). Does God have a literal body as we, does he have reproductive organs and bodily functions as we do! The error should be obvious.

The pagan concept of the Triunity was encapsulated with a Father and a Mother. The reason Gen.1:26 is applied to Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and not to a Father and mother is because these are the only persons called God in the Bible. Only God is eternal, and all three persons have this and the other attributes of God applied to them, what is clearly missing is a mother.

The Father is eternal (Isa. 63:16; James 1:17). The Son is eternal, (Heb. 13:8); Speaking of Jesus (Micah 5:2); 1 Tim. 1:17 Now to the King eternal, immortal” (1 Tim.6:16). The Holy Spirit is eternal (Heb.9:14). All three have creation attributed to them: The Father (Eph.3:14; Mal 2:10). The Son (John 1:3; Heb.1:2; Col. 1:16). The Holy Spirit (helper/comforter) (Ps. 104:30, Job 26:13, 33:4)."

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Heavenly Mother in the Bible?

"As Gerald Lund once put it, many members simply assume that “the Church teaches many principles which are accepted as doctrines but which the First Presidency has seen no need to declare in an official pronouncement.” ("I Have a Question," Ensign, Feb. 1982, 38) While there is no reference to a Heavenly Mother within the standard works (canon) of Mormonism, it is a commonly held belief and an integral part of the traditional Mormon worldview."

"Heavenly Mother in the Bible?
Some would argue that a reference to female deity is in the Bible, namely references to the "queen of heaven" by Jeremiah. The problem of course is that such references (Jeremiah 7:18; 44:17-19, 25) are negative. Mormon apologist Kevin Barney responds to this matter with the following (see
Your complaint about undermining the authority of reform prophets [like Jeremiah] is where the rubber really hits the road, and I think it’s your strongest point. I knew this was going to be tough for rank and file Mormons to accept. We tend to want to read the scriptures as being univocal, without development, and if one prophet was negative on a practice then it’s a bad practice and all prophets would agree.
Just recently I had to counsel with a man in another state who used to be in my ward, because his BYU attending son had learned of Adam-God. His son said in effect, Look, this isn’t a trifle, it’s on the nature of God. It’s something as important as can be. And BY as prophet taught this. So it either has to be true and the Church is in apostasy for not teaching it, or the prophets are wrong altogether and they have no authority. We’ve raised a whole generation of Saints with such linear thinking about prophetic infallibility that we can’t handle the nuances, and there really are a lot of them beyond the obvious A-G example.
The truth is that the winners get to write the history, and it was those who rejected Asherah who largely redacted or wrote the OT as we have it today. There is, quite frankly, a lot of political spin in the OT. I recognize that we get really nervous when we start talking about spin in the scriptures. So I don’t blame anyone, including you, for not wanting to follow me there."

Source and Full Document

The Heavenly Mother Doctrine; "This article is about Heavenly Mother within the Latter Day Saint movement"

"In Mormonism, Heavenly Mother or the Mother in Heaven is the mother of human spirits and the wife of God the Father. Those who accept the Mother in Heaven doctrine trace its origins to Joseph Smith, the founder of the Latter Day Saint movement. The doctrine was not widely known, however, until after the movement's succession crisis upon Smith's death in 1844.

The Heavenly Mother Doctrine is mainly taught by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church),[1] the Restoration Church of Jesus Christ,[2][3] and branches of Mormon fundamentalism, such as the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.[citation needed] The doctrine is not generally recognized by other faiths within the broader Latter Day Saint movement, such as the Community of Christ, where trinitarianism is predominant.

In the LDS Church, the Heavenly Mother is sung about in church hymns and briefly discussed in church teaching manuals and sermons"

"The LDS Church did not formally acknowledge the existence of a Heavenly Mother until 1909, in a statement on the "origin of man" by the First Presidency on the 50th anniversary of Charles Darwin's Origin of Species.[17] The church also later inferred the theology in the 1995 statement "The Family: A Proclamation to the World", where the church officially stated that each person is a "spirit son or daughter of heavenly parents". Other references to heavenly parents can be found in Latter-day Saint speeches and literature"

"Susa Young Gates, a daughter of Young and a women's rights activist, stated that “[the] great Heavenly Mother was the great molder” in Abraham’s personality. “Gates speculated that Heavenly Mother has played a significant role in all our lives, looking over us with ‘watchful care’ and providing ‘careful training.’”[14]:75

Early 20th-century church leader B. H. Roberts pointed out that the Heavenly Mother doctrine presents a “conception of the nobility of women and of motherhood and of wife-hood—placing her side by side with the Divine Father.”[14]:77 Apostle John A. Widtsoe, a contemporary of Roberts, wrote that the afterlife “is given radiant warmth by the thought that … [we have] a mother who possesses the attributes of Godhood.”[14]:78 In 1894, Juvenile Instructor, an official publication of the LDS Church, published a hymn entitled "Our Mother in Heaven."[20]

There has also been some more recent discussion of Heavenly Mother by LDS Church leaders. In a speech given at BYU in 2010, Glenn L. Pace, a member of the LDS Church's First Quorum of the Seventy, said, “Sisters, I testify that when you stand in front of your heavenly parents in those royal courts on high and look into Her eyes and behold Her countenance, any question you ever had about the role of women in the kingdom will evaporate into the rich celestial air, because at that moment you will see standing directly in front of you, your divine nature and destiny"


"In Mormonism, Heavenly Mother or the Mother in Heaven is the mother of human spirits and the wife of God the Father. Those who accept the Mother in Heaven doctrine trace its origins to Joseph Smith, the founder of the Latter Day Saint movement."

