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“The wrongs done to the indigenous people need to be honestly acknowledged,”

"In November, Sister Maureen Fiedler hand-delivered a letter to Pope Francis’ ambassador in Washington, D.C., urging the pontiff to renounce a series of 15th-century church documents that justify the colonization and oppression of indigenous peoples.

She doesn’t know if the letter made it to the Vatican. But she’s hopeful a recent resolution by the Leadership Conference of Women Religious will spur the pope to repudiate the centuries-old concept known as the “Doctrine of Discovery.”

“When I learned about it, I was horrified,” said Fiedler. As a member of the Loretto Community, a congregation of religious women and lay people, Fiedler first heard of the doctrine when her order marked its 200th anniversary by challenging “the papal sanctioning of Christian enslavement and power over non-Christians.”

The Doctrine of Discovery is a series of papal bulls, or decrees, that gave Christian explorers the right to lay claim to any land that was not inhabited by Christians and was available to be “discovered.” If its inhabitants could be converted, they might be spared. If not, they could be enslaved or killed.

The doctrine’s modern influence re-emerged recently in the debate about the racism and exploitation of Native American sports mascots, Fiedler said. It has justified efforts to eliminate indigenous languages, practices and worldviews, and it affects Native American sovereignty and treaty obligations.

Since 1823, it has also been enshrined in U.S. law. In 2005, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg cited the Doctrine of Discovery in a land-claim ruling against the Oneidas, one of the six nations of the Haudenosaunee.

The Loretto Community collaborated with a member of the Osage Nation to create a 2012 resolution. Last fall, the order joined 12 other Catholic groups asking the pope to rescind the decrees.

By revoking these papal bulls, the signers said, “all will know that today’s world is different from that of the 15th century as we move away from patterns of domination and dehumanization,” the resolution says.

Last year, the Loretto Community took the additional step of approaching the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, requesting that the group, which represents about 80 percent of U.S. nuns, consider a similar resolution. Last month, the LCWR members overwhelmingly approved a resolution during their annual conference in Nashville, Tenn.

Before the vote, Sister Pearl McGivney, president of the Loretto Community, which is based in Nerinx, Ky., spoke about the injustice of the doctrine.

“We had just been singing a hymn with the line, ‘Who will speak if you don’t? ... Speak so that their voices will be heard,’” Fiedler recounted. “In this case, we were talking about the voices of Native Americans, who are so seldom heard.”

Indigenous groups have sought to overturn the doctrine since at least 1984. In its 2007 Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the United Nations criticized policies like the Doctrine of Discovery as “racist, scientifically false, legally invalid, morally condemnable and socially unjust.”

Since 2007, numerous faith communities have called for repudiation, among them, the United Methodist Church, the Unitarian Universalist Association, the Episcopal Church, the World Council of Churches, several Quaker meetings and the United Church of Christ.

LCWR’s resolution calls on the pope to publicly acknowledge the continuing harm indigenous peoples suffer; clarify and repudiate any remaining legal status of the doctrine; dialogue with indigenous people and collaborate in planning a sacred ceremony of reconciliation; and issue a pastoral statement to courts of settler nations, urging them to change laws derived from the doctrine.

The Vatican has said that later bulls and papal apologies show the church no longer supports the doctrine.

“The wrongs done to the indigenous people need to be honestly acknowledged,” Saint John Paul II said in 1998. He also delivered a sweeping apology in 2000 for the church’s mistreatment of groups, including indigenous peoples.

But this pope should act, decisively too, said Philip Arnold, a Syracuse University religious studies professor who has worked with a Syracuse, N.Y.-based study group on the doctrine.

“It would be helpful for the church to throw out her sin of colonialism,” he said. “Some acknowledgment of the pain of the past would be helpful.”


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The Gospel of Mary communicates a vision that the world is passing away, not toward a new creation or a new world order, but toward the dissolution of an illusory chaos of suffering, death, and illegitimate domination. 

The Savior has come so that each soul might discover its own true spiritual nature, its "root" in the Good, and return to the place of eternal rest beyond the constraints of time, matter, and false morality. – Karen King, The Complete Gospels

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Woman of Power; Female Spirituality

"The power of the Catholic Church here has always been immense,” she wrote via email. “It was only later in life when I started traveling, meeting different people that I realized how limited my idea of what spirituality may mean.” In response to her newfound awareness, Majak began a series of portraits and interviews of modern-day Polish witches, healers, visionaries, and other women who practiced different types of spirituality called “Women of Power.”
"When she first started working on the project, finding women to participate was a challenge because many of them were afraid of “coming out,” especially in a country where they were far from the norm. Majak said she also had a lot of misconceptions of what many of these women represented. “I somehow felt there is something that pulls me toward the realm of the witch,” she wrote. “Even though a witch to me was still a scary character whose deformed image survived in fairy tales and movies.”
"But once a woman named Maria Ela who is a healer, a visionary, and a respected witch, agreed to be photographed, the project quickly gained momentum. In total, Majak photographed 29 women, significant because it is also the number of days in the moon calendar. When Majak began working on the series, she said she intuitively felt that women were not offered, in mainstream society, any type of spirituality that would satisfy a deeper meaning of life. As she worked on the portraits she felt a deep spiritual breakthrough of her own.
“It gave me lots of courage and a much wider perspective on what it means to be a woman,” she wrote. “I saw in myself (and in other women) what we have been missing or deprived of. To be a witch means to be a woman of knowledge. Every woman has access to this aspect of herself, if only she allows it. The women I photographed and interviewed for the book are more aware of the potential of this very part of themselves and decided to cherish it. Stand in the truth of who they are. This is my aspiration, too. I feel happy I in a way ‘gave voice’ to the women.”