More on the Heavenly Mother

the Other Half of Heaven

Article Claiming Worshiping Mother God is Of the Devil. Read with Discernment.

I Post this for Education, I in NO Way Believe Goddess to be "Bad", of the Dark or any of these words. However, this article is educational and shows how Goddess has been portrayed falsely by those who FEAR her Power.

"Semiramis became the mother goddess or queen of heaven and statues of her holding her "divine" son began to appear everywhere. Semiramis was called Isis in Egypt:"

"The assemblies of Diana of the Ephesians were called "ekklesias."

In the Greek language, the assemblies of Diana of the Ephesians were called ekklesias, which is translated into English as "churches."

"Diana of the Ephesians was another name for CIRCE!!

Ephesus was the idol making capital of the world, and the Vatican and Mecca of the ancient world. It was home to the MOTHER of god demon who ruled the world under Satan:

"So that not only this our craft is in danger to be set at nought; but also that the temple of the great goddess Diana should be despised, and her magnificence should be destroyed, whom all Asia and the world worshippeth"(Acts 19:27)."

"mother goddess Lilith with her spurs and claws standing on two lions. The owls symbolize her role as night huntress of the souls of men."

"Medusa, the goddess of the hissing serpents, was another name for Diana or Circe. This goddess changed all who looked at her into STONE!!"

"Japanese SON goddess Amaterasu.

Japan is unique because the goddess was always associated with the MOON. The Japanese Imperial family claimed descent from this goddess."

"The mother goddess was a FILTHY fertility cult!!

Satan—the father of paganism—saw similarities between a BULL'S HORNS and the female reproductive organs. All the symbols of paganism had a hidden meaning known only to the initiated. Diana was served by thousands of emasculated priests."

Full Article


"Welcome to this place of learning and worship of our Mother God

This is an online sanctuary dedicated to the love and service of our Mother God.
Our aim is to spread both knowledge and devotion about the oldest form of religion known to humanity—the worship of Deity in Her original form: our first spiritual refuge; our surest sanctuary throughout the ages; our point of origin: our Mother God.
We shall be presenting pages about the various goddesses of history: but this has nothing to do with what some patriarchal religions call "polytheism". There is only one Absolute, only one Creatrix: only one Celestial Mother. And yet, through the Ages, She has been known by many Names.
These many names are not simply the accidents of different languages, but the expression of the Multiplicity-in-Unity of She Who is the Source of all things, the Divine Mother of the universe. Thus the Hindus recite the thousand names of the goddess Lalita or the 108 names of Sri Mahalakshmi; the Chinese speak of Quan Yin as "the Lady of ten thousand names" and the goddess Isis said to Apuleius in the second century AD:
I am she that is the natural Mother of all creation, the Mistress and Governess of all the Elements, the initial Progenitrix of all things... my name, my divinity, is adored throughout all the world in various manners, by various customs and under many names...
There is one Mother God, for She is the Absolute, and there can no more be two Absolutes than a circle can have two centres. And yet She has many Names and many faces, representing Her infinite fecundity and the multiplicity of her Divine Powers and Graces.
Her different Names and Forms also correspond to the different characters of the souls She has created. Each of us will respond to a particular aspect of our dear Mother. If we are of an intellectual turn of mind, we may turn to Her as the goddess Athene, Metis or Saraswati. If we our hearts burn with love, divine and human, and the appreciation of Deity through the Divine Beauty, we may turn to the goddess Aphrodite or Sri Lakshmi.
In these Goddess Names and Forms, we shall see not merely historical cults long dead, nor merely aspects of our own psychology, but aspects of the Grace and Love of our Mother God.
Please play the kinemas below for an introduction to Her faith.
Eastern images of our Celestial Mother often have many arms, and the arms of a mother are made to embrace her children.
Whichever of Her faces, whichever of Her Names, whichever of Her loving arms we turn to, they are there for our comfort, our succour and our salvation.
We welcome you to this Chapel and hope that we can play some small part in lighting your path back home to our Mother God.

Church of Mother Goddess; Bringing Back Goddess Church; Mother Goddess Church

Church of Mother Goddess

Goddess Church

Mother Goddess Church

Reverend Crystal Cox

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The Divine Value of Women; Goddess Awaken; NOW IS TIME.

"There will never be a Righteous Kingdom until and unless there is a Righteous Woman. Where there are no decent women there are no decent men. For the woman, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches the Black woman in particular, is the Mother of Civilization. So I want to talk about The Divine Nature and Value of Women."

"The Divine Feminine (How To Awaken The Divine Feminine Within You) - Teal Swan"

Caroline Muir- Divine Feminine Institute

God And Woman - The Hidden History

"Concept Of The MOTHER GODDESS ~ DR J.BEN YOCHANNAN" Woman Stand in Your Power. NOW IS TIME.

"Rediscovering the Mother Goddess in Spirituality with Angela Pritchard"

"God As Mother-It IS Goddess Not God ! !" the RETURN of Mother GODDESS. Bring Back our Mother.

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Tim Freke on Gnostic Wisdom and Religious Tales - Gnostic

Do NOT Value other people's Opinions of you OVER your Opinion of You. You Know Who You are. BE THAT and Seek Approval from no HUMAN.