Source and Check Out the photos

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Making a Stand for Goddess Gaia; Mother Earth

"Blanco hydro dam

Indigenous activists block entry to Barro Blanco hydro dam

A 30-strong splinter group of Ngäbe from the M10 resistance movement has blocked the entrance to the Barro Blanco hydroelectric dam in western Panama, preventing workers from entering the site. The 15 year struggle of the Tabasará river communities to protect their livelihoods, their culture, and their ancestral heritage now appears to be entering a tense new phase.

With negotiations exhausted and the dam 95% complete, M10 has an issued an ultimatum for the government to cancel the project by Monday, June 15, 2015. It is unclear how the government will respond.

"Being Ngäbe-Buglé cultural patrimony," said Clementina Pérez, part of the group camped at Barro Blanco's gates. "Our river, our mother earth, our ecology, our existence, we are here to make known to the national and international community that this patrimony belongs to us and to the church of Mama Tata. With the conservation of peace, liberty, justice and unity, liberation and social justice… the President of the Republic the cancellation and removal of the dam from our communities, our river and our mother earth, which belong to us as original people of the Americas..."

Funded by European banks – the German Investment Corporation (DEG) and the Dutch Development Bank (FMO) – the dam is set to inundate a string of Ngäbe and campesino communities, all of whom have voiced their objections from the outset. The flood will destroy ancestral petroglyphs, fertile agricultural grounds, and Mama Tata cultural centres, including a unique school where the emerging written script of the Ngäbere language is being developed and disseminated. The dam will significantly impact the river's marine life, wiping out migratory fish species which many communities – both up and down stream – rely upon for essential protein. None of the Tabasará communities have provided their free, informed and prior consent to the dam, a fact recently confirmed by the FMO's own independent complaints mechanism (ICM).

Ñagare Barro Blanco
An independent film about the threat of GENISA's Barro Blanco dam

"Lenders should have sought greater clarity on whether there was consent to the project from the appropriate indigenous authorities prior to project approval," said an ICM report, published on May 29, 2015. " contains no provision on land acquisition and resettlement and nothing on biodiversity and natural resources management. Neither does it contain any reference to issues related to cultural heritage..."

The report is the latest in a series of professional analyses that pour a thick layer of scorn over the dam project's owner, Generadora del Istmo (GENISA). Demonstrably unlawful, GENISA has been condemned by numerous independent investigators, the United Nations, several international NGOs, and Panama's own environmental agency, ANAM, who found a raft of flaws and short-comings in their environmental impact assessment.

But despite failing their own due diligence, the banks appear to have shrugged off the ICM report with an insipid call for ‘constructive dialogue' and ‘a solution for a way forward'. In February this year, the FMO chose to threaten the government of Panama after building work was temporarily suspended on the recommendation of ANAM. Writing to the Vice President, the FMO warned that the suspension "May weigh upon future investment decisions, and harm the flow of long-term investments into Panama."

The government seems to have taken this threat to heart. Panama's president, Juan Carlos Varela, who was elected to office in 2014, flip-flopped on Barro Blanco before finally falling in line. Last week, while proffering flimsy reassurances about having found a human rights solution, his government left the negotiating table and signaled an end to the suspension of works. M10 claims the work never stopped and has been continuing clandestinely. They are now mobilizing for action.

"If this situation is not resolved," said Clementina Pérez, "We will go to the Panamerican highway to ask together, at a national level, the cancellation of Barro Blanco…"

Rising with stark grey walls above the denuded banks of the Tabasará, Barro Blanco has become a symbol of the previous administration, its fundamental violence and contempt for the rule of law. The former President Ricardo Martinelli – now on the run in the United States and facing a corruption probe back home – provoked no less than four major uprisings as he grasped for land and resources in Panama's indigenous territories. Heavy-handed repression resulted in the deaths of several protesters and bystanders, including an unarmed teenage boy who was shot in the face by police. Barro Blanco is the visible legacy of a proudly thuggish President President who serially abused Panama's Indigenous Peoples and plundered the country at will. Thus far, Varela has been keen to strike a more decent and humane tone. How he now handles the crisis evolving on the banks of the Tabasará River will be a demonstration of his sincerity, or lack of."


A Pleiadian Revolution - A Revolution in Perception by Reverend Crystal Cox

A Pleiadian Revolution
The Rising of the Light

By Druid Crystal Raven Nakaii 
(Reverend Crystal Cox)
Priestess Crystal Venus Magdalen

A Revolution in Perception

Simply paying attention to and changing your thoughts, right there where you are, is a Revolution. It is a Revolution of Light that affects the vibration of ALL of Mother Earth, her tribes and people, animals, birds, insects and the very air we breath and water that contains the essence of our vibrational history on Mother Earth.

It is a time to open our consciousness full throttle. A time to open up, even if only to ourselves inside our own mind, thought, heart, and emotions. It is time to be fully truthful with yourself on who you know you are. This alone will create a vibrational frequency to free your life from all that you perceive binds you. This alone will open you to broadcasting the frequency you came here to uniquely broadcast as your TRUE you.

As you open to your energy, in yourself, fully in non-judging, honesty, you begin to free the chains that you may have once allowed or needed to gain all the knowledge, energy and vibrational frequency that has become YOUR True YOU.

Many Feel “the Call”; Perceive the Truth; then Say Now What?

So many have, indeed, awakened. So many have felt the “CALL” per say. However, they sit questioning their visions, the information they receive and the origin of that information. Then they quickly move into fear, as they wonder what now? They have seen something so real, so profound and they have no doubt in it’s truth whatsoever. However, they can clearly see that this truth will alter their life, the perceived reality they live in and the illusion of comfort, mirage of stability that they have accepted for so long as their life.

So now what? An undeniable Truth sits inside of YOU. You have seen the vision, heard the information and have no doubt as to it’s source of divinity or it’s accuracy in this reality or any other reality. With this profound, life altering truth, you now have the divine gift of choice, of Free Will.

You can choose to pretend you don’t know, and your life will simply keep dealing you reminders, perhaps perceived as obstacles. You can close your eyes to it all, however, the visions will only increase and even vibrate more detailed, more colorful and profound.  

There was a time when you could shut down your psychic gifts, your divine energy, and the information that comes to you all the time. That time is over. Now it will keep finding a way to return to your conscious mind, your NOW. And to the REALITY that you perceive to be REAL.

There are those who feel deep down mysterious fear from bringing in this information to this reality. They fear that they may be persecuted and even killed as they were in past lives   That is ALL old energy, let it go. You no longer have the option of fear of persecution as an excuse to not allow your power, your Truth.

You know the Truth and in this cannot be denied.

You will be persecuted in some form, as being a systems buster carries that. This comes in the form as your social network, family, school, work or whomever is in your life may joke, bully, tease and this is a form of persecution. Ignore that and allow Spirit. If the pain is unbearable go and find people like you. Find the comfort of Validation.

You can soften this energy by imagining it to be different than you may believe now or perceive from past experiences. Whatever you do, do NOT doubt the Truth in your own mind. Be true to your TRUE you, even if only in your own mind, thoughts, and emotions within your YOU.

You came here for certain tasks. You loved the idea of this before you came here and set this time, Right NOW, to awaken and walk this truth, broadcast this Truth in this reality, regardless what any human, any society energy constraint may persuade, beg, guilt, shame or attempt to somehow force you to do.  

No matter what you are “forced” to do in this reality of society, you can still choose your mindspace, your heart space and create the frequency of which your TRUE you vibrates AT ALL TIMES.

You can do this in a way of total life change and living that truth in your physical vibration or you can do so in your inner world alone if ABSOLUTELY need be.

You can compassionately, boldly give way to your divinity, your God self and simply allow the information to flow through you without judgement and without a forced decision in this moment to alter all you have known to be your life. Even though, this information clearly shows you that the life you are living is not of your highest truth nor of your highest excitement.  Now is time for your Divine Purpose and every part of you knows this.

The TRUTH clearly changes the reality you have
come to claim, accept, or know as yours.

You will need to pray for, bring in, ask or demand for the Spirit of Courage to be with you and for your Spirit Guides, Angels, and Archangels to guide you, as you proceed to your total truth and the permission of self to truly walk this path, think this path, feel and be this path at ALL TIMES.

You will need the courage to step out of the “NORM”.

The Courage to ignore, change, and allow the sting of societies energetic judging pull, to pass through you and not stop you, hold you up, deny you or dilute your power in any way, while you remain unaltered in the undeniable truth in which you have profoundly witnessed with all that you have ever known to be you.

You will need Courage to NOT let the gawkers and the two cents worth alter your path, your truth, and rock you away from your TRUE you.

They will be confused, they will be fearful and in this they will be what humans perceive as “mean to you” or outcast you. However, this is theirs, let them own it and have the Courage to move out of their gaze, standing fully in your TRUE you at all times no matter what the looks, the words, the judging energy attempts to send your way to make you doubt your True you, your powerful undeniable true self and what you know to really truly be true.

You will need the Courage to stand out.  The TRUTH does not blend in, in a world that denies it in mass. The Truth stands out and thereby becomes a target, as you well know.

Walking your truth, speaking your truth, and or living your truth will bring up the energy of “outcast”. However, you are not alone, cannot be and never will be. Trust This.