Reverend Crystal Cox, Osho and Self..

Trust You, You do not need the Approval of Anyone.

Do not Seek the Opinion and Approval of Others.

Bringing Back Goddess Church Port Townsend

It is TIME to Bring Back the Goddess.

You are craving to understand a higher power within yourself. You are craving deep spiritual connection.

You want to be proactive in helping raise the consciousness, raise the vibration.

Working with the Goddesses, with Mother Goddess EVERY SINGLE DAY in all aspects of your life and spiritual work is key to end your insatiable longing for more in your human life.

You want to help more, feel more, do more, be more. You want to be content, have abundance, be safe and to understand your purpose here.

You want meaning and maybe even some fun and joy. Bringing the Goddess Back into your Life is the Key to this. RIGHT NOW Today and Every Single Day in every Single aspect of your life.

Bring Back the Goddess into your Every Day Life.

Akashic Records

The Return of The Divine Feminine - Truth Revealed

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"The Re-emergence of the Great Mother Goddess" by Louis Lagana


Today, great interest in the Ancient Goddess cult is still being revived. With the way the Goddess manifests herself as symbolizing an earthly and cosmic source to the universe, some women have found refuge in the symbolical image of the Mother Goddess.

The impetus towards the Goddess movement came from an archaeologist,Marija Gimbutas. With the return of the Goddess, the new power of the fem
inine is being expressed in all areas of life.

Other major women writers and exponents of the Goddess religion expressed the self-transformation and empowerment and various aspects of feminist social vision of women in their work. In this paper I will also focus on the archetypal image of the Great Mother Goddess which is expressed in rituals, art,mythology and dreams.

In Jungian parlance the Mother Archetype resides in every human psyche and is a symbol of protection and fertility and regeneration. This conceptal so belongs to the field of comparative religion and embraces widely varying types of the mother-goddess.

The discussion of ‘Feminist Archetypal Psychology’ shows that the Great Mother Goddess archetype is activated and is returning to consciousness.

The Great Mother Goddess archetype was very important in the Western world from the dawn of prehistory throughout the pre-Indo-European time periods, as it still is in many traditional cultures today."

 International Journal of Arts and Sciences
: 67 - 76 (2009)CD-ROM. ISSN: 1944-6934©
The Re-emergence of the Great Mother Goddess
Louis Laganà
, University of Malta, Malta

Today, great interest in the Ancient Goddess cult is still being revived. Withthe way the Goddess manifests herself as symbolizing an earthly and cosmic source tothe universe, some women have found refuge in the symbolical image of the MotherGoddess. The impetus towards the Goddess movement came from an archaeologist,Marija Gimbutas. With the return of the Goddess, the new power of the feminine is beingexpressed in all areas of life. Other major women writers and exponents of the Goddessreligion expressed the self-transformation and empowerment and various aspects of feminist social vision of women in their work. In this paper I will also focus on thearchetypal image of the Great Mother Goddess which is expressed in rituals, art,mythology and dreams. In Jungian parlance the Mother Archetype resides in everyhuman psyche and is a symbol of protection and fertility and regeneration. This conceptal so belongs to the field of comparative religion and embraces widely varying types of the mother-goddess. The discussion of ‘Feminist Archetypal Psychology’ shows that the Great Mother Goddess archetype is activated and is returning to consciousness.

The Great Mother Goddess archetype was very important in the Western world from thedawn of prehistory throughout the pre-Indo-European time periods, as it still is in many traditional cultures today.

Introduction - Archaeological Representations of Gods and Goddesses

In the ancient past, we find representations of Gods and Goddesses related to water,like the Bird and the Snake Goddess, i.e. Mistresses of Waters (Gimbutas, 1974). Duringthe Neolithic period, with its wide expansion of vegetation symbolism, we discover gods and goddesses associated with the agricultural cycle and its seasonal progressions,manifesting the eternal archetype of death and rebirth. In Neolithic Malta the most interesting archaeological aspect is the great number of figurines and statues that were found in different temple sites on the archipelago.

Many interpretations were given for these ‘goddesses’ and ‘gods’ and today a definite answer is still lacking for a clear interpretation. Surely, sculptural art was used to express religious conceptions and had also a psychological explanation for the first farmers living on the islands of Malta and Gozo. Here I want to point out that so far I am only looking at one side of certain interpretations of symbols as expressed by groups of archaeologists, historians, mythologists and many feminist groups who are of the opinion that a Matriarchal pastexisted. Most of  them are also attracted to and accept the idea of the existence of aMother Goddess religion in the prehistoric past.Today, great interest in the Ancient Goddess cult is still being revived. There are people, especially women, who have become interested in very old religions, myth,ancient art, archaeology and other subjects, which are related to the role of the female in past and present societies.

This was partly triggered not only by the feminist movement in general – equal rights and the position of women in the private and public sector – butalso by the urgent need to create awareness in the current ecological crises the world is passing through.

With the way the Goddess manifests herself as symbolizing an earthlyand cosmic source to the universe, some women found refuge in the symbolical image of the Mother Goddess. The impetus towards the Goddess movement came from anarchaeologist, Marija Gimbutas. In the 1970’s Gimbutas, in her works, focused on theprehistoric cultures of south-east Europe, and was an authority to the story of the goddess religion (Goodison, Lucy, and Morris, Christine, 1998).