In order to soften this perceived blow, or pain in this reality, it helps to seek out the proverbial “others like you”. In this, you will gain empowerment in this Earth plane and it will assist you to change what you have settled for, allowed, and all that has currently become your reality for whatever lessons you needed to learn at that time.

NOW is TIME to be your TRUE you, AT ALL TIMES.

You must have the courage to step out of perceived family obligation, guilt, shame and the courage to fully trust YOUR True YOU in this time of NOW.

FULLY Trust your Body, Intuition, Heart, Mind, and Emotions. And do so beyond any human words, expectations or past roles. Trust what you feel now. Act from this knowing.

Have Faith in the Holy Spirit, in your Divinity beyond that of any human.

Having Faith in God, in Goddess, in Divinity, is to have faith in yourself; Your Body, your Truth, your Emotions, your Feelings.

You are the Sole Bearer of your Soul

You call the shots in your own mind, your thoughts. And all things, realities, and lives are created in thought before they are a dimensional reality.

You are in charge of your Soul. Do NOT ever believe or allow yourself to be convinced in anyway that you are not the Sole Bearer of your Soul.

Many who have heard the Call or Frequency; Felt the Vibration, are in lives where there is no real clue to validate them. They, YOU, must have the courage to seek Validation among others. This is key to ground your work in this reality. That is not to say that you need Validation. It is to say that if you are not in your power because of fear, then validation from another spirit incarnate “like you” will help you to ground in this reality and do the work you need or want to do here without the desire to leave, to die or in a constant state of depression; which is to distract you from what you came here to accomplish.

You peer group may call you “Crazy”. You can process that energy, and call to Spirit for help. However when they gather up enough of “them”, they can alter your reality and tilt you off your mission here by having you labeled within their “system of things” and fighting for your life, and your very right to thought.

Oftentimes entering a state of mind or thought so different from your peer group that you are perceived as unstable in their reality. Many end up being drugged or put into institutions. When you find your “people” per say, this is not to “hang out”, to join a group. Do so if you feel led to. However, simply knowing they are there, say hello, and that they are out there will anchor you so that the winds of made up insanity, do not carry you off into their reality and directly away from the work you came here to do, that requires you to be FULLY awake in your NOW, in your power and believing in that power, information and Divinity AT ALL TIMES.

You want to be in that state of mind, of thought, of knowing at all times.

If you step out a tiny bit and are called Crazy, well then you pull back in due to fear of major persecution to the point of death, incarceration, poisoning, drugging, or other persecutions to your human body or perceived, believed persecutions to your soul. (which is NOT to be believed, as YOU are the SOLE Bearer of your SOUL)

Stay in your power in your own mind.

BELIEVE your TRUTH you at all times.

Some may not need validation to ground them. They may trust fully in spirit and be living a life that is safe to be OUT in that energy. Many are not.

Many have such a clear vision and life that will support that vision that they have no doubt of the  true origin of this truth. And can experiment with living what they know to be true, even if only in their minds and in discussions with close friends.

Many of those who are not safe to “come out” as lightworkers, seers, healers, clairvoyants or those who simply know who they REALLY are, sit in a Profound Truth among those who they feel they cannot utter a word - as their words may scar, may make those around them uncomfortable and in this they will alter their Reality, have to leave their home, leave their partners, towns countries and sometimes in Suicide, change reality Dimensions.

For now you don’t have to Jump Ship Per Say; you simply hold still, walk your life as it is, was.

However,  you will do so with a new perception, and with a total belief in you.

Don’t criticize or doubt yourself in your own mind. No matter what the “others” say. Don’t alter what you know to be your TRUE you, in your core, your thought, your mind, your YOU.

Know, that ,without a doubt, the information, vision, thought and vibration you have been shown is real, is true. Never doubt this in your own thoughts.

Keep a Journal and or a video diary; Allow the awakening, allow your TRUE you to unfold, even if you feel you have to keep it a secret until you are strong enough to break away from your peer group, family, or other.

Allow the information, thought, visions to unfold. Have clear intention and ask that the information come in via the power of the Divine Light. State that you are not open to any energy that is not of your highest vibration and of pure light.

Allow the Awakening without judging yourself, without guilt of some former idea of God, Divinity or the Holy Spirit. Stay open and unconditional with yourself.

Believe in YOU, no matter what.  Stand in your True Frequency and Vibration. In doing so you raise the Vibration of the Whole for yourself and every life you have ever lived or will ever live and you will raise the Vibration for all living things and all that you may not perceive as being alive.

You ask what you can do with the knowledge. You are asked to Trust It, Trust in You and live it, even if only ALL THE TIME, in your mind until you are strong enough to bring your TRUTH to this Reality, the Earth Plane.

It is important to be your True Self, as this awakens what you came here to do. Following any other way of life to “fit in” will never find you “at peace”. You can start now, by simply holding a frequency, a vibration and being True to your TRUE you, no matter what.

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a Bit more on Thoughts and Creating REALITY - Reverend Crystal Cox

Reverend Crystal Cox - a bit on Death

Instead of Seeking a Higher Vibration - Reverend Crystal Cox

Scottish Witchcraft: Background and Practices


Healers and Midwives

Thousands of people were accused of witchcraft in Europe from the Middle Ages into the Early Modern Era. The majority were women, but many men were also accused.
Analyzing the reasons for the accusations can be complicated, as there are various theories, and the reasons behind the accusations could vary by region and by individual case.
We do know that, while many people were accused for reasons unrelated to anything they were actually doing (such as an accusation spurred by a jealous or malicious neighbor for example), some of the accused were singled out due to certain practices or professions.
Midwives and healers were especially vulnerable to accusation. It is not that they were targeted by witch-hunters, but rather this profession opened them to accusation due to their perceived power over life and death.
Distraught mothers who were devastated due to a stillborn birth might accuse the midwife of infanticide. And, those with the powers to heal were thought to also have the power to harm.
So a mysterious death or a sudden illness after an argument with neighbor who knew the ways of plants might cause the herbalist to be accused of murder by means of witchcraft.
Three generations of Scottish women, plus their pet cat. Detail from David Allan's "Scottish Highland Family."
Three generations of Scottish women, plus their pet cat. Detail from David Allan's "Scottish Highland Family."
Source: public domain
The Protestant reformers had a zero tolerance policy toward any practice they deemed incompatible with their view of Christianity.

Cunning Folk

The term "cunning folk" refers to the "wise people" of the community. These were usually people who provided services to the community such as healing, midwifery, and divination.
Healing practices differed by practitioner, but methods included the use of herbal and animal substances, as well as "magical" means such as transference (the act of transferring the illness to another), spells and charms, and energy work.
Witch hunting became intensified in many parts of Europe during the Protestant Reformation, and especially so in Scotland. Where the Catholic Church had turned a blind eye to folk practices, and in many cases even accommodated local beliefs into Church festivals, the Protestant reformers had a zero tolerance policy toward any practice they deemed incompatible with their view of Christianity.
Therefore, people who attracted attention or were well known for beliefs considered questionable by the new church authorities were especially vulnerable to witchcraft accusations.
Again, it's not that cunning folk were targeted per se. The authorities did not necessarily go out looking to arrest cunning folk willy nilly. But, if the healer attempted to help an ill person and that person quickly took a turn for the worse, the patient's family could point the finger at the healer. Or if a particularly zealous religious authority caught wind of healing practices that smacked as pagan or demonic, then the person in question could be arrested for questioning.
Photo by Shane Broderick. Used with permission.
Photo by Shane Broderick. Used with permission.
The term "old religion" referred to Catholicism during this period, not paganism. Although, Catholicism was synonymous with paganism in the minds of the Protestant reformers.
Young peasant woman in tartan. Art by William-Adolphe Bouguereau.
Young peasant woman in tartan. Art by William-Adolphe Bouguereau.
Source: public domain

Accused Witches Were Pagan?

It is also important to point out that the notion that all accused witches were pagan "wise people" is a myth. Most were ordinary people with no healing skill whatsoever. Even among the healers, just as there are both good physicians and quacks today there were legitimate herbalists versus charlatans selling nothing but superstition and snake oil back then as well.
And, although the Protestant leaders saw paganism everywhere they looked, the witch trials took place about one thousand years after Britain's conversion to Christianity.
Yes, the common folk retained their beliefs and customs long after the aristocracy converted and many pre-Christian customs remained. But, by this point in time these people had a strictly Christian self-identity, even if some of what they were doing was thought of as pagan by the church authorities.
The term "old religion" referred to Catholicism during this period (the 16th and 17th centuries), not paganism. Although, Catholicism was synonymous with paganism in the minds of the Protestant reformers.
The term for this mixture of belief systems is "popular religion." It refers to the beliefs and practices of the common folk as opposed to the officially sanctioned beliefs of the Church.
Just as you see a heavy influence of indigenous belief mixed with Catholicism in places such as Mexico today, there would have been a mix of indigenous practices seen in the form of Christianity practiced by Scots at the time of the Reformation.
So, while I stress that the individuals in question were not pagan, some of their practices did have pagan roots. And, that is what got them in hot water with the church.
Photo by Shane Broderick. Used with permission.
Photo by Shane Broderick. Used with permission.
Although there is the obvious chemical role played by medicinal herbs, many plants were assigned roles that were strictly magical.
Photo by Olivier Pichard.
Photo by Olivier Pichard.