Elinor Gadon commented on thisin her writing about the re-emergence of the Goddess:In the late twentieth century there is a growing awareness that we are doomed as aspecies and planet unless we have a radical change of consciousness.

The re-emergence of the Goddess is becoming the symbol and metaphor for this transformation of culture. With the return of the Goddess, the new power of the feminine is being expressed in all areas of life.

There is a re-evaluation of the female principle in religion, in psychology, in the arts, and in the quality and relationship of humanity to the planet we live on. We are in the midst of a social evolution that will ultimately change how we see everything, as radically transformative as the smashing of the atom (1989, 229-230).Major women writers and exponents of the Goddess religion expressed the self-transformation and empowerment and various aspects of  feminist social vision of women in their work. These include among others Carol Christ, Charlene Spretnak, Mary Daly,Marija Gimbutas, Cristina Biaggi, Riane Eisler, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Christine Downing,and Starhawk.

The Goddess became the centre of a new earth based spirituality invoking the full acceptance of the archetypal female in its positive and negative powers.

For some modern women, a small minority, identification with the archetypal Goddess figures provides insight into inner conflicts and can be healing (1989, 229).

The Archetype of the Great Mother Goddess

 From a Jungian point of view, the Goddess is an archetypal image at work within the human psyche and finds expression in ritual, mythology, art, and also in dreams (Jung,1959, 9). Without doubt, one of the earliest scholars to work on the idea that the human psyche reveals archetypal patterns related to the Mother Goddess, is C.G. Jung. Hestated:

The concept of the Great Mother belongs to the field of comparative religion and embraces widely varying types of mother-goddess. The concept itself is of no immediate concern to psychology, because the image of a Great Mother in this form is rarely encountered in practice, and then only under very special conditions.

The symbol is obviously a derivate of the mother archetype (1959, 9.)So Jung is of the opinion that the Great Mother Goddess is part of the ‘mother archetype’that resides in every human being and like other archetypes this archetype appears in a variety of aspects.

This archetype is also associated with fertility and productivity. Jungargues that the Mother Archetype is a symbol of protection and is associated with hollow objects such as ovens and cooking vessels and of course, the uterus,  yoni , and anything of a like shape. Added to this list there are many animals, such as the cow, hare, and helpful animals in general (1959, 15).

Hence, the Mother Archetype further provides a better understanding of the Great Mother Goddess. The primordial human has a long history of venerated Goddesses from long before the appearance of Venus of Willendorf (Fig. 01) and the Maltese Mother Goddess (also known as the Fat Lady) (Fig. 02) carved out of limestone.

This long history contains a vast library of rituals from which the modern individual can find out examples of how to directly engage the mother archetype.Jungian, analytical psychologist Erich Neumann elaborated at length on the theme of the Great Mother.

He published an exhaustive book on the subject and explained atlength on how to understand this dominant archetypal symbol of the human psyche(1963). First he analysed the psychology of the feminine in general and then he formed the structural elements of the Great Mother archetype. He observed that the earliest form of creation in myths is that of the circle, the Great Round, or the sphere, the womb of the Great Mother goddess as the universal vessel of the world. 

This contains in itself the entire existence of early man and so becomes the Archetypal Feminine (1963, 42).Neumann refers to the feminine functions as powerful, protective sources to the human being.

Only when we have considered the whole scope of the basic feminine functions -the giving of life, nourishment, warmth, and protection - can we understand why the Feminine occupies so central a position in human symbolism and from the very beginning bears the character of “greatness.”

The Feminine appears as great because that which is contained, sheltered, nourished, is dependent on it and utterly at its mercy. Nowhere perhaps is it so evident that a human being must be experienced as “great” as in the case of the mother. A glance at the infant or child confirms her position as Great Mother (1963, 43).

Neumann continued to give more symbolic meaning to the importance of the feminine.He referred to the woman as the ‘vessel’ in which life forms. Her body is transformed into the safest place where the unborn child is sheltered. Her body is the vessel.

He illustrated that if we combine this body-world equation of early man in its first unspecific form with the fundamental symbolic equation of the feminine: woman = body = vessel,we arrive at a universal symbolic formula for the early period of mankind (1963).Woman and earth both give forth life and as such are sacred.

Their bodies contain new life inside. Both are vessels just as the earth contains new life that springs forth in the summer. The woman and the earth have the sole aim of creating new biological life. Sheis sacred; her body is sacred as well. They are not just myths or historical entities, “but  psychological realities whose fateful power is still alive in the psychic depths of present day man (1963, 44). Mircea Eliade elevates the sacredness of the body of the woman.

Hestated:Woman, then, is mystically held to be one with the earth, childbearing is seen as avariant, on the human scale, of the telluric fertility. All religions experiences connected with fecundity and birth have a cosmic structure

. The sacrality of woman depends on the holiness of the earth. Feminine fecundity has a cosmic model – that of Terra Mater, the universal Genetrix (1957, 144).So the female body is being acknowledged and revered as the holy alchemical vessel of creation and transformation.

The body of the woman becomes as a sacred metaphor of the earth. Lippard wrote: “Women can, and do, identify the forms of our bodies with the undulations of the earth – hills and sacred mountains which were the first gardens and the first temples” (1983, 42).

That is why this strengthens the hypothesis that the Maltese prehistoric temples (and other temples around the world) were built in the shape of a woman (the goddess).The female archetype as expressed in a symbolical way by Neumann, shows its importance and why the early humans depended on the earth for all things, food, shelter,and life itself. They noticed that all life was created within the bodies of females and so it was natural for them to see an all-powerful creator as female too.

The result was that for thousands of years, the majority of our ancestors worshipped a Divine and powerful Mother-Goddess. She was honoured as the Mother of all life. Neumann developed the argument of the Great Mother Goddess into an elaborate theory of human spiritual development, in which the goddess stood for “the archetypal unity and multiplicity of the feminine nature” and even now determines “the psychic history of modern man and of modern woman” (1963, 336). Apart from using a psychological standpoint, he also based most of his arguments on the data assembled by archaeologists who had developed the notion of the Great Goddess."

Source and Full Article

Pisces Rising: Return of the Goddess' by Maria Kay Simms

"(From the NCGR Journal - Winter 1987-1988 (Philosophy Issue)) 

What is God? Although some of the descriptive details might differ in the ideas of various religions, one of the most obvious similarities in world view for the past 2000 years is this: God is He-with a capital H-male.It was not always so. In the 200
0 or so years before, God was She - Mother, Creatress, Giver of Life, Provider of all food from Her earthly abundance. Now, in the thoughts of many, the image of God is changing again. 

The Goddess is ascending, and with Her a new movement toward a matrifocal social structure.have you ever thought how profoundly our entire social and political structure is influenced by this one simple concept - God as male, or God as female?

Ancient Goddess-worshiping civilizations were peaceful. 

Primary occupations were gathering, and later agricultural. People were very conscious of their dependence on Mother Earth, and they respected Her deeply. 

Human mothers were the center of society. Lines of descent were traced through the mother line. Inheritance of property and position passed from mother to daughter. Councils of women had the final say on most decisions that affected the welfare of their groups. 

Women were priestesses and healers. 

Their brothers and uncles protected the women - especially when they were pregnant or caring for small children. Sexual activity was considered a natural function - a gift of the Divine Mother, meant for pleasure. Since the line of descent came from the mother, it really didn't matter who the father was. 

All children were cherished, protected by the entire clan. 

All this was during the time that we call the Age of Taurus-earthy, sensual, peace-living Taurus. Taurus, we are taught, is a "feminine" sign.

Around 2000 years ago the Age of Aries (a "masculine" sign) began. Slowly, one by one, the culturally developed, urban, Goddess-worshiping civilizations fell under the domination of conquering Aryan (or Indo-European) tribes with a new point of view. 

Their God was masculine, and was symbolized in various forms of fire. Their leaders were men, their social-political structure patriarchal. Because descent and inheritance from the father was important to them, very strict sexual mores had to be enforced for women. How else could the men be sure who fathered each child? Women became the property of their fathers to be sold to their husbands. 

With great religious zeal the Aryans slaughtered the matrifocal societies into submission. This change in world view did not happen overnight, or even in a century. Throughout the entire Age of Aries the migrations and invasions went on. 

By the dawn of the Age of Pisces, though, the transformation was nearly complete. Only a few cultures, like the Celts, still clung to the Goddess. Throughout the civilized world the vast majority of people referred to God as He. That there had ever been another way to think was all but forgotten.

The macho, all powerful, stern, punishing Aryan God, who was given to appearances in fiery pillars or atop rumbling volcanoes, had been modified by emerging Piscean concepts. He was now to be called "Father", and while Father may be stern and just, He was also loving and forgiving. But the social-political structure had become firmly patriarchal. Generations had forgotten that women had ever been more than property. Men made all the decisions.

Nearly 2000 years more have now gone by. The pendulum is slowly swinging back to a matrifocal society. The struggle is much less violent than before, but it is persistent - and inevitable. Why is this so?

As above, so below! That's a familiar concept to all of us. We know so little about how and why it works, yet life on earth does reflect the patterns in the cosmos. Individuals and nations respond to the cosmic clock, even when they have no conscious awareness of its existence. We astrologers know this is true. We prove it to ourselves with every chart we study.

Most of the time, though, like everyone else, our focus is limited to our own lifetime and our current problems. That's natural. Why should we be concerned about where we are in a cycle of thousands of years? 

We have enough to contend with in our own lives. For today, though let's look at the whole, the forest, instead of just the individual trees. 

Let's see how very much we are influenced by our place within the cycle of the ages. Let's see how this cycle has affected our views about ourselves, where we are, where we are going - and even our concepts of astrology.

To summarize: The collective concept of God reflects the cycle of the precessional ages. To say that again, a bit more simply, for emphasis: 

The way people think of God, and of themselves in relation to God, is deeply influenced by the Great Ages. This is true - it happens - even if the people have no idea what a Great Age is - even if they've never heard of astrology.

The peaceful, agrarian, earth-centered, matrifocal cultures of Taurus reflected Taurus not only in their values, but also in their sacred symbols. 

Think of the sacred cattle of India, the bull God Apis of Egypt, the Minotaur of Crete. Throughout the civilized world bulls, cow, oxen - or the opposition Scorpio symbols such as serpents, phoenix, eagles and Selket the Scorpion Goddess, were important religious symbols.

The Aryan invaders of the Age of Aries introduced a competitive, warring, patriarchal culture. God was represented in fire. Apis of Egypt was supplanted by Amon the Ram God. Athena, born of her father, wore a helmet with ram's horns. The Hebrews escaped from Egypt, sacrificed the bull as a sin offering, and consecrated their altar and priestly vestments with the blood of a ram.