Plants and Herbs

Now that we have discussed who and what the accused witches were, let us explore the practices of Scottish healers.
Like most of Europe, Scotland had access to some level of merchant trade even in ancient times. Certainly by the 16th and 17th centuries, Scotland received merchant vessels in her port cities, so foreign herbs and spices would have been available for purchase. Native plants, of course, would be easier and cheaper to obtain.
Some of the herbs recorded in such places as Scottish witch trial records and folklore include anise seed, foxglove, plantain, St. John's wort, and ragwort.
Plants could be consumed, applied as a poultice or salve, or even used as a talisman. When made of stone, bone, or wood, talismans would have served a psychological role as a visual aid to give comfort and reassurance to their wearer.
But when when a pouch filled with fragrant herb was worn or carried, the scent would have strengthened a talisman's psychological potency. And, we know that certain scents have emotional, psychological, and sometimes even medicinal effects. Indeed, aromatherapy is quite popular today.
Although there is the obvious chemical role played by medicinal herbs, many plants were assigned roles that were strictly magical. Rowan, for instance, was said to have the power to counteract the evil eye.
Oak and hazel trees were also revered. The oak tree's association with pagan ritual and the druids is well known. But oak leaves and bark had healing properties as well. Some of its uses were to treat such afflictions as diarrhea and dysentery, hemorrhage, sore throat, and bleeding gums.
A woman gathers wildflowers in a field. Art by Hans Dahl.
A woman gathers wildflowers in a field. Art by Hans Dahl.
Source: public domain
We have direct evidence that certain charms that once contained the names of pagan deities were still in use with the pagan figures swapped for Christian ones.
Merseburg Incantations manuscript.
Merseburg Incantations manuscript.

Spells and Charms

The word "spell" brings about images of hocus pocus and bibbety bobbety boo. In actuality, the use of words was, and still is, used as one of many methods to bring about a desired effect.
Charms were used from the pagan era straight into the Christian era. With conversion to Christianity, we have direct evidence that certain charms that once contained the names of pagan deities were still in use with the pagan figures swapped for Christian ones. One example of this is the Merseburg Incantations, found in Germany.
You may wonder what German charms have to do with Scotland. Well, Lowland Scotland was heavily Anglo-Saxon, whereas the Gaelic culture was found mostly in the Highlands. There were strong similarities in culture between the Anglo-Saxons, Scandinavians, and Germans on the continent.
Also this kind of thing was very common in all areas where a foreign religion was superimposed over the indigenous belief, so it surely happened with Gaelic traditions as well.
Another practice of absorbing pagan customs that was found far and wide in Europe was the deity to saint phenomenon. We know that the Irish goddess Brigid was transformed into the Catholic Saint Brigid, for example. And these transformations occurred at all stratas of pagan belief from pantheons to personal practice.
The use of charms was so common that cunning folk were often referred to as "charmers." Often, the charmer would use Christian prayer or blessings to heal their patient. Not unlike the so called "faith healers" that are seen today.
The Sorceress by Bartolomeo Guidobono, circa 1690
The Sorceress by Bartolomeo Guidobono, circa 1690
Source: public domain
Today the term lapidary refers to an artisan who works with stone, but in the Middle Ages the word referred a sort of encyclopedia of stones and their magical properties.
St. Angus' Stone. Photo by John Salmon.
St. Angus' Stone. Photo by John Salmon.

Magical Stones

Items containing magical properties were common. In some cases, a healer's abilities were derived from a magical stone in their possession. Sometimes the item was a gift from the fairies, other times the item was found at random by the healer. If the stone was lost, the healer lost their magical ability.
Large stones could be places of pilgrimage for their healing properties. Just as holy wells were converted from pagan sacred places to Christian ones, certain stones in Scotland were associated with Celtic saints and known for their magical potency.
One such example was St. Angus' Stone in Balquhidder Kirk. Superstition surrounding this stone was so ingrained in the public that the church actually had it removed.
Stones were also used as instruments of magic. This was a widespread phenomenon which surely occurred in Scotland, but the best examples we have were preserved from sources in neighboring England where lapidaries written in Middle English have survived.
Today the term lapidary refers to an artisan who works with stone, but in the Middle Ages the word referred a sort of encyclopedia of stones and their magical properties.
One such lapidary describes the use of agate to elicit the truth out of someone. It instructs the practitioner to place an agate stone under the pillow of the person whom they wish to question. It says that "if the stone be good" she will answer the truth to all that she is asked.
Stone dust could also be used as an ingredient in a potion, another term for simply a medicine mixed from a recipe."

Source and Full Article

Wake Up; All is WELL.

Abraham Hicks - Keeping Up To Speed With Desire. Give more Attention to what you Want Rather then what you have.

Abraham Hicks - Passive Income without Action. Creating Income with Focus

Stay in constant touch and tune with YOURSELF. Check your gut, your intuition, all the time and do as you feel is best. If you feel you are getting wrong information from yourself, pray for Spirit to remove any other energies from you that are not you.

Remember we are in a free will zone. If you want Spirit to intervene, you have to specifically ask for such.

Sometimes we think our own intuition is wrong. We feel fearful or let our logic kick in. This can often be conditioning and patterns and we confuse this with intuition.

Pray for clarity. Pray for signs that you cannot in any way miss.

You are a spiritual being AT ALL TIMES. Not just on Sunday, not just in some church and not only when not at work.  Spirit, your guidance, your KNOWING is with you at all times. Even in business dealings, when having fun, and even when you are having sex.

Your higher self, your intuition is with you all the time. Don’t check out and ignore your intuition and only set aside certain times to be “spiritual”. Know that every step, every choice, and every action is coming from a place of co-creation. Listen to guidance, state your intention, instead of simply bobbing along letting others create your REALITY.