As the Age of Aries drew to a close the Lamb of God was sacrificed to atone for sin, and rose to introduce the Age of Pisces and a new religion. Pisces is a 'feminine" sign, and the god- concept softened to a compassionate, forgiving, parent figure who loved everyone unconditionally. The followers of the Fisher of Men identified themselves by the sign of the fish. The leaders of the new religion adopted fish-head hats, and their supreme pontiff is said to wear the "shoes of the Fisherman". 

The status of women had sunk to an all-time low in the dawn of this age, but still the virgin mother of Jesus was elevated to Queen of Heaven and called the Mother of God.

Slowly, slowly social mores and political structures are changing to reflect the Piscean vision of God. A new paradigm is born, but old habits of thinking die very hard.

An astrological model that reflects the struggle for a new world view is our so-called "natural zodiac". Aries rises. It represents cardinal east. The ancients called the cardinal points the "four Corners of the world" - only then the eastern corner was Taurus. 

We have seen evidence of that. Old religious art from sphinx statuettes of Egypt to representations of the apostles of the four New Testament gospels, tell us that the four corners of the earth were the bull, the eagle, the lion, and the man. In Job we are told that the train of the zodiac was led by Aldebaran. 

The brightest star in the constellation Taurus, Aldebaran is known as the "bull's eye". The most renown ancient astrologers, the Babylonians, measured the zodiac from the opposition axis of Aldebaran and Antares, brightest star in Scorpio.
Aries Rising vs. Pisces Rising
The cardinal points changed by formal designation when the classical Greeks started the system known as tropical astrology. 

They created twelve equal sectors of the ecliptic, named them for the constellations that lay approximately in each sector, decided that the reference point for measurement should be the vernal equinox, and called it zero degree Aries. The constellation Aries rose with the Sun at vernal Equinox. Rising heliacally - just before the sun - was Pisces, symbol of the new age.

Now, in our astrological system, we say the whole has three qualities. We attribute the qualities of action to the cardinal signs. Aries, here, represents that quality, Pisces is of the mutable quality. It is a changing, teaching, disseminating mode. Taurus, now well below the horizon, represents the fixed, stable, always there, sustaining quality. There's a close link, here to numerology and to theological concepts. Follow closely:

Before the beginning was nothing. The circle, zero, or nothing, contains the potential for everything (in our numerical cycle), symbolized by 9. For reasons we do not know, everything-contained-within-nothing, divided into itself - condensed into a seething center, and with a "Big Bang" (we are told) became One. 

This was creation - the beginning. The One was Three. It had three qualities. It was always there (in potential) - eternal, fixed, past. In the present, it acted, created, was cardinal. Now it had the capacity tochange - it was future, mutable. Three aspects, you see, of one whole.

One is three. What happened to two? Two--duality or opposition - may be only an illusion of our world of time and space. It is a necessary illusion for physical experience. 

Only that which exists can be perceived. We cannot perceive good unless we have some perception of bad to contrast it with. We cannot see light unless we know what darkness is. We have no conception of quiet unless we know what it is to be noisy.

The only problem with two is that it can only be expressed as separation: II The very perception of duality prevents us from truly being whole - it keeps us separated from oneness with God.

Christianity, the keynote religion of the Age of Pisces, expresses God as triune - the triangle - the trinity - Three in One. The three aspects of God are three-in-one and one-in-three - all equal and of the same substance. That which is currently called Father represents that which was always there,before the beginning - infinite, eternal, sustaining. 

The Son is called the Word. He changed our concept of God, heralding a new age and hope for the future in resurrection. The Holy Spirit acts in our lives - is present everywhere. Remember now, all three are one - equal and the same - a trinity of trinities. All three are eternal (fixed), all three are active (cardinal), all three evolve and change (mutable), as new concepts of the Word are revealed.

I think that all of the twelve zodiac signs have all three qualities, too. Aries was not always cardinal. In the Age of Aries, Taurus was cardinal east - the sign of spring equinox. Aries rose before the sun. It represented the changing concept of God -the new Word to be disseminated. Hundreds and hundreds of years of struggle passed before the ingrained patterns of how people acted gave way to change. As Aries became the cardinal ascendant, Pisces was given to the world as a new vision, a new Word - but Aries, then, reflected the accepted mode of action.

The new vision was Piscean, but the decisions on what actions should be taken to establish the new religion were left solely to the men, who were products of Arian patriarchal conditioning. Ideals were of the nature of the feminine - but females had no voice within the social-political structure. I need not elaborate for anyone remotely aware of the atrocities of early church history, how very Arian were the methods by which the fathers of the church sought to enforce acceptance of the new religion. Where were the simple teachings of Jesus to love thy neighbor?

Let's compare a little more theology with astrology. The Holy Spirit, said to act in our lives, is symbolically expressed in three elements, fire, wind, and water. (The previous sentence came straight from a Catholic religious education text-book, and is based on Biblical references.)As the three-in-one acts and descends into matter...matter? Mater... ma.. .ma-ma? Mother Earth!...the three-in-one becomes three plus one: four! The cross of our suffering!
Chart of ManifestationGod, the whole (God manifest in the world) is now four: fire, air, water, and earth. And each of the elements has three qualities: eternal, sustaining fixed; initiative action, cardinal; ever changing and evolving mutable. Four trinities. And the four times the three are 12, and the 12 is 3, and the three is one. God in the Universe - one whole.

We, in the physical universe, however, are still obsessed with dualism. To continue: Earth, theologians and astrologers agree, is feminine: Mother Earth and Mother Church, bride of God on earth. The other three elements - fire, wind, water - the Holy Spirit, the church calls masculine. Unfair, church fathers! At least on this point, astrology "balances the scales" with two elements masculine and two feminine.

It is interesting that in early church councils great arguments ensued over whether the Holy Spirit was masculine or feminine. 

I think it is a reasonable conjecture that the decision to declare the Holy Spirit male may have been prejudiced by the fact the only males were allowed to debate.

In truth, of course, God the Whole is One and must be androgynous - the resolution and unity of all opposites. Impaled as we are on our cross of time and space, we perceive opposition. Male and female we are, and male and female we have personified our gods.

In this age, which dawned at the same time as the origin of our present zodiacal system, we have called our cardinal rising Aries, and God is male. In the Age of Aries the cardinal rising was Taurus and the Goddess reigned...until She was gradually suppressed by the changing world view.

The great fiery wheel of the zodiac is never static. It is constantly turning. Only the head of the western fish of the constellation Pisces now rises before the sun at vernal equinox. Soon, in just afew hundred years, the fish will be lost in the blinding rays of the rising sun, leaving Aquarius as the helically rising sign of the new age. Pisces then be cardinal east, our new cardinal ascendant. Will the Goddess reign again?

Lookaround! You can see Her rising now! The changing roles of women are a major issue of our time. Most urban areas now have women's centers, often with emphasis on the feminist spiritual movement that includes a reworking of ancient rituals based on the lunar cycle. The roles of men are changing, too. 

Society is in a state of crisis over changing ideas on careers, child care, marriage, mothers without husbands, sexual mores, contraception, abortion, environmental protection, disarmament. 

The momentum is steadily and persistently toward a reawakening and reestablishment of the values associated with the feminine principle. We are returning to a matrifocal social-political structure. 

The Goddess is Ascending! 

Even highly patriarchal Christianity begins to bend as demands are considered to alter the wording of prayers and scriptures to remove references to God as male. Recent Catholic publications have included discussions of the concept of God as Mother.

Our understanding of our own symbolic language of astrology is changing, too, right along with the changing world view.

Very slowly, to be sure. I know some of you are thinking already, "How can she say Pisces is becoming cardinal? That would really mess up all we've been taught." Ideas are changing, though...some in ways that many of you may already take for granted. Think about aspects, for example.

Aspects are based on numbers. According to number philosophies that were formalized in the Arian Age, one, the monad, is masculine. God is male, He came first, remember? 

In the Genesis creation myth, probably written by men who were determined to justify the patriarchy, Adam is created first, and then Eve is formed from his rib. 

She is two, and two is said to be feminine. One, the masculine, represents action and initiative. Two is supposed to be passive and responsive.

Poor Eve - she just didn't fit the mold. Not content to be the passive creature that females are supposed to be, she wanted to act, to learn, to know. 

So she ate the apple, and found that to separate - to act on one's own individual will is to oppose passivity. To perceive anything is to know its opposite. To live - to die. If to live is good, then its reverse, death, is evil. Blame it on Eve! 

She tipped the Libran scales out of balance and has been blamed by mankind ever since the time of the Arian patriarchs. Mankind has preferred her to remain passive, taking the action principle onto itself.

To continue with our numbers, three (remember the trinity) is masculine and good. Four, the number of earth, the cross and suffering, is feminine and evil. Astrology used to be very firm on the meanings of aspect. 

The conjunction based on one, was powerful and positive. The opposition was bad. Trines were benefic-wonderful. Squares were malefic-awful. Now, like masculine and feminine roles, the interpretations are becoming blurred and meanings are changing. Now we consider oppositions and squares to be not bad, but rather challenging. The words "benefic" and "malefic" are out of fashion. We now speak of "hard" and "soft" aspects. 

The hard aspects (derived from the feminine, remember) are said to represent action. They make things happen. lf we didn't have them we'd sit on our posteriors and not get anything done. We wouldn't grow. 

The soft aspects represent a state of being. They are called passive, easy flow. And they are not always "good" anymore. Now our textbooks tell us that a grand trine might not be so wonderful after all. That easy flow of energy can get us into trouble.

Can it be that the principle of action is changing? Is it passing symbolically as well as culturally from the masculine to the feminine? Hundreds of years remain before the transition is complete. 

The vernal point will not precess into Aquarius until about 2700 A.D.(2) What new religion might emerge in this new Age of Aquarius with Pisces rising? Aquarius, an airy intellectual sign, will surely present us with the ideal of universal truth. 

I do not think that a single new Messiah or even a second coming of Christ will herald Aquarius. Rather, numerous great teachers will emerge, with roots in all religions and all ethnic groups. They will be men and women, of various races. 

They will merge to prove to the world that all gods and goddesses are One. The Christ will be revered, but understood to be not a god-man forever set apart from sinful humanity, but instead, the potential within every human to transcend the physical body and become one with the One.

The Aquarian word will be taught, yet still the new world religion will be established according to actions initiated by people long conditioned by Pisces - now cardinal ascendant. As always, through

the ages, the masses will personify the divine. It seems to be the nature of humanity to create symbols. With Pisces rising, the most popular personification of deity will be a Goddess.