Stay Proudly in touch with YOU. Don’t make excuses. If you don’t want to go don’t. If you don’t want to eat that, stay there, walk there, do this or that, DON’T. And make no excuses so that others feel better. You simply intuitively feel that one option is better for you in that exact moment then another. TRUST THAT. Period !!!

- Pleiadian Scriptures ~ Reverend Crystal Cox
I do not fear Death. Nor do I fear the Death of another. I stand in choice and co-creation with the Holy Spirit, and I choose my reality, how I look at what is dealt to me and how I choose to be the creator and deal my own hands just the way I truly want them. I do not judge how others choose to deal their hands or if they do not believe they are in control of their own reality.

If Death is what they need now in order to transition then so be it. It is not for me to stand in their way. Love can stand in the way of choice if it is used as a weapon of sorts, as guilt to convince a loved one to choose their health options, lifestyle options as you view, or even know for certain is a way to be healthier, healed, and possibly even happier.

I believe we have many lives, and even that we are living multiple lives and realities at this very moment, including incarnation in other life forms such as insects, birds, animals and even plants.

We are learning, experiencing and creating realities. We are all prime creator. Our thoughts create, our lives create. And our Death creates. Death is but a transition. One in which mean choose to use as what defines them. Understandable as the pain of losing a loved one is unbearable, and it brings one to their proverbial knees. I, myself, have spent years mourning loss and wishing for change. And now on the other side, I see that in them leaving Earth or leaving my Reality or even me leaving theirs, is personal. It is between the person and the Holy Spirit. It comes down to allowing their choice, and accepting yours. Possibly even forgiving yourself for making a choice that is better for you and removing yourself from people’s life while they are still alive. Trust your intuition, Trust your Reality and do not fear Death.

Death is just another Birth. Death is Spring. Death is the Beginning.

Choose your Perception, your Reality, your life and your Death, all in divine co-creation with the Holy Spirit and what it is that you want to experience or co-create. Stand Proud in your TRUTH.

- Pleiadian Scriptures ~ Reverend Crystal Cox

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Follow the Path and Stop Mourning the Loss

Ok so the Witches were burned, we were burned for speaking truth, healing people and being strong and independent. We talk of it, we mourn it, we grow strength from it. However, now is the time to NOT simply mourn the dark or negative of it all but to ACTUALLY live the light of it. To cure, to use herbs and energy to heal, to worship the Goddess openly and to live an open free life with the qualities of the Witch, with the power and tools of the witches. To live a life of magic co-creating with God, with Goddess every single day. And time to send light to the energy of those persecuting, and to heal that in us, our past lives within and move in to living it ALIVE and STRONG right now.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

“We Are Living In The Most Important Time In The History Of The Universe” Dolores Cannon Discusses Our Current Paradigm

"Dolores Cannon’s career has spanned over 4 decades, during which she has worked with thousands of clients in regressive hypnotherapy sessions. With over 17 published books on the subject, Dolores Cannon can easily be considered one of the world’s most sought after professionals in the field. Popular subject matter touched upon in her numerous books include: past lives, extra-terrestrials, life on other planets, energy healing, famous historic figures such as Nostradamus and Jesus, abductions, and the list goes on. Each book has the tendency to “bend the reader’s mind like a pretzel,” Dolores explains.
One of her latest books, titled The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth, is an ensemble of regressive hypnotherapy client sessions which narrates a ‘behind the scenes’ look at Earth’s current paradigm shift. During the sessions, Dolores hypnotizes her clients bringing them into the ‘super-conscious’ brainwave state, one of the deepest trances one can experience. Dolores elaborated on her technique in an interview with The Edge:
“I developed my own technique down through the years. It’s not like any other hypnosis technique out there. We are able to contact what I call the greatest force there is, and it’s a source of all knowledge. I found the way to have it come through every single person that I work with, and I’ve worked with thousands of people.”
The results of her technique are astounding to say the least. Through the years Dolores began to notice a correlation among her client sessions, one that bridges the journey of the souls incarnating on the planet at this time.
“When you see thousands and thousands of clients, as I do as a therapist and a counselor, you begin to see a common thread going through many of the cases. Earlier on, it used to be that everybody would go back to a past life and I’d find some of the answers there, and then I’d explore the source of all knowledge to answer all of their questions and do the healing. Just in the last five years or so, I began to see clients who weren’t all going into a past life on Earth. I began to find they had never been on Earth before and that they had come here directly from God, from the Source, from other planets, other dimensions, where they were light beings. That’s the common thread that I have been finding, and that’s where I came up with the theory of the three waves of volunteers.”
Dolores’s theory proposes that a series of souls are traveling from other planets and dimensions to assist Earth at this time. Many of these souls, which are of a higher vibration than the resident Earth souls, are incarnating on the planet for the first time. She affirms that the souls that have spent many lifetimes reincarnating on Earth are stuck in a karmic cycle, repeating the same patterns of mistakes and lessons which is ultimately leading to the destruction of the planet. Thus, there has been a calling for purer souls to come to Earth to cleanse and raise the planet’s vibration.
But now in body, these people don’t have any memory of why they came. “They come in and an amnesia descends on the person, losing the memory of why they are here. But this group has an energy that they have to project. It is a loving energy that will change the mindset here on Earth. It will change history, just them being here.”
Throughout her clients’ journeys, Dolores discovered that Earth is one of the densest planets in the entire universe. A soul that incarnates here is considered brave because life on Earth is a very challenging experience to come into, especially for souls coming from higher realms and planets of a higher vibration. Nevertheless, all of her clients have the same answer when asked about their reason for coming to Earth, they simply “heard the call.”
The Earth is going through a major transformation, one that Dolores’s clients state has never happened before.  For the first time, an entire planet is shifting it’s vibration into a new dimensional frequency. Many souls or groups of souls have experienced a shift like this in the past, (i.e., the Mayans) but never has an entire planet shifted at once. Therefore, Dolores explains, the entire Universe has front row seats to one of the grandest shows ever seen. However, help is needed, because man has polluted the planet with a vibration so dense that it threatens the survival of the planet as a whole. Dolores reveals that if the planet blows itself up, it will reverberate throughout the universe affecting and disturbing all beings. Therefore, the call for help was made, and the souls quickly jumped on the wagon to assist.
In The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth, Dolores elaborates on the three different classes of souls incarnating on Earth:
  1. The First Wave: Now in their late 40s to early 60s, these volunteers are disturbed by the violence, anger and hate that they experience on Earth. They have had the hardest time adjusting to life as humans, and many of them try to commit suicide.
  2. The Second Wave: Now in their late 20s and 30s, these volunteers are more comfortable in bodies and are said to be beacons or channels of energy who can affect others just by being near them. Their mission of just sharing their energy with others means they don’t have to do anything but just be.
  3. The Third Wave: The new children, many of whom are now teenagers, have all the knowledge needed to exist on the planet after the dimensional shift and transformation takes place. Their DNA is more advanced, and the greatest challenge they face is being misunderstood by humans as having a condition (ADHD) that needs to be medicated.
Interestingly, through her many client sessions Dolores has also written extensively on the lost civilization of Atlantis. She discovered that, like Atlantis, there have been numerous civilizations that have been destroyed in the past.
“Each time when people got to the point when they were using energy in the wrong way and couldn’t control it, they had to be stopped. And every time, everything would be reset on this planet. The civilization would go back to the primitive stages and start all over again. That’s why they don’t want to have it happen this time. They don’t want to start over with the planet and begin life for humanity one more time.
During a hypnotherapy session, a woman went back to Atlantis and was telling me the prime reason for Atlantis being destroyed. I was told that there were scientists at the time of Atlantis. There were others who were fooling around with what they called Dark Matter. I was told that this is the same thing scientists are doing now when they are fooling around with what we call Anti-Matter. They said we have to know this, because the scientists are doing the same thing now.
The Large Hadron Collider experiment in Switzerland is the same thing. They are messing around with Anti-Matter. The scientists who are now fooling around with the Collider experiment don’t have any idea what they are really doing, and it’s very dangerous.
If those experiments had continued at that time in Atlantis, it would have broken down the grid of the planet, causing an implosion of the Earth, and it would have reverberated to the point where it would have broken the grids down of the entire Universe. But they stopped it before it got to that point, but destruction took place.”
When asked about people’s criticism of her work, Dolores says she finds humor in people’s remarks stating she is a ‘great science fiction writer’.
“There’s no way on Earth I could make this stuff up. I have [17] books out there now, and all of it has come through the cases I have worked on with the average person just walking in off the street. I did not know these people until they came through the door of my office, from every walk of life you can imagine: CEOs of companies, professors of colleges, priests, shamans, and many ordinary people. I have not found anyone who has not had a past life. When I began writing The Convoluted Universe series, I wondered if anybody out there would be able to understand it, because I said that book is for people who want their minds bent like pretzels. People when they read it say, ‘I know this and I don’t know how I know it, but I know it and I know it’s true’.”
In the final segment of her interview with The Edge, Dolores was asked if there were any final thoughts she wanted to leave people with regarding the shift in consciousness.
“We are moving into a new frequency, a new dimension where it is going to be the New Earth, and it’s going to be extremely beautiful. They have described it in the books – the beautiful colors, that everything is total love.
We’re moving away from the negativity of the Old Earth, and it’s going to be a complete turnaround, beyond belief, and we’re all going there now. The New Earth is where it’s at. The Bible in the Book of Revelations talks about the New Heaven and the New Earth. That’s the same thing we’re having now. It’s just that St. John, when he had the vision on the Isle of Pathos, didn’t realize it was going to take another couple of thousand years before it was going to happen.
The most important thing is that we are living in the most important time in the history of the Universe, and it’s very important to be here now. There are thousands of souls who want to be here to experience this – even if they can just be here for a few hours. They say even if they’re born and die right away, they can say, “I was there when this occurred.” This is how important this is to the entire Universe. So, you’re living in a very wonderful time that will never be repeated again.”"