What might She be, the Piscean Goddess? For ideas let's consider the Mother of God of our age - how she has been understood and misunderstood and why. The archetypal goddess of the zodiac is the Virgin - Virgo. 

She is pictured with the wheat and corn of the harvest, symbols of the fruitful bounty of Mother Earth. Often she is pictured standing upon the moon. 

The moon was long revered as the Goddess who gave birth each day to the sun, and whose changing phases timed all the cycles of life that were necessary for survival. How in the world did this fertile and powerful Virgo get transformed into a barren and nit-picking old maid?

Virgo has suffered from being the opposition to the sign of our age. If Pisces is God, then Virgo must be not-God. The virgin, in this age, is mortal. A lowly mortal maiden gave birth to the Messiah. A patriarchy then told the world that the main attribute of this virgin maiden is her chastity. 

Forever untouched by man, pure and obedient, she is placed on a pedestal as the ultimate example for all women. How convenient for the purposes of the patriarchy! A nearly unreachable ideal of chastity - a perfect excuse to heap guilt and inferiority on all women who fall short of the ideal.

Before this age, however, the word "virgin" was not synonymous with "chaste". It used to mean a woman who was independent - who did not belong to any man. The temple virgins of Goddess cultures were called temple prostitutes by their patriarchal conquerors.
Madonna and ChildA close reading of the gospels suggest ideas that the church has suppressed or forgotten. Consider the choice of the name Mary for the mother of Jesus - any the very predominance of Mars - even to the three Marys at the tomb of Jesus. 

The pre-Christian Man was the Goddess of the Sea, clothed in blue robe and pearl necklace as symbols of the sea. Sometimes she was the Great Fish who gave birth to the gods; and sometimes the Mermaid. Her latin name, Maria, means "the seas". Evidence of that remains. 

The dry seas of the moon are called marias. Mar is the root word for the sea in many languages - think of the costal city names that end with "del Mar". 

As for the triple Mary at the tomb, the pre-Christian trinity was the triple Goddess: Virgin, Mother, Crone - representing the age cycle of the feminine.

The gospels are full of symbolism that was no doubt quite deliberately put there by very early Christian Gnostics with a background in the esoteric mysteries and in astrology and numerology.

The church is not the only culprit. Our Virgo has been shortchanged by astrology, too. Our present system of rulerships was set up by Ptolemy back at the dawn of this age. 

Since Leo and Cancer were at the zenith at the warmest time of the year where Ptolemy lived, he assigned the Sun and the Moon as their rulers. 

From then on around the circle in either direction, he assigned planetary rulers in their order out from the Sun. That is how Virgo got Mercury. It was a purely arbitrary arrangement. 

Sterile, sexless Mercury, the winged messenger of the gods, was to be the ruler of the Goddess of bountiful harvest? 

The rulers thus assigned, delineations were made to fit, and Virgo was decreed to be barren, and then further demeaned into her critical, sterile new image. (It is interesting that the virgin Mary of the gospels was also given her new role by a winged messenger of God.)

Recently many astrologers have finally become dissatisfied with this state of affairs and have sought a new, more appropriate ruler for Virgo among the asteroids. I submit that the artists who have portrayed the Virgin standing upon the Moon have the right idea. Virgo, the only Goddess figure in the zodiac, belongs with the Moon.

When one compares Christian symbols and gospel stories with knowledge of astrology and of the precessional ages, it's clear that the links are numerous and deliberate. The fact that present day biblical scholars disclaim the link doesn't mean it isn't there. History undergoes great transformations in 2000 years. One only needs to compare history books written generations apart to prove that.

Mary is obviously a composite of Pisces/Virgo symbolism. No matter what the actual facts might be of the lives of Mary and her Son, the stories about them are woven with symbols of the new age. St. Paul, the true founder of Christianity, whose letters reveal a fear and dislike of women, declared Jesus to be God. It is Mary, though, who lives deep in the consciousness of the masses. 

Think about this: throughout this age, whenever anyone has reported a vision of the divine, almost always it is Mary. Many miraculous healings have taken place at shrines built at the sites of her appearances.

In the current revival of interest in the Goddess, Mary is so far not prominent. She is still misunderstood and too closely connected with her chastely pristine image within the patriarchal church. In thinking of her only as the mortal virgin, we hold her and ourselves with her, away from full realization of our spiritual potential in Pisces.

Mystical, visionary Pisces is synthesis - all in one whole. It is the promise of resurrection - the deep soul-connection of each of us with all others and with the divine one whole. "Love thy neighbor as thyself' - because in that divine synthesis we are our neighbors.

Jesus is a man and also God. Mary is Virgo, but she is also Pisces. Understanding her in a new image that fully encompasses all aspects of the feminine principle may be an important part of learning to understand ourselves, our times, our culture - past, present, and future. Our Lady of the Seas may even emerge as Goddess - when Pisces rises.


1 James Finley & Michael Pennock, Your Faith and You, Notre Dame, IN, Ave Maria Press, 1978, pps 62-73.

2 2700 AD as the approximate beginning of the Age of Aquarius is based on a ratlo of the number of years in each Great Age to the number of degrees in its corresponding oonstellation. This theory of measurement is explained in my book, Twelve Wings of the Eagle, forthcoming from ACS Publications in early 1988. Also, see Rob Hand's Essays on Astrology:, "The Age and Constelladon of Pisces, Rockport, MA, Para Research, 1982.

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